Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday...what a day ahead

Here's a layout I did for a weekly challenge for two peas. I already had the kit started but haven't released it.
Okay this is our day...

regular class schedule for the kids then a 30 min break for lunch. They have a placement test to see if they will both advance to the next level for there class. Then a birthday party for one child. Finally hockey game..which I pray the coyotes win tonight. We really need some positivity for the team.

I got a run in this morning. Thank goodness.

Don't forget to check this website out..

Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 88 Friday..shellshock...

Okay, yesterday was totally a wash for me. I couldn't really focus on anything. I was just out there. I gave all my kiddos a day off from "work" let them play outsidea and be kids at the school. My director knows and understands. She understands that I will be emotional for a few days.

I was speaking with another counselor by phone last night. We both feel like we are in shellshock. The reality of this loss will hit us when we finally have a meeting with our director. We both will probably will just break down crying all over again. I decided after about an hour of not sleeping and just letting it out about this child that I may need help sleeping. So, I took some allergy meds to help me sleep.

Thank you to Mary at KDKB in Phoenix. She had the radio station play "Fly to the Angels" by Slaughter this morning in loving memory of my camper that passed away. I really appreciate it.

Its Friday. Its been full blown spring fever week for all kids every where here where I live. Boy, is it driving me insane! !!! I would love it to just not go up and down but to stay nice and cool or nice and warm.

Tonight, I have to sew patches on a uniform for a test that my girls will have tomorrow. I really need to attack my house.

Everyone enjoy the day you have, life is way to short.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 89 Mourning..

I just found out that a little boy I taught at camp passed away this week. I am very upset. Everything I have been going through this week is nothing compared to this news...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Update on today

Today is the teacher addressed the bullying issue between the my child and the other child. It was a better day.

My work let me go home to deal and comfort my child. My dh was so sweet that he brought me starbucks to work today. What a surprise. i really needed a loving gesture from him too!

Day 90 Shine splitnts, Bullying, phone confrences concerning school

I tried a new pair of running shoes we got at wal-mart this past weekend. They looked similar,to the nikes we bought six months ago. They felt similar but not a coushy. Well, they are not. I have shine splints and they hurt really bad.

Then after finding out about the other school and the problems that they are having. I decided to talk to my oldest to prepare her for next year, to help understand the times that she needs to report problems to a teacher, and when its okay to defend yourself. She dropped a bomb shell. She has been bullied by a fellow student for the past week. She has been to afraid to report to her teacher or the teacher on duty because they have a big thing about not tattle taling. My DH and I have notified the teacher. This morning my child woke up at 3:30 am. She has not been back to sleep yet. She is really to upset to go back to sleep. Luckily, DH will be taking her to school this morning. I will have him "stick" around for awhile.

Then after hearing what the principal of the next school, fellow parents who have already pulled their kids from this school, and enrolled them in other schools. I told a co-worker about the comments made. The next thing I know I have personal on the phone from another school that is working with kids current school asking why parents where making "negative" comments against their students. They thought I said it was the principal of the next school. Once the clarity was given that it was not her but parents. She then told me that the school I really want my kids in quote, "their math program is not succiffent in providing enough education to prepare them for high school". Then they referred to the old principal of that school in an unkind manner. I replied, "he's not there anymore. They have a new principal. She is very good. She is trying her best to improve the programs their to meet the students needs." That ended the phone basically.

Okay now that I am sleep deprived by a few hours. I need to find my brain. I need to put it back in place. I need to contact my director of my school. I need to let her know that I need to leave early to pick up my children early. so, my kids can get some sleep. I also need to finish scanning my lessons in for school as well.

Why can't my local starbucks be open at 5 am in the morning?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 91 Tuesay morning..

Okay after last night's meeting. I am totally torn. I want my child at this other school in town. Its smaller less likely hood of bullying(admitted a big problem and a lot of it is not reported), picking up bad language (principal openly admitted that the language is not appropriate and that she would love to put soap in all the kids mouths), and that they are applying a lot of the gifted programs to the regular classroom which is something I requested that my child not partake in to begin with. My child is not ready for it yet. I say give her a few more years and she will be. They openly admitted that they only have 20 minutes before lunch for play time, and they only have a few minutes in the morning to come in and get ready for school unless you drop off early for early programs. My DH won't even hear my concerns that I have or go visit the other school that I feel is safer and would provide just as much of good education without all the risks listed above.

