Monday, July 13, 2009

Afternoon update...

after eatting lunch for my kiddo that had the proceedure o'-popiscles and crackers, for my other kiddo and I sandwhiches and crackers.

So, I drag everyone to the bed, no kicking or screaming this time. We can't watch the tv in the living room because the digital cable went out again. So, we all drag into of course the masterbed (why on earth do they call it the masterbed when the days of masters and servants are done and over is beyond me). I get my oldest to settle down with a ds. PBS appropiate tv goes off right at relax and naptime. So, I let my kids watch Spongebob Square Pants. Normally, they are not allowed to watch the show. They way they treat each other and use words like stupid and idiot just doesn't sit well with Dh and I. The rule in our house is you can sing the song but not watch the show. The look of shock on my kids face when they realized, I said "you can watch spongebob only for today". they knew that either:

1. Life itself was about to end.
2. Mommy was desperate to laydown without whining or complaining.
3. God had answered there prayers and mommmy wasn't going to be mean mom any more (NOT!! read side bar for what mean mom stands for before you call social services on me).
4. They were dreaming and none of this was real.
5. Someone had kidnapped their mommy and replaced me with a bad upgrade model (my dh's favorite smart remark to say to me).

After an hour and half of laying down, with the kiddo from the proceedure half awake, the older kiddo playing ds quietly, and me in a coma from stress and lack of sleep it was..I gotta go to the bathroom.

Well, the didn't tell me that the child would poo-poo squirt soda color poo-poo and then a time later purple pospicle and brown stomache acid or rather it probably wasn't acid it was a few spects of blood as described by the discharge papers and the discharge nurse. Who'd yead think I would have a tmi post.

Then it all falls, through the cracks. I power up the failing laptop to check in with and friends. To find an email from my DH. To which I replied very nastily and with a lot of explicts in it about the bug company. Needless, to say, this ensued telephone calls from him and to his Aunt because none of what was going on made sense. Needless, to say my Dh will make sure that the bug man does the following.

1. Only sprays around the baseboards in the kitchen.
2. My Dh removes and items from under the sink before the idiot bug man doesn't spray anything underneath there.
3. He escorts the bug man through out the house to ensure that he doesn't spray anything in any of the other cabinets or closet.

Then I have a bright idea to call the current school district to get the withdrawal process started. So, after we move, we can enroll the kids into the new school district and start that ever wonderful school shopping on top of the other stuff we have to get for the new house. Here's house the conversation goes:

Me: Hello, I need to withdraw my kids from your school district this week.

strange lady: Hmm, I don't think that is possible. All the schools are closed. the other school should be able to submit a request for withdrawl for you. Then we will withdraw your children and they will be enrolled into the other school district.

Me: I just got done having a long conversation with the new school district. They don't work that way. They require that they be withdrawn from this said school district first. Apparently, there is a new proceedure that all school districts are a suppose to follow.

strange lady: Maybe, I can email the two principals and find out how we can get this done before you move. I just need the names and your telephone number, so, when I have an answer I can call you back.

Me: My children's name are...with the military spelling associated with it. PLus, my contact information. Thank you for your coorporation and attention to this matter.

Strange lady: I can't promise anything.

me: that's fine. I am not traveling all the way from the other side of this freakin state to withdraw my kids. So, this needs to be resolved this week.

Strange lady: I will do my best.

End of first phone call.

thirty minutes later...

Strange lady: I have you an appointment at 10:30 in human resources to have your children withdrawn. You were right there is a new proceedure in place. You do have to sign them out of the school district. But the other **&&& in said office will help you with that.

me: thank you. we will be there on time.

I so need a run right now. I so need to crawl back into my bed tonight and get some sleep.

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Anonymous said...

... been there - done that, the first 50 yrs. are the hardest ... !
hope all goes well with the "educational system "- good luck !
Enjoyed your blog -- will keep-up with your adventures.
In your spare-time, you may want to read my blog
... still smiles ;+) @ 73