Saturday, January 31, 2009

Coyotoes Lost Sabers won...

enough said.

coyotoes played like a bunch of pansies getting torn up by a hurricane wind forces. They got a shot out..

Recovering Saturday

After an all day party for my five year old class with afterschool care group. I came home to snuggle with my dh on the couch. I fell sound asleep with him. I didn't even know that he had made dinner. The only thing I remember is his call to get in the bed everyone and a hand helping sleepy me to the bed. I slept from about 6 pm to 7 am this morning.

I did football pep rally am session and pm session, football player warm up stretches, the football player practice with no tackling allowed, pizza hut pizza for lunch with chips and sprite, and then my assistant director paid for the a cupcake cake in the same of a football for my class for afternoon snack. OMG!!! We had so much fun.

One of my students said this to me, "this is the best party ever for a class. I am having so much fun. Can we have more fun at the next party?" "Of course,"I replied, "I got something up my sleeve for valentine's day dear." He goes, "your the best ms samantha".

Even though I run, do yoga, and swim. I am still soar.

Friday, January 30, 2009

I've been who am I tagging

I got tagged in a blog game of tag. I will post my picture I have then I will tag someone else.

Above is my friend's cat at christmas time. He loved to play with the christmas decorations.

I now tag Steph..

Day 108

Today is our superbowl party at my school in my room. I have the support of my director and other teachers to keep a set of teachers from crashing my party today. They all found out they were planning on crashing my party even though I don't have enough food to spare for others. Some of the other parents haven't contributed to the fund for pizza. So, out of my own pocket I am making up the the difference that is missing. This teacher wants her own pizza in celebration of the cardinals going to the superbowl. It kinda stinks that parents won't even come up with $4-5 dolalrs so their kids can have their own party. Though I understand that times are tough but us teachers don't get paid much right now.

Sad note my coyotoes got their pants beat off of them again. Its so embrassing when they don't try. I actually feel asleep snuggled up on the couch with my DH because the game was so boring. Okay I will give them credit for playing aggressive in the first session but after that I crashed.

Tonight finish cleaning the house. It looks like it will be another busy weekend of hockey games, football games, and maybe house hunting.

We put in an offer on a house that seemed perfect for the layout and organization of a house and a descent backyard. We got beat by someone who offerred cash for the house. My question is how do you have that much cash in today's economy? Most people are living pay check to pay check. All I hear about is layoffs after layoffs.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 109 ..countdown continuing

Its Thursday. Its CSI night. Its hockey night too! What a conflict to decide which one to watch? Probably CSI because the coyotoes totally sucked on ice on Tuesday.

Went for a tred mill run this morning. Feeling better.

today at lunch time I get to go run an errand to get the things we need for our supper bowl party for tomorrow in my classroom. Go Cardinals! ! !

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 110 Countdown

Okay, well let's see I had a lot of fun with the chat last night.

Yesterday, I got to visit with my old teaching partner. It had been a week or so since we have been able to visit.

My coyotoes lost last night. This means probably no division champsion for us. Very unhappy about that. We played the ducks before and whooped them. They whooped us.

Just very tired hope your day goes good. its bloody cold this morning..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 111 Countdown

Oh my, I did it. I got the background to change on the blog. Thanks to the blog instructions... It took me awhile to figure it out. I did it though.

What do you think? A little bright a I know. Well, I am just so darn proud of myself for figuring it. I am not a tech geek like my DH. So, for me to set up and maintain my own blog. Is just an accomplishment in itself.

I go in early today for work. Half our staff is out and everyone on deck is needed. I don't mind the extra hours either.Now, I just have to get back to scanning circurlum pages into catagories for next year. I might wait for another few days, simply so I can get caught up on some digital scrapbooking and design another free kit for you guys to use.Plus, there is a chat tonight as well.

NHL coyotes play tonight. MY crew loves hockey. so do I! Right now our team is ranked 5th in the NHL. We need to keep scoring in every game. We need to win every game here on out. We need to show them that you don't under estimate the coyotes.

Monday, January 26, 2009

A phone call that made my day

Okay, the day wasn't bad. It was just long. It will be a long week. Yes, a long week for me that's another post in itself.

Okay for those that know me from the camp I worked at this past. I got the call from the director fellow camp counselors. I am having my meeting to discuss my roll in this year's camp. Oh I am so excited!! Not mention the life guard test to boot!

I got to talk with an adult. Not just any adult..but an adult that understands me to a degree. Oh what a joy!

Doing the happy dance. Doing the happy dance. Plus we are planning an afternoon out and about no kids. Pampering of sorts for us busy bee keepers to say the least.

