Wednesday, June 30, 2010

July 2010 Kit from Songird

You like my new background. it comes from the July 2010 kit from Songbird. It will be released for purchase tomorrow July 1st 2010.

I do apologize for the background begin off center. I can't figure out why its not centered. The html says its centered. Go figure..

Are you ready to be wowed? Are you ready for some totally dazzling pages? Keep tuned in here for all the posts of new quickpages made with the kit and layouts I made. One has already been featured on another blog. Jo Lynne Valerie. Thanks girl! I hope you got some sleep finally.

Seriously, folks the majority of the money goes to the charity of the month that is picked by the guest designer. Its awesome!!

Simply sewing for kids by judy ann sadler

Simple instructions
fast easy projects
short and to the point
and can be found in most libraries.
Love it..Use the idea of tracing existing pajama bottoms and tops to make more without a pattern. My best and I will have matching pajamas. My kids will have pajamas that match as well too for our trip home.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our trip is booked!!

We are headed back to the south for a week in August. Yes, folks I said August for our return trip home. Are we insane? Apparently, just slightly between humidity and tempature changes we forgot this is the hottest part of the summer for them.

This trip is primarily to see my Dh's grandmother. He is very close to her. She has had some recent health issues, so, he feels the need to go spend time with her. I agree its important.

So, from July 30th-August 7th, I probably won't be posting much. I will be taking my computer but to have privacy I need to do postings is very limited. Almost none in fact.

The good thing about our trip home is that I get to see one of my best friend's. Hi Angie! Hope your in town. I haven't seen her in 2 years folks. We are suppose to have a girls afternoon out. No husbands and no kids.

Friday, June 25, 2010

applique Shirts

These are the appliques that I will be giving away in my lift this challenge. The shirt is not included. I will send the adhesive bond, red button, top and bottom part of applique. You will be responsible for the shirt and sewing. The top shirt is for my oldest. The bottom is for my youngest. The difference between the two are the single and double stitching present on the two appliques.

The great thing about this applique is I save a t-shirt that was stained. I couldn't get it out and was very upset that I could not remove the stain. I covered said stain and now we have a wearable shirt.

The Lunatic Cafe by Laurell K. Hamilton

This is the fourth book in the Anita Blake Series. If you don't start at least here, you will not understand the rest of the series events. Not that the first three books aren't good. They are good but this gives an indepth view to the triangle between Richard, Anita, and Jean-Claude. The accidental mishap that turns the series upside down. No more spoilers for you. I totally get the last part of the book. I understand why Anita did what she did. The places that I have lived and the people in my lives, said they were going to do it. They meant it. They had to come through on their actions whither they liked it or not.

I give this book an A for suspense and understanding of the series itself.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lift this Contest

Lift this ad for your scrapbooking pleasures. If you get to lift, I will send you the precut appliques for you to sew on for a shirt as prize.

1. leave a comment with either a link to your submission

2. Email me a copy of what you created.

Contest ends June 27th, 2010. I will post all entries and announce winners on the 28th. It can be hybrid, digital, or traditional scrapbooking project. Open to U.S. Residence only

Enjoying the quiet of a Morning

My body fought me tooth and nail. It didn't want to move even a snail. This morning I made myself move out of the bed. Straight for my running shoes instead of bumping my head. I got in a 40 minute run with 10 minutes of weight lifting, and 30 minutes of the wii fit. Then Dh left for work and the kids still in teh bed, I could breath the air without needing to sneeze. NOt that I am allergice to my family, its just that there is a total beauty of silence. The kind that lets you know a new day has begun, there is time to let the little ones run, time to kiss each head before they turn into grown beings without their heads, a time to love, a time to praise, a time to relax and just enjoy the day, a time to say to hell with it and be a lazy bum. My mom said she wished she had done the things I have with my kids when I was a kitten. She said to me don't stop enjoying the day with my kids its something special and they will remember it.

So, before my beautiful tranquil silence was broken by the dragging of half asleep feet, I took the time to just be thankful for the time I have each day.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Temporarily Underconstruction..

