Monday, December 27, 2010

Please welcome...

Diamond our three month old chihuahua. She white with grey and brown spots. She loves to lay in your lap and snooze the time away.

Though having diamond is a joy and half..the pottying training is very frustrating. Since she arrived from Santa she has only made it four times on the paper in the house. Oh take her outside you say...well that's easier said than done. She isn't big enough for the xxs small collar we bought her and the tag it weighs her down. She gets her first set of shots tonight after my DH gets off from work.

She has had a shopping trip in a portable carrier and didn't know what to think. Well, our family is adjusting to having a puppy in the family but we all love this precious pup.

Pictures will be posted as soon as a I get some from DH.

Dog collar give away

you will read soon why this is important to me to win..

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 14th

One kid home from school, sick. Another upset that they can't stay at home with other kiddo.
Doctor appointment on the agenda today besides putting up laundry that is clean and in a big pile on the floor of my room.

More sewing on that last remaining gift. Yup..very productive all considering.

December 13th

December 13th-monday

Let's see..major clean up from the weekend, sew on my last remaining gift, a package arrived, and the bug company came and sprayed, delivered present to a ticket agent that has been very good to us over the last couple of years when we have bough tickets to a sporting event. One of my kids woke up still sick. Yuck!

Pizza for dinner because we got in late from deliverying the gift.

Monday, December 13, 2010

december 10th -december 12th

december 10th:
More christmas shopping, eatting at mcdonald's, last soccer practice of the season, and lots of holiday movie watching
Lot's sewing of the remaining gifts.

december 11th:
Last soccer game of the season with happy bags and drink handouts, more christmas shopping, more watching holiday movies

december 12th:
Mickey Mouse club house hot dog dance is dangerous to daddy's health. He fell down and hurt his ankle. Two hours later in an emergancy clinic and x-rays, so far, just a serve sprain. A Birthday party for odc. More holiday movies and not so holiday movies. The Expendibles was okay. Not bad for actors that are older than me. Should inspire us all to stay in shape.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris

Okay if you have been watching the series, you know that it doesn't follow the books exactly. Though, it is close. Between the show True Blood, dead as a door nail, and this part of the series, I am totally caught up in the story line.

I can't believe they killed off a character that in the show runs away. I can't believe they haven't gotten to some of the stuff in the book yet. Though, I can say, this yummy on the character descriptions.


December 8th-December 9th

WEll lots of television viewing christmas special and non christmas specials. Lots of early bedtimes for some tired folks.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Deember 6th-December 7th

Let's see more sewing for birthday gifts and christmas gifts, choir practice and choir performances.
Helping out a friend who was in a jam. The stress and choas of the holidays affecting everyone as the count down gets closer.

Pearl Harbor Day, a family's member sweet 16th birthday, and more sewing on gifts.
I got news about our house that we didn't want to hear. Terminates. Luckily, we have a yearly contract and warranty with a company that when they came for something else they immediately scheduled a time for treatment. For once a warranty was able to be used and it didn't cost a darn thing.
The kids watched Big Time Rush Christmas special with Miranda Crosgrove and Snop Dog.
I finished my Charlaine Harris book.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

december 3rd -5th 2010

December 3rd:
I ran a few errands for Daddy. WE watched more Christmas movies on the television. We had a soccer practice. We ate store bought pizza with salad.
December 4th:
We got a birthday present for yk's friend birthday party. Soccer game which we left early to make it early to the birthday party. We ate at tacos for lunch, pizza and cake at the party , frozen treat for snack, potato soup for dinner. More christmas specials.
Mommy finished up more hair stuff.
December 5th:
I did laundry. I wrapped finishe presents. We went to go see santa at Wal-mart. We went grocery shopping. Toy Story 3 movie is really good. Boy it time flying in this christmas season!

Friday, December 3, 2010

december 2nd

they girls watched the rest of Pipi longstock's christmas dvd. Then switched to Spongebob square pants. They also helped me move chairs around in order to vaccumm and mop the title floors.

