Friday, July 31, 2009

We've Moved Frame Labels

Weve moved frame

Inspired by my recent move.

Stormy Sunsets, life lessons...

Here is a sunset with a monosoon building. Pretty uh? Also dangerous because if you live on the side of the mountain lighting strikes.

Okay yesterday was quit interesting.

We really did nothing other than check the mail, get our permanment cards for the country club pool/fitness center.

So, my Dh and forgotten to remind that we had someone stopping by. Thank goodness we were all dresses appropiately in covering clothing. The guy was really good. He got our chairs cleaned perfectly. Seriously, our cloth bottom chairs looked like a whale had vomitted and diaherria on them. He also gave me the low down on the new school. I am getting really excited about enrolling the kids there. I am getting excited about the prospect of working for this school as well. If they actually look at my email and reply Monday.

OKay during our mini errand running incident. I got flirted with by someone who wasn't my husband. It was nice to be noticed. It was nice that I got compliments. The lesson I learned from this incident I will share momentarily. All I have to say, is it felt like I was on cloud 9. Expect the reality of the situation is this. Most people who will flirt with another only see the physical they don't realize that there is more to a person on the inside. Just because the person looks good in an outfit it doesn't mean they don't defects physical or emotional defects. Mine..are horrible stretch marks running up and down my body from child birth and juvillen growth syndrome. If plastic surgery could fix it them, I would have already asked Santa for a gift certificate for the proceedure. I also have a horrible scar on my belly from life saving surgery when my actual instenal track collapsed from adhesions from a surgery six weeks earlier. I almost died. No matter how many sit ups I do I will never have a 6-12 pack abs again. Though, I am open to any personal trainer that is willing to work with me for free to maybe get rid of my love handles. Yes, I have those too. I just hide them well. So, please don't get jealous because I look great. Reality, I am just a shell damaged by the sea of life. There is no fountain of youth. I have looked honestly.

***Note to all married couples or anyone in a relationship the advice I give from experience not to be wasting my breathe by saying I lived when I haven't. I have. I will have to face my maker to deal with my good and bad sides. So pay attention and take notes yourself. Keep from making the same mistakes as I have in the past***

Always remember your partner needs to feel loved, liked, and admired. They need to feel needed respected and sexy. Yes, they need to feel sexy even if they are overweight, underweight, or just plain average. Tell them they look good, goose them occassionally, tell them they look smokin hot, or their curves make your day. Tell them when they act attractive like being responsible with money or backing you up during discipline. Tell them. Show them. They need the encouragement. They crave the attention. What you get in return will make your day. Kiss them opennly in front of your children. So, your children will see positive and approciate affection. This gives the feeling of satification for both parties.

Try not to nag or discuss anything with the other while they are at work or doing something. Timing is important.

couples with small children remember this is one of the most stressful periods in your life. This too shall pass and you will have "your time" together again. Those quickie moments may be the life saving moment you need to make it through your day or night with the stress of life. Enjoy it no matter how long or short it may be.

Enough from my soap box, I just had to share those thoughts before my brain turned to mush again.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Layout for new challenges

kits used:
Meredith Fenwick-all you need freebie
Sande Krieger- Rough Rider and Time Freebie
Queen of Quirk- caldera (new kits available at 2peas) and give freely freebie
Tia Bennett-Happea Birthday freebie kit
Traci Turchin-cardstock purchasable kit
Michelle Underwood blog freebie a new beginning
Katherine Teague-Schoolin freebie
Chris Ford-Future Rock Star
Blackladder Font for word art out of power point 2007
simplified arabic 18 size
coke images dl from the internet..

sharing photos and answering comments left.

This is the sunset taking place. Though it wasn't much color the view of the mountains while running errands with my DH was beautiful. I had to snap a few cell phone shots to share with. Sorry about the blur we were going about 60 miles an hour on the freeway.
I found this ad in a magazine in mu DH's throne. I had to snap a shot of it. Its very clean lines.
Kat-maybe I should have my DH get penguins to decor around my tub instead of candles of bath accessories.