If you see different backgrounds up and down we are under construction. leave comments about the background if its hard for you to read, see, just not right with your eyes thanks!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Adult Pillowcase Dress

i have been working on this now for a few days. I finally get it finished for me and have it pulled over my pj's which by the way was really tight. My Dh told me I can't wear my dress out in public. I wanted to slap him. Everything I have supposedly shows to much. Excuse me?!? Your OCD is acting up again. Go take your medicine...or go get on some. The dress is more than long enough. The top doesn't expose said top where the bobsie twins lie. The only thing I can figure is it makes me look darn right hot! As in whistle blowing, traffic stopping hot momma.

i am going to wear it over to my friend's house. I am going to ask her what she thinks. IF it is way to tight then she can have it.

Houston, We have tea!!

after over two years of trying to find family size tea bags to make sweet tea. Our wal-mart finally carries them!

We will be having sweet tea houston. I repeat we will be having sweet tea.

Father's Day and summer solistice...

Wowerizer what a weekend..

Father's day was spread across Friday, Saturday, and sunday. Friday DH cashed a refund check we weren't expecting at all. Thus, his new..first let me give you the agreement we made 2 years ago. When we first moved to the desert, playstation 3 just came out. He wanted one bad like an kid wants a new action figure the day it comes out. We couldn't find a house we all agreed on and was in our price range. I said, if we buy a house here in teh desert, you can get the playstation 3 then and only. No house in the desert no play staion. He said it was a deal. so, he started with the new x-box but decided it wasn't what he wanted. He exchanged it for the playstation and all said games as well. Don't worry we buy our games at eb game or the other game shop were we can exchange games for new ones. Needless, to say, I let my DH play undisturbed all weekend.

Not to mention, this is summer solistice. A very high time in spirituality. Did I mention I am extremely sensitive to spiritual times of the year. I mean to the point, that if I don't do something positive about it then I get really grummpy. I have done stuff all weekend long. The next two days, we will be the same. Simply because i have to just enjoy the time.

I feel good but extremely tired.

Attention Sewers....

If your local wal-mart is going through what they call a remodel, you will lose all your fabric and notions. They getting rid of the fabrics offically this time because its not a money maker. This has been verified by two different employees in two different stores both working in the fabric department.

I am going to start calling wal-mart depending that they at least keep an online version so that we still can get affordable priced fabric for projects. I have until may to save our store from liquidating their stock and not being able to make things I need for my children and I.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Never Been Witched by Annette Blair

A book written so true
Filled with laughter, life, and love
One must be ready to see with
The heart for healing & being remade for bed
A book for one's soul, mind, and body
A book yet ready and waiting
For those who seek a
Counsel and light bright and guiding
A book for one who is ready to let go of the past
To live in the present
To prepare for the future
This book is just that

Friday, June 18, 2010

Is starting their 3 year birthday bash blog hop tonight. Grab the freebies on all 33 blogs before teh links expire sunday 10 pm est.

boy are my fingers tired from all the typing of comments

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Throughly exhaugsted

After a week of working to widdle my way down what appear to be a daughting to do list for the week, I am down to four things that must be done tomorrow.

I managed to clear two levels of aerosmith guitar hero by myself without asking Dh for help. I completed two double side coordinating receiving blankets minus the outside finishing satin or cotton strip.

I managed to have my kids keep the house pretty tidy this week. I managed to pull out 23 quick pages for songbird avenue for the july kit 2010. Oh yeah baby. What a role!

I'm exhaugsted...I need a good's night sleep.
Though I feel really blessed that this didn't happen to my house this week. Kids and vacation equal bored minds if you don't keep them occupied.

Camp rock Pillowcase Dress

Hi M! I am so glad you like the dress. Everyone if you haven't heard of the trend its called pillow case dress. They are extremely easy to make. bias fold tape is your best friend besides a hot iron to iron down before sewing.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Circus of the Damned by Laurell K. Hamilton

This was like a good alcoholic drink for those of you that drink. You know its good but then the alcohol hits your system. You feel really good. Its filled with twists and turns that I had no idea coming. That's what I get for starting at the beginning of the series instead of the start like in a race.
You want a spoiler a small tid bit...originally Anita didn't want to be Jean-Claude's human servant..if you want to see what length's so goes to get out of it then the book yourself. OMG..its great.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Songbird Avenue July Sneak Preview

Psst, check out the July Kit that will be available at Songbird Avenue July 1st. Cool uh? Can I tell you, I have been on a creative binge and just creating away using this kit. Come July 1st my blog will be filled with lots of creations using this kit. OMG!! You have got to get yourself the kit. If you don't have time to design your own pages. Templates are included in the kit. Don't want templates but quick pages? You have to request them special at their email addy. They can get them up in the store for you. Trust me..there are lots of creative team members that do awesome stuff!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

