Friday, November 19, 2010

Bedeviled Angel by Annette Blair

Queisha Saint-Denis is a very special young woman. She is a survivor of having a building collapse on top of her, a surogatte to twin girls, and an overcomer.
Chance Godricson is the man that helped saved Queisha during the building collapse. In doing so, he became her own personal guardian angel. Now, that her twins need her to be a well and strong mommy, he is back to help become that from help from his angel friend Angus.
"What do you mean by rainbow wings?"
"Well, the top row of feathers were a shiny gold."
Gold for love.
Lace nodded. "I remember the second row was the colore of the pans ihanging in the kitchen."
"Cooper?" Queisha asked.
Chance swalllowed. Copper for faith.
"The next color was light purple." Lace said. "Like in the angles's wings right there on the wall."
Right, he thought. Lavender for hope. Like in the mural.
"The dark pink row is my favorite," Skye said. For patience.
Lace pointed them out. "Then green, blue, and the silver onces like Skye's feather."
Green-kindness. Aqua-charity. Silver-Chasity.
p. 134
"Nooo, you can't leave it there. Every day a fairy gown hangs in a closet, angel loses its wings."
Chance turned and hit his head on the open door. "thinkyou're a little storyteller."
Skye crooked a finger and touched his head with it.
"All better," she said.
"Why , so it its." He acted shocked. "Thank you. Does that make you a nurse?"
"No fairy magick," Skye confided.
"You get wise in that place between life and death,and if you come back, youtake psychic wisdom with you."


Anonymous said...

I am such a dork. I didn't realize that the second Works Like Magick novel came out this this morning. Duh!

Stephanie G
Paranormal Haven

mean mom productions said...

The next one is called Vampire Dragon. I can't wait.