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Narcissus in Chains by Laurell K. Hamilton

Anita Blake, Richard, Jean-Claude, Micah and his pack are introduced, the werebears, the werelions, and etc are all in an all fight for freedom from a sinister panwere that is trying to take over the packs in the world to try to unite them to keep them from having further miscommunication problems. Unforunately, the panwere is also a famous bounty hunter that is infected with the were viruses. He is also going mad from his inability to accept what he is becoming. Anita Blake may also turn fury once a month. For further details of whither or not she actually turns fury. Read the book.

p. 24

"No safety first, vengeance is a luxury."

What a good point to make. So often we feel that we need vegeance for a crime or an insult done to us. What if we let it go and have safety first. I will be the first to admit there are times I would have loved to have the final word of vengeance but I didn't. I let it go. I let the rule of what goes around comes around. By doing so, I have been blessed.


" What do you fear?"

" I fear by giving in to you and Richard that I'll lose myself. I fear that by not giving in to you and Richard I"ll lose one of you. I fear that I'll getus killed because I'm thinking too much. I fear that I'm already a sociopath and there is no going. Ronnie said thae one of the reasons that I can't give you up and just settle down with Richard is that I can't give up a boyfriend who's colder thant I am."

What if we all honesty looked at ourselves in the mirror like this? What would happen? Would we embrace what we see? Would we run straight to a mental ward and declare ourselves crazy? Could we even face ourselves like this?

P. 53

All these months of trying ot forge the wereleopards into a cohesive and friendly unit, and it was me that had learned to be cohesive and friendly. Me that had learned that not every helping hand is a threat to my independence. Me that had learned that is not every offer of physical closeness is a trap or a lie.

How true a statement for women in general. We as women have to always judge someone or somebodies as either threats or foes or trustworthy for anything.

p. 177

"Go ahead and say it."

" I wouldn't think that you'd be that picky," I said.

"I wasn't when I first got here. But lately I justdon't to be with someone who just wants me so she can brag to her friends that slept with a shapeshifter, or got to sleep where the vampires sleep. No matter how good it feels for a few minutes, it still makes me fell like they've just come to look at one of the freaks."

I slipped my arm jthorugh his, squeezed his arm. "Don't let anybody make you fell like that Jason,. You're not a freak."

I really need to take this advice to heart myself. You should never be made to feel about yourself by someone else if you are in a relationship.

p. 211

"To know another's hear, you must first know your own, ma petitte." we really know our own heart before getting in a relationship?

p. 237

"One of the many reasons that Padma will always be a secondary power on the council is his belief that all power must be taken, thta all pwoer must comethrough freat. True power comes when others offer it to you and you merely accept it as a gift, not asthe spoils of the some personal war."

How 0f us feel we have to conquer someone else feel powerful? We shouldn't. Love given freely is the most powerful tool.

p. 244

"He can't say no. If a person can't say no, then it's the same thing as rape."

One thing when in a relationship, if you don't feel secure in saying no, then do you really have a true relationship.


"First I have to accept the fact that you're kindhearted, now I have to accept the fact that your insightful as well. I knew your powerful, ruthless, and prettyk but that you ahvea mind and ahearts beside is going to take some getting used to."

"Does everyone think I'm just a sociopath who happens to have magical abilities?"

"It's all that you let people see," he said, "until now."

How many of us do exactly that? Let out only what we want people to see not the real us.

p. 346

Oubliette is French for a little place of forgetting, but that's not a direct translation. Oubiette simply means forgetting, but what it is, is a place where you put people when you don't plan on ever letting them out.

I think for many of us, we have that place. Not for people but for events. This why many people have a little get away place out in the middle of b.f.e. Its just a place to allow themselves to forget and go back to a simplier time.

p. 351

Without hope, loves dies and parts of you whither.

How true, how true.


I kept equating submissiveness with breing inferior, and that wasn't really the case. Some people choose to be bottoms, toserve; it doesn't make them less, just different. I looked into his face and wondered what else I'd missed, or what else he'd show me?

Pay attention all partners in relationships. You may feel your partner is a lesser being by being at stay at home partner. I have news for you. We are stronger than you are, we are smarter than you are, and we see things you can't see by being home. You need to respect that opinion of the stay at home partner because they may see the train wreck coming and can help you avoid it.

p. 477

"The heart wants what the heart wants, Dolph. You don't plan on making your life a complicated, it just happens, and you don't do it on purpose, and you don't do it to hurt the pople who you love. It just turns out that way."

There is some truth to this however in relationships if you hurt your partnes in any way its wrong. It still needs to be addressed. Maybe this my way of helping myself confront the things in my life in order to get it straight before the train wreck of life unseen tries to mess it up more.

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