Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Sunday February 1st 2009

Good Morning on the first Day of February 2009.

Let's do a recap of the past month on my end. I had horrible work troubles. They have been fixed. We have a circurrulum (sp) in place that's to our wonderful Mary! Mary if you are reading this Thank you!

Be looking for my contest for making a valentine party mix with a poem. I need your help. I will be giving away a gift certificate for your help.

I have been to several coyotes game. One we won the last (licking my wounds per say as I type this) we lost horribly. Now we are in 9th place in the league.

I got the call from my camp director. I am going back this summer. In charge of the pool again. that place.

Tonight a superbowl party with my Aunt and Uncle. Its gonna be fun.Below is a digital layout I created for the two peas in a bucket board.

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Wingnut said...

That's an adorable card! I'm sorry your Cards didn't win...this Ravens fan was rooting for them all the way!