I'm heart broken truly heart broken because when I was growing up third through sixth grade is when the bullies came out to play and had a field day all day long. No one did anything about it. Even though they had a "zero tolerance" it still happened to the point of sending me to the hospital. So, I have no trust for the people in charge when they say they have a "zero tolerance". I just want to cry because my child that is going into the third grade is just like me. Even though she may report will they really be able to stop.

DH says the only way my kids will go to the other school is if I get hired over there. I think he is being mulitplive closed mind and stubborn fool. He will be putting my child at risk for bodily harm or worse possibly becoming handicap. Its been proven the smaller the setting the better the education and safety.

I just want the most safe environment for my children. I will say this much, if he insists her going to this school. I will quit my job to be more actively involved in my child's live at the school. I will protect her from the bullies and the inappropiate language.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 92 Worn out Monday...

Between being sick, getting the laundry done, grocery shopping, and the stress of getting taxes done yesterday. Its got me so tired..I do not want to do anything but lay in my bed, relaxing.

Tonight a meeting about one of the two schools available for one of my children to attend. I have had a sinking feeling that its going to be a repeat of this year again but just a different enivorment. No time for play or practice of the sport my kids are in. I am not pleased with this years work load for one and the other one is really great school load. They have another school into that is free to attend and the teachers/work load for students is balanced. My DH has reservations simply because it uses the montessori in its title. I know the principal personally. I have meet a few of the teachers. I really feel like both my kids would do so much better at this school vs the other school they are in. Plus school starts 20 mins earlier and ends 20 mins earlier too! This gives more a balance. So, if you pray in any way...I would appreciate you assistance.

Other than that..I have to get ready to be m.e.a.n. m.o.m. as a teacher.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Morning Recap of Hydration..

Past week lots of stress with work. I figured out that two of my co-workers don't have a caring bone in their body. They are truly ignorant on how people see them. They are not thought of as cool but well as complete selfish women who need a swift kick in their butts. I am not the one to give it to them for several reasons. One, I am not paid to be the director of the school. Two, frankily not going to waste my precious time on their nonsense anymore. Three, life is entirely to short to worry about them. Four and last but not least, I have more important things to deal with like my family, house hunting, and teaching my own class. If you two are reading this go find someone else to bug because this teacher has exterminated you presence in my mind and in my emotions.

My Phoenix Coyotes are on a hot winning streak for the last few games. Ollie JOiken got a hat trick last night. Honey, WTG. You made a our weekend rock knowing you guys won. We didn't like not being able to view the game even though we upgraded our cable package to be able to see the games when its not typically shown on local channels. Keep it up, we're coming this Saturday to see you live. My kids will have signs for you to read. So, please wave to them at warm up.

The birthday party was a smashing success for my friend's yesterday. Their kid turned six in a delightful way. It was outside, the kids played and played on the playground equipment and bubbles perfect for kindergartener. I just hate that we had to leave early.I wish we could have stayed for cake and ice cream. For some strange reason my DH took my oldest into a perfume shop and let her sniff the different scents. Well, being a family of allergy and sinus people, perfume shops are out of the question to wear or smell. We immediately have problems. Needless to say, not only were we recovering from this weeks wonderful stomach virus; now, we have an allergy attack. What was my DH thinking? Love you dude but sometimes I really wonder where your common sense is at times.

We put an offer in on a house that we truly love, truly is similar to what we had before we moved from one state to another. A home that everyone will have their own "my space". Do not confuse "my space" with the internet page because when you are dealing with a family it has nothing to do with that. "My space" defined for a family is everyone having a small space of their own to work, play, relax, and just chill in. Not mention to use the bathroom in peace from other family members as my oldest would say. Though my breathe is not held on this offer because banks are still being very greedy on offers. They shouldn't be with the federal governement bailing them out on bad loans.

You know how I previous stated that yesterday was suppose to a "we" are cleaning day. It didn't get done. My DH declared that we needed one day to just "fart" around and relax. More like be lazy and do nothing. So, the small place we rent truly still looks like a hurricane hit it. Not to worry, DH is declaring today as a clean up from a hurricane week.

So, I hope this delights your day or at leasts gives you humor in some sort. Have a good sunday.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Here's the the final product

Transculent Drop Shadow Challenge

Then this is the last process steps 9 through 10..
Then I followed the instructions at ehow step 7 and 8.