I cut out applique letters for gifts. I spent the day with my friend Robyn her two younger children. We shopped at an outlet mall. I found a new way to discover christmas season. Through the eyes of children. Everything is a game, everything is unique and special. Everything is must see moment even if the adults fail to see the fun in it. Darth Vader is a comical evil villian. Gloves are gonna get you monsters. Toy stores are the land where dreams come true for kids.
Thanks Robyn for the afternoon of fun.

I made Butternut squash for the first time. My family didn't like .I loved it. Call me weird. I don't care. I just need a whole lot more squash to make it thick and creamy.

I discovered that the older the kids get in school. The less they remember that Christmas time isn't about stress factors but about being kind.

Cerulean Sins by Laurell K. Hamilton

They're back! Anita, Jean-Claude, Asher, Richard, Mich, wereleopards, wererats, and werewolfs. Vampire politics, to secret government agencies trying to recuit Anita, and to an understanding of oneself is part of this life adventure Anita has continiously going on. A spoiler..remember the oh so controled father figure Lt. Dolph from the local police. Read the book and find out what happens to him.
Here are my favorite parts of the book.
"Michah, I still have feelings for Richard, but he dumped me. He dumped me because I'm more comfortable with the mosters than he is. He dumped me because I'm more blood-thirsty for him. He dumped me because I'm not the person he wants me to be. I will never be the person he wants me to be."
"Richard will never be the person he wants himself to be," Micah said.
The world was what it was. And no amount of anger, or hatred, or self-loathing, or stubborn blindness would change that.
The hard emotional truths bothered me more than having intercourse with someone I wasn't in love wiht probably said something about how far down the well of moral decay I had fallen.
Jason's words came back to haunt me. That I hadn't really given myself completely to anyone. That I heald back something from everyone. I"d held back huge chuncks of myself from Nathaniel. More than any other men in my life, he was the one that I'd held back the most, because I didn't believe I was keeping him. Once the ardeur under control I wouldn't need a pomme de sang every day. Once I could fee the ardeur from a distance like Jean-Claude could, I'd stop using a pomme de sang. Wouldn't I?
Do we really give up ourselves to make our relationships work or do we hold a piece of ourselves back from the other to be sure we aren't totally destroyed when the unspoken expectation isn't meet.
"You have no scent, you aren't real, only a bad dream, and dreams have no power unless you give it to them. I give you nothing. Go back to where you came from. go back to the dark."
Oh boy could I have used this a few nights ago during bad dreams nights with kids.
p. 216-217
"I asked you to feed off me a few minutes ago, and you said not while the ardeur was riding me. Not while I was intoxicated."
I had to smil at the choice of words, because intoxicated was good description of the ardeur. Metaphysical liquor.
p. 229
Legends say the Amazons chopped off a breast to make them better at archery. I don't believe that. I think its just another example of men thinking a woman can't be a great warrior without cutting away her womanhood, symbolically, or otherwise. We can bbe great warriors; we just got to the pack the equipment a little differently.
p. 323
I believe in love, but I believed in evil, too. Neither love nor evil conquers all, but evil cheats more.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November 30th Through December 1st

We ate a spinach salad with cucumbers, and have a private selections pizza from Fry's Grocery store on November 30th, 2010. The kids had popcorn for snack, and cake for desert.
They started watching Pipi Longstockings Christmas Dvd. We had to stop it half way through due to bedtime.
MOmmy cut out patterns for christmas presents and cut up scrapfabric to blanket buddies for friends.
Wednesday December 1st 2010, we had planned to finish watching the Pipi Longstocking Dvd. Daddy had a bad day. We watched Phoenix Coyotes play the Minesota Wilds instead.
Dinner was toasted sandwiches with chips and sweet tea. Mommy is sewing more christmas presents for teachers, and friends.
Headbands, and sleeping masks. Hopefully cut out blanket buddies this weekend.

