Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 101 Tuesday

Its Tuesday what can I say. Its still raining. Its cold. The northern part of our state is getting dumped on by snow. i would love to go play in it expect that means driving in snow and ice. Not my cup up of tea.

Let's see i got all but one thing accomplished on my to do list yesterday. Today its a little more. Though I want to be enjoy what little weekend I will have with my dh before becoming an it widow again during the week.This has not been the norm for the last eleven months. He has been more available. Its just recently.

At least the rainy days are allowing for time for valentine crafts for the party Friday. At least Friday I will get extra hours, for the party in my check.

Tonight chat. Scroll down to my gallery and you will see my valentine to my husband and my entry for the happy birthday card contest at two peas in a bucket.

Anyone reading this see you at the chat tonight.

Thank you Jen for your comment on my Sunday post.

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