Day 112 Countdown--

Today is the 100th day of Kindergarten for my youngest kiddo. I have missed every event this year due to teaching again. They always plan their parties for early morning time which is normally our learning circle time. Ugh...I have asked repeatedly if they can change the time for me. They haven't. Its a bummer.

so, that means I leave my class to a teacher that I don't want in there teaching. I will be going in there this morning to bring worksheet packets, make it clear that she needs to make the students do it on their own, and to only use the color we are studying. I will make it clear to my director to make sure she does it as well. It the only way, I can make sure that she does her job she was hired to do. She keeps wanting to come work with me. Frankly, unless she agrees to do the art projects and actually do work then that is the only way, I want her in the room with me. Its sad because she is really a sweet girl. I like her as a friend a lot. I just don't like the choices she is making in and out of the classroom currently.

Now, for the positive. I have scrapbooked last night.Look in my gallery you can see the three new layouts there.

I am working on chaning the layout of my blog a bit. You know changing the background. Making more me. This generate template is great for starting out. I want to express more of me. So, forgive me while I am under construction.

Will somembody remind to put up a playlist on this thing. I have a post at the beginning of starting my blog about my play list but I yet have put one on.

Enough, of me what about you. What is your monday like? did you accomplish what you wanted this weekend?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A realization..

about my coworkers at my job. I have come to terms with the fact the situation will not change. The coworkers are inexperienced and not ready for positive change in their lives. They are at a cross road in their lives. They are not yet ready. They will probably take a road that I have already traveled of serious mistakes and regrets. The reason why they have gotten under my skin is because they remind me of myself at the age. I fear for them, their future, and what they might go through due to their decisions.

So, I let go...let their paths take them where it will.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Tips for using a cell phone

Okay, I receive a compliment on some photos I took using my cell phone camera.
First let me tell you, I to have a crappy phone camera. I just have figured out how to use it to get the best possible shots at time.

1. Take the picture a few seconds before the actual shot. The shutter speed on crappy cameras is slower than a turtle. By the time it takes the shot the people are usually were you want or the scenery is where you want it.

2. Use your enivorment to your advantage. Sunsets, just to the right or the left of the sunsetting. You get beautiful colors and scenery without the glare. Early morning sunshine similar to sunset expect for shooting snow and ice texture. Zoom in. No kidding. Still get a section you don't want..crop it. crop it crop it.

3. Don't try to much activity. Shutter hates it. Will come out blurry. Lost to many hockey photos because of it.

4. Accept you will have to do touch ups with your photo editor when using a cell phone camera if shooting inside with bad light. No joke. Anything I photo of my kids work from school, has to be clarified sharpened etc.

I hope this helps.

Day Day 112 Countdown...

Good early morning to yeah!

ITs I glad its here. This week has been a test of my skills. The drama at work never ceases to amaze me. Currently, I wish the two causing it would grow up but that takes years to do. Unforunately, they probably won't be there for that long.

Okay this weekend, All Star Hockey Game. Yahoo..I hope its televised. I would love to see it. Next hockey game for me is Tuesday.

Last night Csi las vegas was hillirous with Lawrence Fishborne offically taking Gil Grissom's place. He lost a tie, he learned how to finger print using powder, he solved two cases, and Nick got Gil's old office. I didn't hear it completely but I think he decided to share it with other investigators because of the size. Not sure. If I am wrong, then leave a comment.

Plans for the need to restock the food venue, scann for documents into my computer, coordinate a time with the assistant director to have view my files, get my oldest to finish preparing for her book report, get a clean can for book report, figure out size of label needed for book report, print out label for book report, and get laundry done. OH you think I left out "clean" the house part. Ha that is in between the rest of this stuff dear. Don't you know mom's are multi-taskers.

Did I leave anything out..oh the massive amount of digital scrapping I need to do and design some more Valentine Kit...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 113 Countdown

I had a long day yesterday. Plus, we had the war over homework assignment. It lasted until 6:30 pm when their Daddy walked in the door. He took over. Ugh...I hate book reports. Unfortunately, my oldest gets her inability to focus for a long time from me. Unless its something that is just my gift, I'm good at it, and it makes my passion burn bright. Example my digital scrapbooking, and my teaching.

Okay, so, I decided to ask permission from my director to throw a "kids" superbowl party in my room. I got permission. The rest of the classes are pived to the hilt. They want to come into my room and join in. I told them. No.Why don't you ask and you shall receive from the director? Sorry for the reference to scripture. I know that some are sensitive. Its a great teaching tool, though. The assistant director find out. SHe was like...they need to come up with their own ideas and ask. You are always doing something fun and exciting with the kids. They haven't asked yet. Will the one life to live or days of our lives ever end at my school? Geez, why can't they just teach.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 114 Countdown.

Okay yesterday I got about four books scanned into my harddrive and organized to a degree. Still have about 3-6 more plus the answer keys.

I am going to ask one of my directors if they would like to get together this Sunday. This way they can help me finish organizing the worksheets that I already have scanned. Not sure which catagory they belong in.