November 29th Christmas Countdown

The kids had brown rice, carrot chips, brocolli, and roasted sweet potatos for dinner.
They also had sprinkle cake with strawberry frosting for a snack. Not to mention what they got at school.
We watched the dvd Music and Moonlight Christmas Special together. Well, the kids watched it and I read my Laurell K. Hamilton book.
We got a surprise that evening. Their father didn't have to go out of town on business after all. He came home early to tuck everyone into bed.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Narcissus in Chains by Laurell K. Hamilton

Anita Blake, Richard, Jean-Claude, Micah and his pack are introduced, the werebears, the werelions, and etc are all in an all fight for freedom from a sinister panwere that is trying to take over the packs in the world to try to unite them to keep them from having further miscommunication problems. Unforunately, the panwere is also a famous bounty hunter that is infected with the were viruses. He is also going mad from his inability to accept what he is becoming. Anita Blake may also turn fury once a month. For further details of whither or not she actually turns fury. Read the book.

p. 24

"No safety first, vengeance is a luxury."

What a good point to make. So often we feel that we need vegeance for a crime or an insult done to us. What if we let it go and have safety first. I will be the first to admit there are times I would have loved to have the final word of vengeance but I didn't. I let it go. I let the rule of what goes around comes around. By doing so, I have been blessed.


" What do you fear?"

" I fear by giving in to you and Richard that I'll lose myself. I fear that by not giving in to you and Richard I"ll lose one of you. I fear that I'll getus killed because I'm thinking too much. I fear that I'm already a sociopath and there is no going. Ronnie said thae one of the reasons that I can't give you up and just settle down with Richard is that I can't give up a boyfriend who's colder thant I am."

What if we all honesty looked at ourselves in the mirror like this? What would happen? Would we embrace what we see? Would we run straight to a mental ward and declare ourselves crazy? Could we even face ourselves like this?

P. 53

All these months of trying ot forge the wereleopards into a cohesive and friendly unit, and it was me that had learned to be cohesive and friendly. Me that had learned that not every helping hand is a threat to my independence. Me that had learned that is not every offer of physical closeness is a trap or a lie.

How true a statement for women in general. We as women have to always judge someone or somebodies as either threats or foes or trustworthy for anything.

p. 177

"Go ahead and say it."

" I wouldn't think that you'd be that picky," I said.

"I wasn't when I first got here. But lately I justdon't to be with someone who just wants me so she can brag to her friends that slept with a shapeshifter, or got to sleep where the vampires sleep. No matter how good it feels for a few minutes, it still makes me fell like they've just come to look at one of the freaks."

I slipped my arm jthorugh his, squeezed his arm. "Don't let anybody make you fell like that Jason,. You're not a freak."

I really need to take this advice to heart myself. You should never be made to feel about yourself by someone else if you are in a relationship.

p. 211

"To know another's hear, you must first know your own, ma petitte." we really know our own heart before getting in a relationship?

p. 237

"One of the many reasons that Padma will always be a secondary power on the council is his belief that all power must be taken, thta all pwoer must comethrough freat. True power comes when others offer it to you and you merely accept it as a gift, not asthe spoils of the some personal war."

How 0f us feel we have to conquer someone else feel powerful? We shouldn't. Love given freely is the most powerful tool.

p. 244

"He can't say no. If a person can't say no, then it's the same thing as rape."

One thing when in a relationship, if you don't feel secure in saying no, then do you really have a true relationship.


"First I have to accept the fact that you're kindhearted, now I have to accept the fact that your insightful as well. I knew your powerful, ruthless, and prettyk but that you ahvea mind and ahearts beside is going to take some getting used to."

"Does everyone think I'm just a sociopath who happens to have magical abilities?"

"It's all that you let people see," he said, "until now."

How many of us do exactly that? Let out only what we want people to see not the real us.

p. 346

Oubliette is French for a little place of forgetting, but that's not a direct translation. Oubiette simply means forgetting, but what it is, is a place where you put people when you don't plan on ever letting them out.

I think for many of us, we have that place. Not for people but for events. This why many people have a little get away place out in the middle of b.f.e. Its just a place to allow themselves to forget and go back to a simplier time.

p. 351

Without hope, loves dies and parts of you whither.

How true, how true.


I kept equating submissiveness with breing inferior, and that wasn't really the case. Some people choose to be bottoms, toserve; it doesn't make them less, just different. I looked into his face and wondered what else I'd missed, or what else he'd show me?