Here is the first image. I used my tablet to trace the photo of my kiddos paper snowflake for my inspiration. I copied and pasted it into a seperate transculent image

I tried to upload a photo with it on pattern paper. It would not upload for some reason. I may have to make a seperate post for it.

Saturday's recovery...

Let say ...Thank you to AussieKat. She found a direct link for instructions on how to do a drop shadow in for me yesterday. Plus, her well wishes. I am following her directions on step at a time.

Well, apparently my whole family had a bug or a touch of a bug. We spent last night sick in the bathroom repeatedly. Needless to say, majority of my family is still sleeping. I did leave work early yesterday and get a four hour nap before having to go get my children from school. Then about three hours later is when we all got sick.

Today clean the house up, grocery shopping (may wait until tomorrow), and a birthday party.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 93 Migraine Friday

I almost called in sick to work wiht a migrane. Seriously, this will be my day of total choas of pain. Luckily its movie day. so, I know how to handle the pain with kids on movie day. Take sheets, pillows, and blanket. Make a "slumber party" atomsphere, and be sure to ask the kids to be as quiet as can be.

I might be able to go home early if an afternoon teacher shows up :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 94 Drop Shadows...Work Drama

Okay, i so ready to scream right now about work. Its not a fun place to work any more. The other teacher that is really making my life difficult is also doing it to another teacher that comes in to relieve her in the afternoon. this teacher was just about in tears yesterday about the situation. When I left I went up front, I made a really really big deal about what a good job this afternoon teacher is doing and how the morning teachers are leaving the class is just crappy to this teacher. Needless, to say this afternoon teacher only backed up me up with witnessing inappropiate language to kids also. I told the directors, you need to seriously have a chat with the afternoon teacher. She will enlighten you as to how bad the situation is really back in that one room.

Then when my DH got home I kept telliing him I needed his shoulder to cry on because I was about to explode. He kept blowing me off. Then when I finally gave up cried myself to sleep, he woke me up to try to get me to talk, and it only made me feel worse. Needless to say, I wasn't the nicest person to him last night. Hopefully, he realizes that there is a lot on my plate right and will listen tonight.

Now, for the kicker for me. I have a challenge on two peas site that I am trying to partake in. Its a drop shadow. Thanks to my wonderful friends blue eyed pea and heather-t they are helping me figure out how to do it in So, I am issuing a purposal to my DH since he likes to read stuff on the internet. He is going to help me find the plug in or the other name for this feature in now that I have lead of what to look for. Its just frustrating for me right now because I am already totally frizzed out over work.

At least I got a run in this morning. I'd rather do it in the afternoon when the sunshining and feeling good to run in the wind. Oh well..maybe today will be better because I announced to everyone that we are doing outside lessons because its suppose to be beautiful!!!Kids love outside lesson days. They do their lessons outside and play outside.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 95 Field trip planning, belt tests...

Hay everyone! Last night I had started planning a field trips for my class at school. They haven't done any in over a year in that class. Couldn't believe it. ! The first is to have them make pizza at a local resturant. The first one which is walking distance for the kids, refused to host them. In total shock because the owner usually does stuff for local schools. The second one, which is still walking distance but a bit further is considering. The second one is to the local library on how to behave in a library and how to treat books. The third one is to introduce them to the kindegarten part at the school.

Then my kiddos have their first belt tests in a week. We are so excited.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Overflowing .....

behavior and toilet.

Okay today was really stressful for me. The kids were loud, I mean louder than a hockey game if you have ever been to one. Then the kids had a food fight while I was relieved to make copies of their daily activity sheets. I promptly ended lunch and sent everyone to their cots for a complete clean up of the area.

Then I am in the middle finishing cleaning up the food fight mess on the floor. I have the one teacher that I just wish would learn some manners. She said, "This is what is going to happen. I am going to mop for you and you are going to fix my toilet." I replied, "oh, really why am I going to fix your problem?" she replied I don't know how to fix it and water is every where. I mean every where. I wouldn't ask expect I'm totally at a loss what to do." I said, "MS X I will look for you and see if I can fix it. If not, we need to get management back in the room to help. Got it." She replied, "okay." My first thought that she was being a complete lazy person for not trying to unplug the toilet and clean the mess up herself. I still do.