Okay...yesterdays drama at work. One of the teachers that got kicked out of the present room walked in my room. She burped rudely. The kids and I both corrected her for having rude behavior in the classroom. Even the kids said, "Ms X(as I will refer to these two)you have to say excuse. Its rude to burp out loud." Ms X told the students, "When I come in here, I am not going to say excuse." I told said teacher, "You are not setting a good example for the students. What do you say?" Ms X again refused to use her manners like she was better than anyone else. Then she proceeded to fuss about her students in the other class. My first thought was duh. If you are not using your manners, why should your students. Then she basicallys stated that she wished she had never agreed to the switch. The bottom line is that we wanted jobs we had to do the switch regardless. It was not our call. It was our directors. You make the best of the situation. The funny thing about this teacher is...she stated that she could never get her class to take naps. Guess what since last week her class takes naps. She keeps phishing for why she was made to switch. I keep referring her back to the directors. I was hired to be a teacher. Not to be a director or assistant director. You wanna know why ask them. Already know why quit asking.

Now for my coyotoes game against DEtroit red wings. Okay it started off really bad. So, bad both my kids fell asleep watching the hockey. Typically if the coyotes are on fire they stay up to the end. Okay, my oldest one said,"This game is so stinking boring I am going to bed." THat is what she did. Boy, am I glad that I didn't follow suite. They came back to stomp the stew out the Red Wings. Holy Cow Batman! They even finally made an empty nest goal not once but I think twice. Sorry, I was more listening than watching. I was still scanning stuff in and organizing. Not to mention treating myself to doing an awesome layout. It was 6 to 3. Not only that but we scored two goals in the last three minutes of the game. We kept them from scoring. Then the Red Wings fans did something that was just too gross!!! They threw dead octopus on the ice because they lost. It was totally disgusting. Man, how uncool was that. Dead Octopus. Thank Goodness for security cameras. They will catch whoever did it. Those fans have a rude awaking its called criminal charges from whatI understood from the commentaries. That is in between critical thinking pages and putting working with graph pages into the correct folders. Now, only if the coyotes could consistently play like that. It was amazing. Our luck though this next game we will loose so badly it will take us out of the running for a division title. Not asking for a Stanley Cup win. I would like just one division championship title before they get to move from the desert. I pray they don't get to move out the desert. It has been fun watching them play on tv and live at the games.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 114 Coutdown..

Back to the slave grind for me. Its really not the slave grind but dealing with the personalities of students and other teachers can be stressful if you have been following my blog any. Now, I am in the progress of scanning stuff for my circurlm from stuff I bought. This way its already organized for next year and improve this year's circurlm. I'm so excited about being at work again.

Its nice to have a supportive director and assistant director who have the same or similar vision for your work area.

Okay enough about you.. any improvements in your life you want to scream from the mountian top. Any news to share with the world? Leave a comment..i'd love to share with you.

Also freebie for digi element down below.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Southwest Valentine Mini Kit 1 2009

southwest Valentine mini kit 1

I hope you like this kit. This is just a mini kit. i am hoping to put another kit under this series. This a small thin lined kit. In red color only. If the link does not work, please let me know. i went to choose the html language link it did something weird. I believe it should work now..

I designed this using my bamboo tablet in my program. First design ever.

Day 115 Countdown

Well, I had planned on being at work today. Until I went to the doctor saturday. Bad news, this mean mom is a very sick mom. I have to take off to rest. Ugh...this means one of the teachers I don't want in my room will be in my room teaching. This means that they won't do the Martin Luther King I specifically got today for them to do and marked the sheet. I apologize now for the below if it offends any of the readers. I have to let go. I have to keep focused on the real people who need me. My student regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Means more attitude against me when I go back to work. Not like I have an easy job to begin with but it will be made harder at times. I feel like the teachers will tell the students to act up specifically so they can get rid of me. Not the directors but other teachers. ARgggghh....I support them, I back them up even if I feel like they are wrong. I encourage the students to obey them no matter. What do I get in return from them. Nothing but attitude. Why can't they realize that if they were doing a good job in the room that they were in they would have stayed there. They weren't. That is the thing here. They weren't doing the level of work that was needed to be done in that room with that age of kids. Not my fault. I did tcb on my end. The directors know I tcb in whatever room I am in. This is why I got the room now I have. Not complaining about it. Glad I have it. I just want these teachers to quit complaining to me about. Take this as well, lets show the directors, I haven't forgotten how to teach and improve their teaching style. Right now, its like a high school cheerleader squad where the team captain was replaced with a new team captain. This real life people not high school. Grow UP!!!

Hopefully, I will one get my freebie for Valentines up and posted this morning before my crew wakes up.I get to feeling way better than I have all weekend. I have to go back to work this regardless on Tuesday.

