Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentine Wish

for this awesome program that I just heard about. I attended a church service finally after about three months of being very busy or out of town, or vet visits (Banfield Hospital in Pet smart has sunday appointments).

The program is call H.O.T.S. which is short for Hope on the Streets. A program that reachs out to the homeless and those down on their luck. You say why reach out to those on the streets, it could be you one day. Seriously, with the jobless rate rising, and companies closing, it could be you. So, let's make this program be able to have a wonderful time of giving on Valentine's Day this year.

Let's be a secret giver of their list of needs by mailing it to them via mail. This applies to everyone, if you travel, grab a few of the travel size stuff and send it to them. They can use it. Got a nicely used pack back laying around send it. You got a sleeping bag you have no use for ..send it. Let's be there special rack givers. When you send it your items in to them simply put a note saying you heard it on the net about their program and wanted to give without glory or fame. That you are praying that the receiving more than they know what to do with to continue their ministry to these people.

here is their actual need list:
sleeping bags
large heavy duty tarps
Men's White Socks (cotton)
Men's Gym Shoes
Back Packs
Deodorant (travel size) 50 cents walmart
Shampoo/Cond. (travel size) 50 cents walmart
Lotion (travel size) 50 cents walmart
Tooth Brushes/paste (travel size) 50 cents walmart
Lip Balm/chap stick dollar store 4 for a $1.00
Sun Screen (travel size) $1.00 walmart
Tissues (travel size) $1.00 dollar store
Band Aids
nail clippers
Feminine Hygience: pads/Tampons
heavy dutey comb/picks
hair brushes
Ponytail holders
puzzle books

**I'm adding gift certificates to Dollar Tree, Wal-mart, Safeway or Fry's grocery stores. This way they can continue providing a sack lunch once a week along with these items.**

they have a facebook site either under H.O.T.S. or Anthem Fellowship church if you are interested in giving.
Here is the church website. or

I lost their program with the exact information. I know beautiful swag store is planning on donating their items that don't see to their ministry seceretly as well.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Congrats to Bret and Kristi

Its about time!!! Seriously, I love the Poison music and Bret's independent stuff. Though, I can understand his hestitation in popping the question. You always wonder in the back of your mind, is this person going to change or leave me. I totally get why it took, so, long. It just shows you how special of person Kristi is. Way To Go!!!! Congrats again...
May you both be blessed with many more years of happy blissfulness together.

Roses and Thorns by Bret Michaels

His book got cancelled by the publisher. This really bites and not in a good way. As in I was looking forward to reading his background. I wonder what his opinion is on this matter. He is really good at taking a negative turning it into a postivie.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

From Dead To Worse by Charlaine Harris

Is awesome? Humm why is this underline..go figure. I like how Ms. Harris addresses the fact that recovering from Hurricane katrina is a long process. I like the fact that Sookie and Sam are getting closer as friends. My most favorite part of the book is when Sam and Sookie ask the in depth question, "What price are you willing to pay to have a more than average life?"

Answer Sookie is giving up part of her soul the part that no longer gives her the ability to regert her actions like having to commit murder or defend her home.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Desert Sunrise Monday 1-10-2011

I took this picture Monday morning while dropping and running errands. I thought it was a beautiful sight. Though, stopping the car in mid-traffic would probably have caused an accident. So, when I was stopped at a light, I took a reflective picture with the cell camera.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Job Application and Interview

After two years of actively searching for a job that would fit the schedule of hours I need. Thanks to my friend Robyn. I may have a job interview at one of the local schools tomorrow Friday January 7th, 2011. I am hoping for tomorrow because I have pick the right outfit out, make sure I have the correct shoes to wear, and of course its the weather that my hair hates. Dry and cold. If I dont' have the right shoes, let's just say Dh will be purchasing a pair today to make sure it looks all good.

where did I go?

Hi Erica,

I am still around. I just have a computer that is like finky eatter. I have to go to the library to post anything on this blog anymore. So, I usually load up the draft forum with stuff. Then I drive my happy self over to the library to post my stuff.

You can follow the shop blog as well. That let's me post type but not pictures from home.

Dh is currently trying to find away to get me a new computer. Times are really tight since i haven't found a part time job any where for two years. He doesn't mind. He knows its hard right now. Though, the extra cash would be helpful at times. Those times would be said last two months for us, we have five trips to an emergancy clinic. Can I say, its been a hair pulling frustrating.