First of all water was every where...a flood to be exact. I stepped carefully back into the room where MS X was, I said, "Why didn't you turn the water off to the toilet? You could have stopped the flood and closed the toilet until management could have gctten into the room to help?" She replied, "I don't know what direction to to turn the knob and the knob is missing." I replied, "I noticed that? Why didn't you notify management first, why me?" She replied, "they weren't available". I walked up front immediately. I located our director and assistant director, notified them of the situation. I said this is not a leak but a flood. I need towels and mops. I need a knob to turn off the water to the toilet.

They came back in disbelief as to the extinct of the problem. Guess who got to clean it up? Not MS X and her teaching partner. Me!!!!!! That is right folks me!!! My tennis shoes were soaked with dirty water..I am nto talking about just pee pee either ladies and gents. I'm the whole yucky garabage crap!!! After about 45 mins of turning off water, mopping, toweling, saying not so nice words under my breath about the situation, demanding that the child's parents be lecturated at, and informing them that as soon as I was done I was leaving to clean my self up.

We had over a whole proffessional mop bucket full of water plus one to match, towels and mop heads being washed in the washer, and my director basically in debt to her eyebrows to me when I left.

All I have to please teach your child that if the toilet doesn't flush correctly the first time..notify the teacher please. Apparently, this kid kept trying to flush, flush and flush continuously hoping not to get into trouble with anyone expect it back fired. She is in major trouble for flooding the bathroom. :(

Then I notified the remaining teacher that her and her teaching partner owed me a starbucks flavored coffee for me cleaning up the choatic mess. Not to mention dealing with the child that caused the problem. Her reply, "I don't have any money. My mom would kill me if I spent that type of money on a coffee." I said, "Text your teaching partner, let her know that you and her are going in on a starbucks. This is worse than dealing poop in the pants. I just about ruined my shoes!!!!! You think I have money to replace my shoes. You think my DH is made out of money??" No reply.

Just because my DH has a job and i work part time doesn't mean we have a bloody money tree growing in the bank. We have bills and other expenses that we have to deal with like all the rest of the world. When does it appear that I have money or a large sum of it? I don't!!!! ARGgggggg...tell me somebody tell me why younger people thnk married people have a warehouse of money secretly stashed somewhere? We don't as a matter of fact we less money vs single people. Do you know why? We actually get taxed for being married by the federal government. Yes, we have a higher tax bracket than the single people. Go freakin figure.

Okay has anyone else has a similar incident in the last few days, weeks, or months. Vent your situation here...

Day 96 Tuesday

Okay, this is tuesday early morning. managed to climb out of bed and excerise. I am in the middle of a yoga pose before starting the running feature in wii fit. My alarmS that plural start going off. He comes marching into the living room where may I add I am in the middle of a pose. He grumpily states "You could have turned it off for me." I reply, "I'm in a middle of a pose and I don't know how to work your blackberry."

I ignore him. Simply because at that point doing my stretch was morning important than listening to a half asleep person. Its rainy here. Its been raining since last night. Ugh..not good my kids won't take a good nap today at school.

Tonight is tuesday night chat with the girlies..can't wait. Girlie time w/o needing a baby sittter.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 97 no school but my school is open

There is no school for public schools but my school is open.

Oh, well that's life. Weekend drama is over. Weekly drama at work will start.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Date

we walked into one resturant and walked out. It reminded us of a place that had better food. So, we went out and stuffed ourselves silly. Discussed adult things that we didn't want to have the kids hear.

He actually liked my makeup tonight. He said it was just right. The first time he had noticed I actually got a little done up for our date. It felt good...

Advice for others..fight for your alone time with your spouse. Not the sex thing but the conversation and one on one time each couple needs to survive in this world. Its worth the tears and frustration in the end.

Thank to everyone that read and left comments here or at the two peas site. i really do appreciate it.

Update on Morning After

Okay, our aunt just called. She offerred to watch the kids so we could have a "date". He wasn't to excited about it. All he said was "sure" now he doesn't know what he wants to do. No shows playing to go watch.

Why not talk to me you fool?

After storming out for a run, I cooled down. I won't lie. I was seriously hurt that he would ask the kids if mommy and daddy could go out on a date tonight. What are they the parents? I don't think so. Not to mention he careless response to me saying that we didn't need the kids permission to go out by ourselves.