OH happy Martin Luther King Day everyone.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

coyotes vs oiler

Okay now I feel even worse than before. They lost. My coyotoes lost. Not only did they loose both the goalie and carcillo took a pounding. The fights were good. The points on goals was just not there. For some reason the speed on the ice has disappearred. THe oilers had the advantage..they got the pedal to the metal when it came to controling and taking advantage of the moment to make the goal.

Ugh..I thought I felt bad before ..watching them lose ...well lets just say. Now, I wish I had just gone to bed to hear the news of the lost instead of watching it.

Cardinals Win!!

The Cardinals win the game. They are going to the superbowl! Now, let's see if I can get DH to go for a superbowl part--ia!

Didn't see the game...was laying down. DH has the news on now. I will definitely have a layout for this to come.

Bamboo Tablet

I finally got my christmas present hooked up, software drivers installed, and able to use it. Its fun. Now to get Rhonna's class printed out to discover my tablet's capabilities.

Can sit up for too long fagitue takes over along with naseau and feeling like I'm falling over.

Anyone else get one of these babies? What do you think?

Coyotes vs flames game

They won by the hair of their chinny chin chin....

Poor Carcillo kept getting picked on even with the other player was sent to the pentalty box. Its almost like the Flames "roy" wanted to take out Carcillo on purposed to give his team an advantage over the coyotoes. I am super glad that Carcillos was the better player. Keeping his cool letting "Roy" get sited for too many violations of penalities. Here's to you Carcillo.

Now for the main four players scoring....Hale (ex-flame member), Mueller, Joiken, and Jovanovski. Way to Go BOYS!! You just made my DH a happy man after he had to spend about $100 on doctor visits and medicine today. The fact that you guys did it by the hair of your chinny chin chin did have a bit stressed out.

I was just glad you guys won. Now, if you would just kick some talk on January 31st 2009 game when we go see you guys. That would be a good replacement for the game you got shut out on.

Maybe DH will let go of the camera for a bit. I can get some shots of the game in play.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thank you to the young lady....

who answered my question about the guy who sings over the rainbow another classic with a hawaiin twist.

It was featured on the program's the link.'ole

Dr. Visit result

ydd has a sinus infections, me a double ear infection and possible uti..I'm headed to bed.


a day of cleaning, a day of doctor's appointments and medicine pick up, and a day to try to get some digital scrapbooking done, along with lesson plans for next month, and letters to my students in my new room.

What a week it has been for me. From allergies/sinus/colds to bumping my head so bad, I have been on the phone with the doctor for the past few days. To having to take charge and clean a new room. To evulating new students discovering they are not where they need to be education wise from my stand point not just as a mom but as a teacher..I'm terrified for them. I'm in shock for them to say the least.

To my dh who is going to exhhmm, "help clean up the house today". Well, we will see about how much cleaning he actually does. To my youngest stating I don't feel well either mommy to seeing that awful thick nasty snot coming out of her nose.

I'm actually wasting time until the hockey game tonight. Unfortunately, I have a feeling my team I can't call if they win or loose. They are not consistent at one of the two. So, there you have it.

Anyone been browsing my galleries to find the picture clues for my contest yet? I will give you one more hint. The layouts you are looking for are on page 1 and 3 of my gallery. Hee hee..that is the only clues you will get from here out. I really would like to give a $5.00 gift certificate to some one. As a thank you for reading my blog.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 116 Countdown...

Okay, now that my director of my school, I work for switched me into a different room. Its better for me. Its not so good for the teacher they moved out of there. I feel bad for her. I really do. I do what I am told when I am told to do it.I feel empathic for being switched into my new room. Yet, I am happy that she is with her friend that she wanted to teach with from the get go. So, I believe its a better place for her and she can do it with a friend. The only friends I feel I have at the school are in charge of certain areas and I don't get to see them much any more. I miss you guys. You ladies rock. Now to find my ipod and charge it. Back to the subject matter. Yet, everyone including some afternoon teachers are thrilled I am in there. Its cleaner, its more professional looking, and the kids are happier to a degree because they have done stuff besides play.

I talked to my mother about this situation. Yes, I have mother I still consult doesn't everyone has a mother to a degree they consult on stuff. She said that her partner in life told her about a book. It stated that the root of all evil wasn't money but laziness. Every time she heard me talk about my situations at work. That is the word that came to mind about some of the staff. They were lazy and not doing their job. I have to concur with her due to some conversations I have had with some of the staff. They admitted that a lot of times they were to lazy and didn't want or feel the need to do "all the time". I replied it doesn't matter. You need to be consistent with what you do regardless of the position you hold. It makes a big difference overall with everyone you deal with. Of course they are said years younger than me(no that isn't an admission of being old just an admission I am not a young chick any more. I am lovely juicy hot delicious mean mom). It probably went in one ear and out of the other. So, I probably just wasted my breath with them. They weren't ready to become the people they are desdend to be. They can be better and more creative then they give themselves credit to be.