Pay attention all partners in relationships. You may feel your partner is a lesser being by being at stay at home partner. I have news for you. We are stronger than you are, we are smarter than you are, and we see things you can't see by being home. You need to respect that opinion of the stay at home partner because they may see the train wreck coming and can help you avoid it.

p. 477

"The heart wants what the heart wants, Dolph. You don't plan on making your life a complicated, it just happens, and you don't do it on purpose, and you don't do it to hurt the pople who you love. It just turns out that way."

There is some truth to this however in relationships if you hurt your partnes in any way its wrong. It still needs to be addressed. Maybe this my way of helping myself confront the things in my life in order to get it straight before the train wreck of life unseen tries to mess it up more.

Bedeviled Angel by Annette Blair

Queisha Saint-Denis is a very special young woman. She is a survivor of having a building collapse on top of her, a surogatte to twin girls, and an overcomer.
Chance Godricson is the man that helped saved Queisha during the building collapse. In doing so, he became her own personal guardian angel. Now, that her twins need her to be a well and strong mommy, he is back to help become that from help from his angel friend Angus.
"What do you mean by rainbow wings?"
"Well, the top row of feathers were a shiny gold."
Gold for love.
Lace nodded. "I remember the second row was the colore of the pans ihanging in the kitchen."
"Cooper?" Queisha asked.
Chance swalllowed. Copper for faith.
"The next color was light purple." Lace said. "Like in the angles's wings right there on the wall."
Right, he thought. Lavender for hope. Like in the mural.
"The dark pink row is my favorite," Skye said. For patience.
Lace pointed them out. "Then green, blue, and the silver onces like Skye's feather."
Green-kindness. Aqua-charity. Silver-Chasity.
p. 134
"Nooo, you can't leave it there. Every day a fairy gown hangs in a closet, angel loses its wings."
Chance turned and hit his head on the open door. "thinkyou're a little storyteller."
Skye crooked a finger and touched his head with it.
"All better," she said.
"Why , so it its." He acted shocked. "Thank you. Does that make you a nurse?"
"No fairy magick," Skye confided.
"You get wise in that place between life and death,and if you come back, youtake psychic wisdom with you."

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cheer Bows

Hugs for Angie

Please leave some verbal hugs here at my blog. My friend Angie jsut found out that her grandmother passed away. The way she found out is not what I call an appropiate way to notify someone of a loved one passing.


Now, that I am done being a wise momma..please leave my friend some hugs. I will be tell to come look here.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Phoenix Coyotes

found their pack mentality finally this season. What let me not speak so soon. I do not want to jinx my team. Can I watch all the games on tv? Nope either black out or its on a channel i don't get.

I am proud they are pulling together finally? Yes.

Could we all use a little pack mentality? Yes.

could our families be tight like a pack? yes.

Do we act like a pack? Not always, but some of the time.

WTG Coyotes!!!


I received this last week in an email letting me know that this blog is this week's featured blog.
Here is the aware image I choose. You can see it added to the sidebar as well.

Go Purple Day!!

It was a success. I walked ran a 10k. This is nothing to what my friend did.

Robyn ran/walked 24 hours on a tred mill. Set a new record, Got an endorsment.
I officially declare her honorary wonder woman!!! Her children will love that title.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

No rest for Weary

Okay, so, many of you know I finally did something with my crafty side to try to earn money from home. Thank Goodness for friends and local schools in deseperate need of price breaks. I have some business.

My business end is sponsoring my friends run. My local school cheerleadering team hired me to do this year's bows for the team. Yeah right.

The kids get sick the week, I need to complete both accounts by Friday.Boo right?


After no sleep last night, I have a rule if you stay home from school, and we are up all night then we have rest time or rather nap time for mommy and rest time for kiddos. Did that work out this morning. Heckhum...NO!! The phone including cell phone rang three times while I tried to get rejuvinated for working on the cheerleading stuff this afternoon. The only good thing about running a very small business from home is that you can work from home still when the kids have basically either small touch of food poisoning or an allergic reaction to some food or both at the same time.

Think if the blessings that come from this in many ways!!