Plus, Aunt called me b/c she can never get him on the phone. I kinda blew my fuse to her. She understood thankfully.

So, I came home to we are going out at 5 today. I said fine. Then he pulls me aside to say that if we wanted to we could go out at a later time instead said my Aunt. I said, Look buster I want time alone with you. Alone its valentine's. You could go to Taco Bell with me and I would be happy. Hell, I know we can't afford a very fancy resturant not to mention my wardobe isn't sufficent for one either. I want you by myself. Is that so hard to understand????

So we are going out together..what I don't will be just us.

Morning After Valentines.

Quiet one..meeting a friend at a supermarket to get instructions on how to care for her dog. I'm dog sitting her dog for the next 24 hours. Her dog is the sweetest thing. Really gentle with kids. so my kids adore her dog.

As for last night, I wound up sleeping in my kids bed alone because literarily with in the minute it took me to log off the blog they fell asleep spread like jam and better across my bed. No room for me to even cuddle with my kids. Needles to say my night ended with crying myself to sleep slightly broken hearted. I thought I might be angry but the best come back is be sweeter than honey. Its worse on a guilty mind.

Valentine's Disappointment

Well, my hockey team bloody stunk worse than a decaying body tonight. They revived themselves only after we left after the second period. Then tried to win the game in the last 5 mins of the third period.

Then dh "forgot" to get a valentine card for me. My kids even remembered but he said paying for hockey tickets was enough. How hard is it to go to a dollar tree and spend $0.50 on a card. Geez, at least I went for boxers and a gag gift for him.

I'm not hard to please but a little attention please. We took a nap today. Did I get cuddles. NOpe the kids did. Generally I don't care a peck on the cheek will do but today is valentine's or was valentines. I feel like the girl playing opposite tom cruise in Jerry McGuire. When he put the kid in between them and ignore her. Not a cool holiday.

Even now, I'm sorta the "man left out".
Headed to comfort my release is this blog.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day 2009

Wishing you a happy valentine's day.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 98 Friday....

Today every school in the nation is having a valentine's party. At mine its a celebration of friendship. This way it won't conflict with some regilious believes.

I took these ice pictures on February 11th, 2009. I loved the way the ice glittered in the sun. These pictures were taken from inside my vechile with my cell camera. Unfortunately, I don't carry a good point and shot on hip; like most americans and other nations a cell phone.

Well typically today would be considered unlucky per the population of the world. Since its the day before valentines I declare it the most lucky day in the world.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

coyotes lost

by one point. Now, there is no chance in even getting close to the play offs now. Its the most frustrating thing ever.

I just hope they play outstanding saturday. It will determine whither or not my dh will buy season tickets for next year.

Day 99 decision

Last night's hockey game rocked out. I got the challenge layout for the weekly challenge. I need to do another one for the seasonal challenge using my sunset and sunrise photos. NOt to mention the color ice photos I took yesterday morning from my van.

Okay for something gross. I came out of work yesterday. To find vomit all over the side of my van. Not only vomit but it had dried in the sun. Now, we are trying to get it off. What next ?

The big Valentine Parties for tomorrow. My kids have two at the same time when I have my circle time. No way to get there. So, parents will be taking pictures for me.

Tonight Hockey and csi...

Did I forget to mention I spent part of last night getting early admission for kindergarten work packet together for a student that will be tested by a friend of mine that runs one of the schools here in town. I have one more packet to send home but no time to do with the student. The test is TOMORROW!!! So, I will send it home with the student for them to do together.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Coyotes won a game finally ...

after a six game loosing streak. I will now eat my words that they may not win like if I were eatting fruit dipped in white chocolate. Hrmmmmm gooble gooble hrmm.....delicious.

Now my happy dance may not be looking so appropiate for little eyes becaue I am in a mood of delight and pleasure. I like to move it move it. I like to move move it. ...gonna rock you like a hurricane care of the band Scorpins...

Now, if they will just make my Valentine's Date night howl like tonight. It will make rooting for them worth it.

For my goalie of the game...good job dude! It made my did one hell of job keeping that puck out of the net. You probably are why they are taking play offs again for the team.

Day 100 ..hump day

Got to do my chat last night. One of my few "mommy" nights with other adults that doesn't require a babysitter. What fun.
"Finally cracked openned my digital cardstock pack from two peas last night. Perfect timing for me because of my next layout. it had all the colors I wanted in it..