Now, for my contest. Yes, it refers to the hockey game I went to. Even in you didn't go to the game, can't see or hear the game. You just gotta figure out what I was where. In a recent layout in my gallery I have what I was wearing to the game. Plus, I bought something while I was there and wore it too! So, if you can figure out what color and what items. Post your answer either to the blog thread next friday or email me next friday. If you are right, I will grant you a gift certificate to either two peas in a bucket store, pc layers, or a reliable webstore of your choice of $5.00. Preferably one, I know is secure like Creating Keepsakes or Memory Makers etc.

So everyone heads up, chin up, walk around with some "good" pride and joy. You are special and worth being proud of yourself.

Now, will some kindly remind me to please set up my playlist on this site. So, can hear some of the songs that help me get through the day.

One last request, I am looking for the song "blind faith". Nope local library doesn't care the original album its on. I tried looking it up on like like on barnes and nobles. I couldn't find it. Best go. They only have stock of the "lastest stuff". So, email or post a comment to let me know if you know where to purchase this one song at. Well, there is one other but you can find because it was release as a single.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

CSI Las Vegas...Grissom leaving

Okay, the way they ended this eposided is like Sara and Grissom are going to be together. Yet, a spoiler stated in the TV guide from this summer. It stated that Grissom and the other female csi tech hook up. I forget her name but she got her fame from playing in China Beach. Listed above is a picture of whom I am speaking about.

I will miss Grissom's character, having Lawrence Fishborne for a replacement was a good choice.

I can see where they are leading to finish this last season of csi las vegas by having the director of csi become the new under sherriff.

So, if you have any spoilers it would be awesome. Leave comments here..

Day 117 Countdown..

Okay last night's meeting was not as bad as I thought it would be. It was alot louder than my head could take. I almost gave back the pizza dinner they provided a couple of times from the pain. Though luckily I didn't.

I got a compliment from my director. She said that she knew I was really good at lesson planning. She gave a directive to everyone. She is going to give a theme, the teachers would have to start planning their lessons by that theme.

Is no one interested in getting a gift certificate from two peas in a bucket or pc layers? I see no one has entered my contest stated in the coyotes vs stars post.

I have a poll/question for you. do you go back and read posts on other people's blogs and leave comments? Leave the answer in the comment section.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 118 Countdown..

My head still hurts like I have a hang over. Yet, I have drunk any alcohol just smacked my head at work. My head hurts so bad that I doubt I will make the meeting for teachers tonight. I already gave them the heads up that I might not make it. So, they are cool knowing I struggling to even teach now.

I just wanna stay home in bed. That is how bad my head hurts. I told my DH that if I still feel this bad I am calling in sick next week and going to the doctor to be checked out. He has no problem with this.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

bump on the head

is not fun at all. This morning at work while putting out cots, I smack the top of head to the point of needing an ice pack, and a good cry. Yes, I have a concussion that's a no brainer. I told my director. She said as long as I feel fine then I could keep working. Right now, I want to sleep. I can't sleep because of the concussion. Needless to say, I am very cranky and moody. That goes with terriority of my head hurting.

Good news work front, after about a 30 minute pow-pow it has been decided that they are going to move people around at work. I really wanted to work with a younger age however they feel that my experience and knowledge would be put to better use in an older room. No biggie. I can do that..I just hope that the kids will do the work they need so deseperately to do. Though its not confirmed yet. I am hoping it will be confirmed.

Day 119 Countdown.....back to grind

Back to the grind again today. The only joyful thing is that I might get off early with another teacher coming in early. If that is the case then, I can come home to get uniforms ready for their martial arts class.

I got my entry ready and posted in the gallery for celebrate the seasons class for two peas in bucket site. All you have to do is scroll down to my gallery link, then right click to view it.

Migrane is back again. I knew it would be. Once it starts it does stop for days. have any of you figured out my contest within the post of coyotes vs star post. If you have leave a comment at the end of two weeks I will post a winner. I will give out a $5.00 gift certificate to either two peas in a bucket or pc layers site.

Have fun today. The weather is gorgeous here. Listed above is a picture of my morning drive. You can't see it in this cell camera photo but the moon wash fading in between the moutain dips with a beautiful softedege grunge look. It was gorgeous yesterday morning.

If you are a friend from two peas, you can catch me on the chat on the digi site hopefully.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 120 of my count down to surprise

Monday through Friday I will be counting down days to the big announcement on my blog. This will be good for my family. This will be good for my design work too. This will be good for my DH. I have him kinda spoiled to a degree.