Proud Sponsor and Crew Member

of the go girl purple day. My friend Robyn, is running for 24 hours on a tred mill to raise awareness and money to prevent domestic violence.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Its Wednesday

Yup, I totally fruit caked on posting my stuff while at the library. What can I say? Its been a busy week from getting ready for a field trip at the school, to heckhum children tipping in their chairs at school and getting in trouble for it, sneaking candy instead of healthy snack, cleaning and reorganizing bedrooms and baths, and increasing my personal training sessions.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or treat

It went by much shorter than what I expected. We didn't get to go with friends. We didn't get to go as far as we wanted too due to my DH's not wanting to walk that far. Though, this year we were able to hand out candy to individuals. Last year we were recovering from a trip to the emergancy room with one of the kids.

Yeah no injuries.
Boo n

Saturday, October 30, 2010

gutting pumpkins to roasting their seeds

Its Saturday night as I type this. Though you probably wont' be able to read it until sometime Monday, when I get to the local internet cafe to be able to post it.

Today was awesome. Seriously, it was. Not only did I get my favorite treat of banana nut muffin and a starbucks chai tea latte with peppermint shots and whip cream. My DH actually bought pumpkins for carving. After nine years of waiting for my Dh to feel the kids were old enough to help gut, sort seeds, and carve; he took the plunge.

So, after an all day affair of when are you going to the store yet or have you gone to the store yet; we started the process. He cut them open and the kiddos and I gutted them together. The seed sorting was all me. I had to show them how to do it.

Then we put a cup of water in each pumpkin put the lid on for carving tomorrow. I roasted my seeds in lightly sprayed butter (Thanks Robyn for your spray butter it was perfect!), salt and pepper for seasoning. I followed my friend Angie's instructions for roasting. They turned out beautifully roasted and great tasting.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Am I still digital scrapbooking?

This is a question I received over an email. Yes/No I am. yes, I have every intention of doing. No I have not done it in awhile.

1. I have been having major computer issues in the last five months, in case you haven't noticed.

2. Both creative teams, i was on dismantled. Leaving me without having access to new kits for free and a deadline to keep me on track.

3. Life just has gotten in the way.

4. I started my own side business. Its seasonal. So, right now is some what busy. Though, i have not made as much money as I thought I would.

5. excuses...just plain lazy at the end of the day.

Dead as a Doornail by Charlene Harris

Okay, I missed some serious stuff in the series by jumping books. Thanks to the parent that lent me this book.
All the cast of characters are back again. More mysteries, more drama, and more understanding of finding your path in life.
A+ Charlaine Harris..

Obsidian Butterfly

Anita, Edward/Ted Forrester, police force in New Mexico, and the FBI are all trying to figure out what and who are on a serial killing spree. Is it human or supernatural? No one wants to be that it could be supernatural. Though in the end it is. This all I am giving away for the plot of the book. Anita is not in her home state of Missouri. She is New Mexico. She not only has to deal with the local law enforcements but the rest of her new crew. Brenardo and Olaf. Brenardo is one hunka hunka show for Anita to look at. Though she stays true to herself. Olaf maybe the hunka hunka bad boy look but all the way through evil monster as well. If you have started in the middle of the series as I have. Then you already have been introduced to Olaf and Brenardo. If you haven't then this is a great intro. It also explains later on events between Olaf and Brenardo with Anita. You also realize how Edward. Ooops, Ted Forrester gets a family when originally no one thought him capable of having one.

As usual Laurell K. Hamilton keeps you on your toes about who is really the bad guy. Remembers of how prejudice we can be against things we don't know enough about or are scared of.

Here are some great quotes to live by.

P. 60 Paragraph 1

I did go back into the roon, and no, I didn't learn a **** thing from the last three victims. All that wasted bavery for nothing. Well, not exactly for nothing. I proved to myself that I could go back into the room without throwing up or fainting. I didn't care if it impressed Edward or Marks. It impressed me. If you can't impress yourself, then one else really matters.

I think this is an excellent point of view. Why worry about what others think? You need to be sure you know what you think of yourself first.


"I've never seen you do anything like what you just did. You hate mystical crap."