Okay gotta ask this question.
How many of your kids listen to you when you say, "Go to the bathroom before laying down"?
The last two days at home and work the kids are not listening to me. I have either had accidents or kids getting in trouble for not staying on their cots. GRRRRRRRRRRR!!! I know they went. What is up with that?!

Did you see below that I have a valentine freebie available for you.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Southwest Valentine Mini Kit 2 2009

Here's the link..

Southwest Valentine Mini Kit

Happy Valentine's Day..enjoy

Day 101 Tuesday

Its Tuesday what can I say. Its still raining. Its cold. The northern part of our state is getting dumped on by snow. i would love to go play in it expect that means driving in snow and ice. Not my cup up of tea.

Let's see i got all but one thing accomplished on my to do list yesterday. Today its a little more. Though I want to be enjoy what little weekend I will have with my dh before becoming an it widow again during the week.This has not been the norm for the last eleven months. He has been more available. Its just recently.

At least the rainy days are allowing for time for valentine crafts for the party Friday. At least Friday I will get extra hours, for the party in my check.

Tonight chat. Scroll down to my gallery and you will see my valentine to my husband and my entry for the happy birthday card contest at two peas in a bucket.

Anyone reading this see you at the chat tonight.

Thank you Jen for your comment on my Sunday post.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Biting my tongue

today. the teacher that gives me so many problems walked by saying, that maybe she should quit. I bite my tongue and didn't be a smart mouth back.

Though in my head, I thought it will be a joyous day when you do. I know it was so mean and ugly but considering the hell I have been through in the last months I couldn't help myself.

Day 102 ..monday

today work late...offically begin the end of one unit for my class and get ready for the new one to begin.

I become a it tech window for a few days again. Not to bad though...

Very tried..

Thank you to stef, heather, and denise for finding my blog and leaving comments. I appreciate it ladies.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rainy Sunday

This is the sunrise when we were leaving. I just happened to snap it with my cell phone camera. It was gorgeous as you can see.

This is Stephen Drew's locker in the Diamond Backs Clubhouse. My kiddos love Stephen Drew. We got to go to fan fest early due to being season ticket holders.We wanted to get pictures with him but he wasn't showing up for another 51/2 hours. We did get some awesome deals on diamond back stuff though.

Then we ate at Joe's crab shack. My kiddos and I sufferred food poisoning for the first time from this resturant chain. All I can say is that it stinks, I'm hurting all over from being sick, needless to say I don't want any food for a few days. The only thing that didn't make me nauseated last night was coke. Once I got rid of the food (I will spare you the gross details) my stomach felt so much better. I still am soar in my inward parts. Decaf sweet tea is my best friend.

My coyotes lost miserably last night. they lost 7 to 2. They were talking playoff. I hate to say that someone in charge must be smoking something other cigarettes because playing like they were is not play off materials.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A quiet early saturday

I actually asked God to get me up this early so I could go for a run. Though its cold out and I really need to start getting ready to go to our first appointment of the day today. Yes, you heard me an appointment for Fan Fest at the Diamond Backs Chase Field. So, tired yet so excited that my girls can go meet Steven Drew. I hope that they have a good time. Plus, maybe dh will stop by the team shop today. Then I can maybe get some new "sports" wear though he really wants me to get the coyotes workout fit. Its sharp looking instead.

Have you heard the word birds? Two peas in a bucket is having a hugh birthday celebration over the next year. Its really cool!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 103 The announce of the winner

The winner is Stefdesign. She put input in on my valentine recipe for the parents.
Stef email me your email address. I will get a gift certificate from two pease for you later today.

Thank you to the person that left a comment from last night's lengthy post. It was a very bad day and will go down hill the minute I step into my classroom today.

I will be honest, the reason why I am leaving early from work today is simply to get away from this person and destress.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Classroom has been violated by

disrespect by another teacher!!! Dang it...when does NO mean No any more. I almost feel like I have been violated and need a shower continuously.

A little background on the situation. First of all, I was in a different room at the beginning of the year. That room was wanted by another teacher that was brought back. Not a person of my personal choice but I was willing to give her a chance. It went down hill fast. So, the director decided that my teaching talents were needed in the room that I am in now and the teacher in there was needed with this other teacher. Basically what was said to everyone was if we wanted jobs this is the way it is going to be.