I am feeling under the weather today. I had a migrane headache yesterday. I finally took some mecidine. I finally slept. Though I feel groggy all over. i will try to press on. If it gets worse again, I will just leave work early anc take a nap at home.

I really need to go to work though. My teaching team needs me so bad. I will do my best to keep my head up and be strong.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

celebrate the seasons

is a year long class being offerred at the twos in a bucket site on their education board. I love the idea. Because you still can get a good scrap page done without having to worry about missing a photo moment for layout per month. Plus, you have all month to get it done.

I will be doing it.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Coyotes vs Stars game

It was awesome. My team the coyotes held off the stars until the double over time. We had to leave the game at the start of over time. Kiddos were ready to leave. We got to hear that coyotoes won it with two goals on the radio.

Another cool thing was that my youngest kiddo and I were on the tv there at the game. My youngest kiddo has been trying to get on the game monitor since we started going to the games occassionally. She was rocking out to welcome to the jungle. I was more excited about it than she was. Simply for the joy of her wish coming true.

Posted pictures are from the cell phone camera. Then when DH copies the digital pictures of warm up I will post those too.

If you were at the game. If you think you saw me, then leave me a comment. If you are right I may reward you at the end of two weeks!

exciting news....

will be announced in may. There will be some changes in my current life schedule that will be a positive move for me and my family. so, keep checking back every day for possible clues as to what is going on, along with my count day to that day..

Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday ....

is the day of the week I was looking forward too. Friday night I normally spend with my family. Friday is a night I get to express myself to my DH. Let me know what's been going on, try to reconnect with my family, and usually ends on a happy note. For some reason the last two weeks ended on not a so happy note or tune. No love birds singing a romantic touching song. Just the rest of my family asleep in the bed, me left sitting alone trying to make sense of my feelings, and the week's nightmare of situations for me.

Every time I tried to get my husband's attention to the fact I needed to unload about something. Everyone including my children shut me down.No one seems to understand that mom needs someone to talk to at the moment. So, choose to try to pick up my disaster zone house because my family has chosen not to be what they use to be. A loving caring and helping being they typically are; have left a wake of a mess not just material items but of emotions with mom. Sorry that this week has not been myself of upbeat postings and encouragement but I am not feeling that perky currently.

so, I unload the rising lava of emotions on here. Hoping that maybe even in my evening of disappoint and loneliness I still can help someone know that they are not alone. There are others in similar situations but it will turn around.

Yes, I am feeling a little lonely, neglected, and feeling like no one is listening to the heart of the matter of not just in my family but in work as well. Though, I know at work they feel my pain. For they are just at a lost of what to do with some of the children we deal with. We are following every protocol, alternative disciplinary action, and positive reinforcement to encourage appropriate behavior. At home, I am not sure. Normally they are supportive, normally they are caring, and loving. That normally heals the stress fractures of the weeks drama and trauma but tonight it seems not that well. The only ear I have is forgive anyone reading this. I need to vent. I need to let go. The need to self heal and rise above to be the better person in the life I live, lead, and grow.

all I can say, is I feel better now by typing this. I feel secure. I feel real. I feel like my normal self. I feel alive again.

Thanks for allowing me to express myself.

Have a good relaxing, reconnecting, and reassuring weekend. I know I will.

So, if you are feeling down, in the dumps, a little left out, or misunderstood. Its okay we all feel that way. Take my advice, sit down grab a box of Kleenex, and let a the tears silently fall to the floor, let the silent screams come out. If you hold it in, the situation will only look more bleak than bright and sunny. Its okay to feel down but its not okay to wallow in it to long. Release and let go. Make a determination that tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow you will have hope. Hang in through the night that seems endless. Hang in there for the renewing sunrise that will bring peace and resolutions to what seems like a giant of a problem. If I can say it will be better.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Life is like what???

A box of chocolate...because forest gump's mom said so. What??? NOT!!!! If life was really like a box of chocolate then everyday we would be able to taste the milk choclatey flavor in everything we do, smell the favorite smell of chocolate of choice in the air, and we would all be just as sweet to each other as chocolate is to the taste buds, and other sensory buds in our bodies. We would all have an well an "O" moment of pleasure from something that just made us go "O". We would not come home so stressed out over incidents at work or run ins with co-workers, or feel like a complete total wash out at the end of the day.

Crappy day, not with the kids but co-workers. is it another full moon week? Probably,so, along with the associated behavior that goes with a full moon. Is it a week of trials and tribulations? Yup. Am I still here eatting chocolate when I should be running in the other direction screaming, as, so, to keep off the pounds and keep up my training. yeah, I guess I should. Am I running away or to the comfort food of choice for a stressed, worn out, and feeling unappreciated female at the time. Yeah headed straight for my downfall.

Am I being to honest and giving out too much information (tmi)? I think my DH would feel that way. Do i honestly care right no?