Michelle-lol on the magazines on the floor of the "throne". We have been trying to find a new magazine rack. We can't find one in stores locally. Do you know who might have a magazine rack? We've tried wal-mart and target. We've tried Khols. I haven't looked in bed bath and beyond..way too pricey. Pier 1 is having a 75% off sale. Maybe we should try there. He would like a nice silver one.

Smart and Sassy-can you email your email address. The my email address is on the side.

Andy-well I have a little blessing but with bad news attached to it.

If I left anyone out for I didn't mean too! I read all my comments.

Now for the daily productions.

My mil called my DH last night. They will be in town from the 13th through the 17th (which is the girls first day school).

On a sad note, my ex-sil got remarried this weekend. Now, she is refusing to allow visitation with any of the father's side of the family. Yes, that means it looks like a legal fight will be ensued.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pool bums with a fanastic view

here is one of three pools that we have access to this summer. I have a feeling this one will have us attending on a regular basis.

Thank you to Ms Cindy and Mr. Mike, not to mention their entire family for making us feel so welcome at the pool. To cindy, who didn't seem to mind my motor mouth. Seriously, we still haven't gotten dressed to go any where or do anything. I don't feel guilty about it one bit. These kids of mine have been stuck in the house for over a week. So, kickin back relaxing..just my style.

Talk to the

hand morning. **original post editted****

Hilirious photos taken with cell phone, on the way to the store playing around with family.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Torchwood the finale

sniff, sniff Jack is gone...the quiet spoken Yentle...killed by the aliens toxic gas...loud blowing of nose..Gwen looks awesome pregnant. Gee, I wish I looked that glowing pregnant of course she had a little help from wardobe and make up department.

BBC some more please. Now, I am going to have to go get the book series to see how it really ends. This can't be the end of jack and torchwood. I have a feeling that they will be back. They always do. This time though, I think it will have Gwen, Lousie, and the other lady in charge of it.

Okay, so I took the quiz on the website..I am a Gwen character through and through.

I do love the way they used the contact lens to get rid of the bad government heads in the end. I think it shows that women have a better common sense in running things.

To show the reality of making the sacrifice, that jack had to make to save the children of the world. It was a great humanitarian twist but a devasting one at that.

One of my ultimate dreams would be to star in the torchwood eposide. I love how the writers have the characters interact with each other.

This was the best escape from the reality of everyday life for me.

Tuesday revived after a

goodnight's sleep. Seriously, getting a new matress might just save your body and marriage. We went through a store called sleep america. We did not go with a name brand believe it or not. We went with a less name because we felt more comfortable on the demo bed than any one matress in the store. We were excited! Here's some pictures..definitely invest in the matress covers through this company because they will replace the mattress for free if their protectors don't work.

Above is the kids stuff with their matress covers on it. They slept through the night in their beds. No middle of the night, feeling a little body crawling over DH and I to snuggle back to sleep.Below is our matress, I have to say. I'm loving it.

The delivery guys were wonderful. Their english skills weren't great but they let me check each matress and box spring to make sure the numbers matched up. They were quick, and they took away the old matresses for us as well. We got a proof showing we made a donation.
So, far we are very pleased with the service we received.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday ...catchup..penguin time

Okay today is some what of a catch up day with me. I have to more loads of laundry. I have matress company coming to bring new matresses and box springs for all. Our treat to our selfs instead of hardwood floors.

Not to mention dealing with a DH that is totally stressed out by family isse (his mom specifically and our kids behavior because they say Nana let's get away with it), job a yearly review, money (moving is expensive not matter how long you save to do it), and with himself about not dealing with stress better.

I love my DH. He needs to learn to let go and let God deal with it. We control nothing but our actions and our words.

Do like my penguins below? My DH loves penguins. If we had not already had a theme via color in our bathroom. We would probably have this as our moto. Not joke. Its kinda cute. My own personal penguins from Madagascar..