So, I gave it a try. I love the room I am in now. I love the kids. I love the fact I know I am actually being listened too and being respected.

Ever since the move of teachers these two teachers have been pushing my personal boundaries as a person and a teacher. I came to the conclusion that I could nothing to change them or help them. They had to sink or swim on their own.

Then came the request to come use my "older" kid playground while we did lessons. For the last two weeks, their kids have interrupted my kids learning, peed on the floor of my bathrooms in my room, trashed my "older" kids playground-not picking up anything, then teachers are not supervising their kids while in my room either. The list could go on and on..I keep from going on in detail to keep from soundind a like a whiner. I just need to vent.

So, finally after two weeks, I asked the director to tell the teachers my classroom/playground was off limits from Monday -Thursday. I needed to be able to conduct outside lesson on the days i wanted too. I was unable too in the last two weeks. Frankly, I was tried of being their maids and dealing with their kids.

Well, after one of the teachers realized what was happening she understood and apologized. I accepted her apology. We are still friends.

The other one on the other hand is just blowing my spiritual mind right now. She sends in the first teacher because she thinks I will be more incline to give her a yes for the question of....drum roll please..."Can we use your playground?". No, but hell no!!!!!! I need to be able to choose to hold my lesson time outside. We are having gorgeous weather outside this week. On those perfect days, I pack up our worksheet/crafts take it outside. I told the teacher that I have peace with she was fine with it. The other teacher comes running in my classroom screaming and shouting at me (with a whine in her voice on top of it. It just sent my protection walls up and my gunny voice in volcano mode). The conversation went sorta like this.


"I need it to do outside lessons today. Tomorrow is movie day. they only get 30 mins before snack and 30 mins at 10:30.Go use your playground. The answer is NO!"




I replied, "REALLY WELL YOU'VE BEEN YELLING AT ME SINCE YOU CAME IN HERE ACTING UNPROFESSIONAL IN FRONT OF my class. If you don't want me to yell at you don't yell at me and don't be rude in front of my class. Good-bye go to your playground now. Use your break to go visit with the child you don't get see but once a week. I need to get back to my class's needs now."

She storms out of my class. I paged one of my directors via cell phone. They didn't respond. So, I called the office on my cell phone to let them know what happened. They sent the main director to go talk with her. To tell her that she was out of line. To not to ask again until then they had a limit of 30 mins to be on my playground. Not to bother me again.

I know why she gets to me because she reminds me of myself at a much younger age. You here that age and maturity changes a person. Well duh of course. I am just trying to take care of business in my room and not worry about her. She keeps being unprofessional and distractingto me and my students. Also very disrespectful.

Either she needs to go or grow up to take responsibility for her awful actions in her room and mine.

Thank God she doesn't have my blog address. She would probably hit the fan if she knew that others saw her as a jerk. Then she would deny it. She does not even know she is acting like an unwanted jerk. I know the time she will mature to be a great person. Its the time and patience is what I am low on for her. I have plenty for my kids at home and school but extreme drama and stress I don't.

I believe what comes around goes around. I try to show respect and curiosity to others so I can have it done back to me.

Right now, I am exhausted from just dealing with this adult that acts like three to four year old herself. I almost wished I had Sharon Osborne or Beth Chapman as a director because neither of these ladies would put up with bull crap that is occurring out of this teacher. The funny thing about it is another teacher both felt like we needed a "charm school" for these teachers at this moment. Scary that we feel like we need the help of a reality show to straighten the situation out at the moment.

Deep breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth...feel better.
Thanks for reading if anyone is up.

Day 104 Thursday ...what a day

Its Thursday. This means CSI tonight Yahoo!

I fell asleep watching old eposide of Dog the Bounty Hunter. I love the show. I think Dog, Beth, Leland, Dewayne, Baby Lisa, and the rest of the crew (I forgot their names at the moment); do a bang up job taking their mistakes in life turning them into good. I know everyone talks bad about them because they cuse and pray. I feel like God put them in their fugitive lives to help over come when no one else believes in those folks. So, if you stop reading this because I watch the Dog. Oh, well. If you leave a comment good or bad. I will read it and comment back. If you email me..I will reply. We are each entitled to our opinions about this. its called free will.