I am I starting to feel comfortably numb in the some what pitty party after a long week filled with sickness, stress, and confusion. You could say that right now.

What could I not believe I heard when I heard? "That Bret Michael's is going to give up the Rock of Love to find his soul mate." Just happened to be channel surfing before deciding to post a ramblings of a lost thoughs in a box of chocolate moment. No callagon in this house. He doesn't seem the type to give up so easily on a goal. He seems to be a person to reach far beyond his goal and make other's dreams come true through his own. Enough about a person that I don't know personally. I can't judge him or anyone. For each of us has enough on our own plates than to be judgemental on someone else. Piece of advice for someone who is my senior by well.... won't say because this belle ain't talking. Don't settle on someone just because you feel lonely and need something, or there is a small sparkle. Your life is and has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride, your soul mate must be able to love that type of roller coaster ride and then excell it to the next level. Why, I am giving you advice? heck you've lived 10 life times than mine. Just thought I voice my voice. Enjoy dear you deserve it.

What I can't believe happened tonight? My kids went to bed without anyone being in the room with them or near them. maybe it has something to do with being in my bed not theirs, exhaugstion from their week back in school and after school activities, or simply growing up before I am ready for you too. Did I just admit that? Okay scary..I must be more worn out for me to be baring my soul for the world to see, judge and to make a verdict.

What the heck then maybe this is a way for me to just cleanse myself so I can sleep half way descent tonight.

Good night yall...leave a comment if you feel compelled too!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2009 Overlay Frame Element Kit

2009 Overlay

Here's my kit for celebrating 2009 the start of a new year.


For my friend AussieKat! She passed her test today that she has been studying for what seems an eternity for. We have missed greatly in our discussions on the board and her top hat layouts she creates.

So, here's to you girlie!!! I know i am proud of you.

Designing a Freebie with 2009 in mind

Okay I am making a very small kit trying to release it either today or in the next few days. Current color is black / grey. Do you have a color need for something with 2009 in it. Let me know before the end of the day so I can add it to this element kit.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I have a cold.

I have a cold but I don't need to blow my nose. The snot is all in my ears making me feel dizzy to my fears. There's nothing I can do, unless you count drinking lots of juice to counter the fuice of the medicine. Feeding the cold only leads to weight in places I have just begun to see again. so, leave it alone, it will find another home, and to whom I don't know where it will move to.

I have cold but I don't need to blow my nose. I'd rather close my eyes for a nap. A nap a nap would be jolly right now. Expect I'm a mom with after school activities calling my name with two adorable children in tow.

so, what about this rhyme that doesn't rhyme. I don't know where it came from. leave it alone and it will find a home of its own.

Maybe, you'll help me find one...

excuse a weird state of mind but the mecidine really throws me for a loop. Its time to go and do my duties that never seem to end.

ugh...I might miss another day at work.

Which means my kids will be choatic when i return. I hope that I can either go to work and work only half my shift as a teacher or that I stay home for a nap. I was up half the night with DH. He has it full blown virus right now. Yucko!!! I don't want to catch it. I will call my boss in a little while. She what she wants me to do.

I feel like the song look what the cat dragged and probably look like something the cat dragged in but i can't say I had I had a good time getting to this point. I don't think cleaning up puke and keeping someone hydrated would qualify as a "good time". I think it qualifies as nurse maid. I don't mind doing it because it is family. Family comes first always.

Now for the starbucks...where is that gift. Can you picture it? Me stumbling around in the dark with only a tv playing handy mandy for the one child who is up before the crack of dawn. as I try to find my DH's wallet for a morning treat for me after or before I take the kids to school.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Proud 2 Be All About Me Alive

Is now available for viewing in the gallery section of my blog. Please scroll down to the link section. Click and view. If not a member of the board that is running the challenge feel free to leave a comment in the comment section.

I did this trying to stay awake until it was time to give my sick family their meds and beds for everyone.

Day off from Work but is it really a day off from work?

I have a day off from work due to us having a stomach virus the youngest is doing better but still having a few problems. I have to clean, do laundry, scan stuff into jpegs, and try to do digital scrapbooking. Not to mention do the wii fit and wii cheer with my kids today.

So, I ask you is it really a day off from work or just another form of work. Exactly another form of work! Who ever hollered it. Sorry still no million dollar prize here. I still have a some change probably buried in the cushions of the vechile I drive.

So, my vision of a day off from work is getting a relaxing massage, getting a manicure and pedicure, sipping my favorite drink,and then having peace in my home. Can you take yourself there in your mind of your ultimate relaxing moment. I know will be doing it all day while tackling the house from sick people.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


is what my youngest told me, after I scolder their daddy for "putting non-food or non-drink item" in his mouth in front of the kids. The she proceeded to tell her daddy, "you can play my nintendo ds because mommy is awg wrav ting.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


both physical and computer.