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday more house pictures

THe family room.
THe builtins and tv that came with the house for the family room.
Our eatting area

My kitchen.

My candles from my bathroom relocated to the kitchen.
THe iron work that we had up in our old house.

The soap dispenser to match decor.

The shower curtain...
The shower curtain holder things ...
My candle holder for my vanity area of the bathroom. It is longer and bigger than my DH' s side of the bathroom.
My tub. Its not as long as my old tub but it definitely is deeper.

This is the bathtowels for the guest bathroom.
This is my tub. I had the candles that you see in the kitchen around my tub. My DH didn't like the way they looked. So, I moved them to the kitchen. He likes them in there better.
This is the master shower. Its nicely sized.
My DH's side of the bathroom.
His side of the bathroom.

He calls this the throne room.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A really cool blog..

I think any of us could relate. Give some virtual hugs..

Waiting but not to exhale

Here is the pancake mix we use to make pancakes. We decided after a stressful week it was time to have something yummy for breakfast. Plus, no one was going to be charging through our doors to help unpack or give orders on how to unpack. Here are the blueberries that we got for $1.00 a pint on sale at fresh and easy but priced matched it at Wal-mart to get more bang for my buck.
Here is the pancake mixed up and blueberries added to make a yummy breakfast treat. The girls could not wait for me to finish cooking. They kept asking when all the pancakes would be done. Well, it took an entire hour between mixing and cooking to have delicious pancakes for breakfast.

Here are our finished pancakes that we ate happily and contently around 9:30 or 10 am. Heheee, we had some much fun enjoy our tranquil first breakfast together.

Today we are waiting on the cable people to arrive. They are suppose "drop" a line from the attic into our formal living area (previously photographed and posted on this blog). To which they have 55 minutes remaining to get their tails here and do their stuff or else they won't show up at all. We thought we heard a knock earlier. We made a mad dash toward the door. No one their. A cruel trick played by our oldest. Needless, to say the child got a talking to from the child's father.
Today more "mountains" of laundry because we have gone through all the "bags" of stored winter clothes. Not to mention moving some boxes around in the master closet to make room for the remaining scrapbook items. My DH really wants me to sell a lot of it. I don't want to until I finish their traditional scrapbooks from a few years ago.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday..the after shock..

hasn't hit yet. I know its coming from my husband, however, I just will listen to it.

Today we picked up the van. Today was the day my husband came to a realization that we should have replaced the van before we bought a house when we first told him about it. Now, if I only knew a good mechanic that needed a fixer up. Then at christmas time he could buy my vechile. Then my DH could buy me another one. My oldest said, "Why don't we ask Santa for a new vechile. Instead of looking under the tree we could go outside and find the present." Now, if Santa could deliver a new vechile this would be great. New as in a better used vechile than this one. I can't complain. This 2001 vechile has been to Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, and now to the desert state we live in. This vechile has be 4 x 4ing when it should not have and sufferred. This vechile has had multiple motion sickness incidents and doesn't seem like a hospital biohazard gone wrong. My kids have grown from babies to children with this van. I can't complain it is a good vechile. It just needs someone that can give better loving care to the mechical side than we can. If Santa is real and reads blogs, I would like a truck, suv, or jeep that fits seven people comfortably. I'd like mircofiber seat covers, because kids will be kids making messes with trying. I'd like a cd player or a way to hook up the cell phone /ipod to listen to music, a built in tv with an ability to hook up a movie for trips longer than 3o minutes, and over all runs better than my current vechile with extremely good gas mileage. With that said, I will probably be getting another mini van. Oh Santa BAby, a Honda Oddessy would be nice with folding seats, and hidded cargo departments for long trips or just running to grocery store.

Today more sorting through bags of clothes that my kids probably won't or can't wear even though my inlaws insteaded we save, and move them twice. I know depressing!!!

