Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday unsettling peace....

Okay, my vechile is at the shop still. My fil thought it needs a tune up. I have a feeling that the timing belt needs to be changed now. The vechile is still at the shop. they want to make sure that the problem doesn't reoccur again.

Now, for the vocolano of news.. (has been removed )

Today is just go through the BAGS of laundry that was in storage, sort, try on, wash, dry, and do the pile or hang thing. Not to mention the ton of cooking, and cleaning we have to do!

I got a message that a blog site I was following was hacked. That all servers and other items at the site were unavailable. Did anyone else get that ? I have no idea what site it is. Everything is off line.

To top it off, after a three months of packs when I lived in Mississippi and begging to throw some very dated and worn out christmas decorations out they threw them out. What has me so upset is that we paid over a $1,000 between two moves to move junk. What a waste of money!!

Now, I am forever the black sheep of this in law family just like I am the black sheep in my own family. Have a question for all of you? Is it so wrong to be have intrigity, independency, and your own self style? I don't think so. I think its how we are all suppose to be different and unique including the way we do things in our houses.

Thank you Michelle Underwood for your freebie. I appreciate it.


LoriLeigh said...

So sorry to hear you are having such a crappy day! Family situations can certainly be messy sometimes. I think its good you stood up for having your own style in your house. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Lynn said...

umm...yikes. hugs and prayers my friend.

AbbieTorroll said...

oh man, I am so so sorry you had to go through all of this;( I hope things get better soon. Hugs!

Erica said...

My heart just bleeds for you. Reading your blog the last few weeks is like reading a chapter out of the book of my life. I have the same problems with my in-laws and we have had IDENTICAL fights like the one you had over moving, money, help, etc... At this point, they are no longer welcome in my house after ruining my son's high school graduation for me. It was a hard decision to make and I feel guilty but the torture of fighting isn't worth it. I too am independent and don't want to be bossed around in my own home. They disapprove of so much of what I do and don't value my integrity either. My advice is this: Be who you are. At the end of the day, in the still of the night, you must like who who are and be able to live with your decisions. Even if you did everything they want they would probably find fault. I was scoffed at when I was ill, having 3 operations in one year, and they went so far as to ignore the fact that I had cancer at one point. I try so hard to respect all my family and my elders and yet I am the black sheep on both sides. For the sake of your health I hope you get some peace soon. Thank you for blogging, I know you don't know me but through sharing your story and your art you do a good thing.