We have gotten the stomach bug. then while viewing some things in a slide viewer format I got an error message saying it could not be viewed due to a virus. We are running a debuging program now..

As for the stomach bug, the youngest started at her meet the karate instructor all over her daddy, then all over other stuff, and now the rest of us are feeling nausated as well.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho this isn't a drawf.

Okay, so, I get most of my work done today. The bulletin board up, names on the papers for next week, room tidy to a an okay leave, still have Christmas decorations up but they can be excused as new year's party decor, and everyone is excited about returning to a reschedule of learning. Yet, I still can understand why I don't have a wheel barrow full of precious gems in my possession yet. Have you ever discovered yours yet?

Well, I get off early today. I am trying to have a good time with my children window shopping. Though between trying to wrangle two kids too big for buggies in one because they won't stay near a comfortable distance to me (mother's tution of safety) or in those buggies with "back seats". I get a phone call from one of my bosses. Asking me where a students belongings should be. I said "in the cubby of course. he should have x number things in there. They were in there yesterday." "Well, we can't find it. Where would they be other than there?" asked my boss. "In the bathroom on the floor," I reply,"The student was changing clothes when I dropped of new books for the classroom this afternoon." "There is nothing there. Absolutely, nothing. Not even the bin for the cubby."stated my boss. I am dumb founded. My teaching team and I have spent months getting the room organized, labelled, and put in a welcoming enivorment for our student to not just learn but play as well. I reply,"Well, let me call you right back."

I discipline one of my kids with a "tiny lecture" to ensure they understand what they did wrong. Of course they answer right off the bat what the mistake was. So, I knew they understood.

Once composed, I called my boss back. We conversated about the missing items, and where they could. We also commented on things that have occurred since a certain teacher has come to work for the center again. Not good.

I am so upset. I don't know why some people can't have enough guts, balls, courage, call it what you want to be a good example or a positive role model when teaching. Why does it take someone like myself to stand up and say..."hay, you are wrong. You don't give up on these kids. Don't give up on yourself."

So, I am in the store still window shopping. Guess who do I run into? The student and the parent who are missing items. Believe me. My Monday will not be a good one. Everyone will know how upset I a concerning this. Why the heck do you take the kids stuff and not tell anyone?

I promised the student and his parent I will make another cubby for him. I will search the room high and low for his belongings. No one and I mean no one better get in my way when it comes to me finding this kid's stuff. Clothes are expensive to begin with. Why increase the cost a parent occurs?

Sorry for my ranting, raving, hair pulling demonstration here. I just am furious about this. I have work with kids in different environments and I have never had entire cubby disappear before belongings in all. Belongings yes, cubby no. With all this typed, I texted my boss. I told her how I felt about the situation. I told her we need a serious staff meeting. I also implied that they may want to address some serious issues. I was about to blow. No response. Grant it I texted her hours ago. I am sure she is like me trying to excuse the woes of being a teacher and enjoying the evening with her family as I. I just couldn't hold all this in then walk into class being a grizzly bear to everyone including the students.

So as a parent would you be upset in this day and age if this occurred to you? I know if I were this kids parent I would not be a happy camper. The parents are being wonderful about. Though I think they are more upset then they are letting on. I am the same way. I know I try to smooth out the wrinkles of the situation before voicing my true feelings. so, not to make people think I a complete mean person in a bad way. Mean no, a witch getting closer, but another word with a similar phonic ending. I don't think of myself as one. I think of myself as a person with expectations and goals to be meet. I think that is a positive quality.

so, with that said..I am headed to bed to have a restful slumber. Hopefully, my DH won't wake or my kids.


I don't want to go to work today. Hi Ho Hi Ho i want to stay home today. The temperature is dropping, i'd rather finish my laundry and season 5 of csi maimi pack from the library, do some more scrapbooking, and designing for my freebie kits. Though at work I have plenty to do, like finish taking down decorations, finish our bulletin board based on the nusery ryhme The Little Kittens, clean shelving units and cubbie spaces, just get ready to start our new unit.

Luckily the new year will be fun. Luckily I will have another teacher in there with me.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year from my Creative Independent ...


As I was making over three gallons of gatorade for the next few days. Hopefully will last until Monday night. Knowing my clan, I will probably be making some more Sunday night. Okay, back to this morning.

My youngest wants to help make the gatorade. I can't let my child beccause it involves boiling hot water. Boiling hot water plus, my kid equals burn center. So, no go. Prevention is the key for no doctor or trauma visits. I tell my child no go find something to do. Well, my child empties the soap container from their bathroom fills it with water, grabs the water colors, her coloring books, and finds something to do. When I discover this, I simply explain that we don't use the soap container but a cup.

Situation is promotely corrected and we are all happy. Yes, there will be a scrapbook page coming I promise.