My Coyotes played last night. They played more aggressively than the last seven to nine games that they played. They still lost at least they fought for it this time. What I would love to have each player to tell is why they can't seem to beat the teams that have the worse record in the league. yet, the teams that everyone swears they can't beat we stomp the stew out of them and call it road kill snack/dinner/breakfast. Whatever you want to call it.

Also, I just found out that I won a digital scrapbook challenge last night. I won with my go cardinals layout. Scroll down to my gallery, you can see it there.

My co-worker gave me the folders I need to customize the worksheets for the kids in my class that are fast learners to slow learners. So, this will make it easier for me to teach on each students levels.

Oh i get to leave work early tomorrow. I have bills I have to go pay, a long run to run, and laundry to get done and put up before the weekend. Busy weekend coming up. Its filled with Baseball, baseball, baseball. My oldest will be in heaven.

If any of you are parents of children that I teach, are reading were wondering what to get me for Valentines Day. Cash..would be nice..I found a jacket/pants outfit I life with the coyotes logo on it. I am attending the game on Valentines Day. Would love to buy it with whatI have saved.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 105 countdown

Stayed up way to late last night. Between planning lesson plans for three months, my digichat, and my dh calling and iming. I am beat. I am giving my kids a break from immediate home tonight. I have to go get a run in. So, they will play while I run on the tred mill.

The house hunting is time consuming and yet heart renching. Not sure what we are going to do. We found a place with good prices. Its 10 miles outside of the center of our town. Its been so nice to have everything close by. I do wish that one of the homes near us would open up at the right price. Every time we find a right price a bank and agent tries to get a biding war going on a property. GReedy is what I have to say.


Got to run. We all have to get ready.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 106 ....getting ready

Okay the countdown has begun at my school for the valentine day's party in each room. It was offically started yesterday. The sign up sheets where sent home with a letter explaining what we were doing and why. I have the pre-kindergarten class then the rest of the school agers get out early that day. Generally we try to give each age group a seperate party expect that...this time it will be harder. So, we decided to combine them like for the superbowl party. This means lots more kids to feed. Parents are responsible to bring a food or drink item.

Thank you to my friend wingnut about the cardinals. I think cardinal fans were just happy that we got to go to the super bowl even if we didn't win. It gives them and the team motivation for next year.

Thank you Stef about my customizing job on my blog. I am not through yet. I still need to make a border. That in itself is a job. I need to read the directions to figure out size of image etc..

Now, for my contest..I have entry it is my friend Stef. At the end of the week, I will announce the winner(S).

I successfully scanned one book in last night for next year's classes. Now to tackle the next that has review test skills to see if they are prepared to go into kindergarten. I got to get this one done fast because I need all hands on deck to pull this off.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 107 ..Countdown with contest

Good morning. The cardinals lost the super bowl. At least they fought to the end to keep the steelers from winning.

Back to our regular schedule program at work today. Just waiting to see what happens with the new "you will teach your kids" or your gone policy. This doesn't apply to me but to the two teachers that have been giving me a hard time.

Now for the positive note..

Contest: I need to come up with a Party Mix for Valentine's Day for a cooking assignment in our class. This is always fun. These are the ingridents but I need a saying to go with them. If you help me complete them I will give you a gift certificate to two peas in a bucket. I need the first and last deseperately.

preztels-repesents our hugs(I'd rather use cereal instead of preztels so if you can find a cereal that is in o shape or x shape to use instead for hugs that would be great.)

M&M-represent our bond that changes with age
hershey kisses-for the kisses that get us through the days
raisans-to remind us what life is like with out love and kindness

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Sunday February 1st 2009

Good Morning on the first Day of February 2009.

Let's do a recap of the past month on my end. I had horrible work troubles. They have been fixed. We have a circurrulum (sp) in place that's to our wonderful Mary! Mary if you are reading this Thank you!

Be looking for my contest for making a valentine party mix with a poem. I need your help. I will be giving away a gift certificate for your help.

I have been to several coyotes game. One we won the last (licking my wounds per say as I type this) we lost horribly. Now we are in 9th place in the league.

I got the call from my camp director. I am going back this summer. In charge of the pool again. that place.

Tonight a superbowl party with my Aunt and Uncle. Its gonna be fun.Below is a digital layout I created for the two peas in a bucket board.