To my reader named, Erica. Thank you, so, much! Your comments made me feel so much better. I thought I might be losing my mind to feel the way I do. Hugs back at you. I hope that your situation will come around a little. I know the frustration of being sick and people ignoring that fact or refusing to allow you to rest any. Hugs again..feel free to contact me any time for encouragement.

Oh, I found the perfect job at my kids school. Its two hours a day and I get to spy on them to make sure they are minding. I am waiting for a reply back from the hiring agent for it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday unsettling peace....

Okay, my vechile is at the shop still. My fil thought it needs a tune up. I have a feeling that the timing belt needs to be changed now. The vechile is still at the shop. they want to make sure that the problem doesn't reoccur again.

Now, for the vocolano of news.. (has been removed )

Today is just go through the BAGS of laundry that was in storage, sort, try on, wash, dry, and do the pile or hang thing. Not to mention the ton of cooking, and cleaning we have to do!

I got a message that a blog site I was following was hacked. That all servers and other items at the site were unavailable. Did anyone else get that ? I have no idea what site it is. Everything is off line.

To top it off, after a three months of packs when I lived in Mississippi and begging to throw some very dated and worn out christmas decorations out they threw them out. What has me so upset is that we paid over a $1,000 between two moves to move junk. What a waste of money!!

Now, I am forever the black sheep of this in law family just like I am the black sheep in my own family. Have a question for all of you? Is it so wrong to be have intrigity, independency, and your own self style? I don't think so. I think its how we are all suppose to be different and unique including the way we do things in our houses.

Thank you Michelle Underwood for your freebie. I appreciate it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WEdnesday..wacky mechicals

Remember last night, when I said, I need to leave the digital chat early to go get drinks for my household. I didn't even make it out of the garage. It wasn't for the lack of trying. I grab my purse, cellphone, and keys. Made sure my DH had both girls withing in eye shot for safety reason. I walked out the door of the garage, raised the door, openned the door to the vechile, closed said door, put key in ignition, and then it sounded like a rollercoaster ride gone wrong. Almost like an animal had gotten in the engine blocking the darn thing from turning over. Oh, it turns on but refuses to work properly.

So, I sasha back into the house (like a proper southern bell), promptly but nicely ask if I can drive DH's car. I get this dumb found look like to ask why. Then I tell him my vechile won't start. I can't go get anything from the store for him. I don't mind the quick errand to wal-greens but I'm not able to use my vechile.

So, from his not so put together office, he stomps outside yanking the keys from me, and I am pretty sure he is mutterings some not, so, nice words about karma and such. Then same thing happens to him. He was like...let my dad know. So, I text his parents the news. I am glad I was not there for the reaction their faces. The text back that it probably needs a tune up. I thought we had a tune up done with the thing had its transmission replaced last year. Hm.m..m...

On top of that..we have lost the withdrawl forms for the kids. We need that to enroll them in school. I have been emailing the old school and the new school trying to arrange a fax confrence, so, I don't have to drive with DH back to our old town and then to the district office to enroll the kids.

Can you say, a totally frustrating day. The only postive we have for yesterday is we found matress covers for all the kids new matresses and ours. Then his parents found the new sheets and blankets for the kids. I refuse to buy themed items. They grow out them so fast. Color and patterns only.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Migrane

This is my kitchen. Do you see how tall the top of cabinets are .I like the center piece but the one to side of it..just doesn't work for me. I will be looking for some more tall stuff.
This is the entry way decorations so far. We had all this in our old house in Mississippi. It looks great here. The other side is just a blank wall so far..haven't found anything for yet.

This is the back part of the wall in the formal living area for visiting with adults. We had all this in our old house in Mississippi on a mantle with a fireplace. The chandler is coming down and a ceiling fan is going up in its place.

This is what we spent money on bedside the kids bedroom furniture. Its very comfortable and relaxing..
We are missing a television but that will come in time.
Today I have a migrane. Today i feel like a sinus infections is coming one hard and strong. Today it looks like rain and feels like rain. Though it rained last night really lightly.