"Yes, I do, but I've had to accept what I am Edward. This mystical crap is a part of who and what I am. I can't run from it because it is me. You can't hide from yourself, not forever, and you can't ever out run yourself. I raise the dead for a living, Edward. Why should it be a shock that I may have other abilities?"

"It's not," he said.
Okay, why this section? You have to accept yourself the way you are before you can it for good or bad. If you say, hey I'm over weight but I still look great. Then you can achieve anything. If you look in the mirror and see nothing but bad and no hope in the end then your are not ready for helping yourself or others. Its a choice of accepting ourselves first.


He spread his hands. "Sorry, didn't mean to step on your toes."
"Yes, you did," I said.
"You think so."
"Yeah," I said. "I think your jealous."
"Of what?"
"That I can pass and you can't."
He openned his mouth and emotions flowed over his like water; anger, humor, denial. He finally settled on a smile, but it wasn't a happy one. "You really are a *****, arent't you?"
I nodded. "You don't pull on my chain and i won't pull yours."
"Deal," he said. The smile flashed wider. "Now, allow me to escort your lily white *** to the dinig room."
I shook my head. "Lead on, tall, dark, and studly, as long as I get to watch your **** while we walk down the hall."
"Only if you promise to tell me how you like the view."
I widened my eyes. "You mean give you a critique on your butt?"
He nodded and the smile looked happy now.
"Are you this big egotist or just trying to embrass me?"
"Both," I said.
The smile spread to a grin. "You are as mart as you look."
"Just get moving, Romeo. Edward doesn't lik to be kept waiting."

Seriously, people are really like this. No kidding or joking. People are really like this.


Most systems of magic or mysticism have rules of conduct, things you do and things you do not . The wiccans call it the three fold law: what you do to others comes back to you three fold. Buddhists call it karma. Christians call it answering fore your sins. I call it what goes around comes around. It really does, you know.

Remember the golden rule. It looks like every regilion has the basic principle of it no matter the flavor or your ice cream. Treat people right and you will be treated right.

P. 583

"I never thought you missed the pieces of yourself that you gave up to be who and what your are, but when I syou with Donna and Beccca, and Peter, I see reget in you. You wonder what life might have been like if have hadn't met Van Cleef, or whoever the hell was first."

He looked at me, eyes cold. "It took me long time to understand what I saw in Donna. How did you know?"

I shrugged. "Maybe, the same thing I thought I saw in Ramirez."
"It's not too late for you, Anita."
"It's too late for me to have a white picket fence, Edward. Maybe I can figure out something, but not that. It's too late for that."
"You think I'll fail Donna," he said.
I shook my head. " I don't know. I just know it wouldn't work for me. I'm not the actor you are. Whoever I'm with has to know who I am, warts and all, or it won't work."
"You know which monster you're going to settle down with?"
"No, but I know I can't keep hiding from them. Hiding form them is like hiding from who I am. I'm not going to do that anymore."
"You think I'm running from myself by going with Donna."
"No, I think you always embrace the monster part of you. You're finding for the first time that not all of you is dead as you want it to be. Donna appeals to a part of your that you didn't know was left."
"Yes," he said. "And what do Richard and Jean-Claude represent for you?"
"I don't know, but it's time I found out."
He smiled, but it wasn't a happy smile. "Good Luck."
"The same to you," I said.

Hello, ptsd people. What does ptsd stand for. Post Traumic Stress Disorder. You are still yourself, you just have to find it. There is hope for your situation. Hugs survivors.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Software upgrade

If you noticed that my posting has been down. My dh has been doing software upgrades on my computer. This is a good and bad thing. Good it runs faster, I no longer have to deal with microsoft vista. I have a few choice words that are not really appropiate to post about vista but you get my drift of my feelings.

I will try to get back on track with posting more.

For some reason the beta version of internet explorer doesn't like blogger. It won't let me post from home..go figure

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

McDonald Ranch Field Trip

This is the place we went to for our field trip for our youngest daughter.

Needless to say, it was not as nice the farm we went last year. It was a whole lot closer to our school. The bus ride was a lot shorter. Unfortunately, farms and this family don't mix. Anyone that went on the field trip now is full bloom allergy mode and having sinus problems thantks to the rain front moving in.