What The.....Wake Up Call

It started at 1:00 am this morning when I realized one of my kids was still awake but now in our bed watching tv. I made that child turn the freakin tv off and go back to bed. Then around 4:45 am the other child joined said child in our bed, and began to wake my DH and I both up. First of all, the 4:45 am is my time to be up and working out. Secondly, you don't wake up mom and dad at that time if they are sleeping by arguing. It gives everyone a bad day. So, I sent my two off to their rooms. I heard that snicker, you thought I was going to be like the queen in Alice in Wonderland. Not!!

Even though I am up, I am not letting them out of their rooms. I am trying to get them to stay quiet.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Laughing Corspe by Laurell K. Hamilton

Image from
The book started off rather slow for me. Though, the further you got the temp kicked in to a hard beat of metal band song. Then ending was a little surprising like someone yelling boo in a dead quiet room after watching a horror movie.
I would give it a B+.
Favorite part, where Jean-Claude creeps out of the shadows, and Anita finally notices him. She asks why he didn't help out. He replies, For you not needed anyone. She asks, "You're afraid me?" Jean-Claude responses, "Not afraid just catious".

Pictures of Pillow cases

Here are the pillowcases

my kids

and I sewed together.

A great afternoon.

Yesterday, I took my kids and their friend to the library. It was lego day. We had a 30 minute wait but it was worth it. I let the kids play on the computers while we waited.

Then while visiting my friend after bring her oldest child home, one of her youngest actually gave me a kiss. The little one, normally blows me kisses but the little one walked up and kissed me on the cheek.

I consider it a blessing when a little one feels compelled to do something like that. It means they trust you and likes you. Its not often that children choose to express themselves but when they do listen.

Hi Guys!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Softlips Giveaway

Check out my friends adventures..

My dear friend, runs and i mean she runs a lot. She did a 50 miler on Tuesday. So, check out her experience.

Sewing Day

Yesterday we had a trip to the park for about 20 minutes before it got way too hot to play. A trip to a store for more coca cola for their dad.

Yesterday, afternoon we spent it sewing. I mean sewing. I started teh double sided baby blankets for my friend. The kids made smaller pillow cases but then they got tired, so, I took over. Hopefully, I can get pictures up loaded for you to this post later to day.Stratch that I will upload to a different post.

I figured out why my machine was acting up the other day. Wrong thread. It was good thread company, but thickness and type was wrong. I found my all purpose and it worked fine. Expect when my kids pulled the thread completely out of the tension threading. Then it went back to what it was doing at first. So, at that point, I decide that after 6 hours, I had had enough. I had all summer to be sewing and messing with the tension. I set it back to 0. Turned it off. Took all thread out of the machine and put it up for the evening. Tomorrow will be my day for finishing the baby blanket. That's all we are doing. We have to cut out the pattern and fabric for baby doll clothes for over the weekend.

Next, week, fitting for pillow case dresses for them and my friend Robyn kid. Hi Robyn. Hope you are feeling better. Psst, hopefully we will see you at the library.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Update from Last Night

After I typed what happened with the phone call, I got a strange text message. I did not and I repeat did not reply. I decided that since I didn't recognize it and that it did not sound like anyone I normally have contact with it would be better to not respond at all.

Dh got home. He checked the outside of the house. The inside of the house and said that we just need to not answer an non-identified calls from now on. Let it go to voicemail, then check. If the guy continues to call, we will involve the police.

Though no new calls...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weird Phone Call

So, I am laying in bed, I get this phone call. I answer it. There is a man very mad, accusing my kids of stuff at times of day to which I knew couldn't have happened. We were here at the house inside, or be attending activities with lots of witness that would say we were enjoying learning about a different culture. This particular person didn't understand, that he had the wrong number for the wrong family, and I don't take to threats very well. I hung up on the fella because I am not getting chewed out for someone elses kids.

My kids are not angels, though I'd like to think they are a gift from God. I will not deny my kids make mistakes as we all did in life as kids. Though, what this fella was indicating before i hung up was on the criminal intent. First of all, my kids are generally 99.9% of the time never unsupervised. There is someone with them even during a play date at other people's houses. This way there is no room for them to even think about doing something as indicated on the phone. Secondly, they know the consquences of what will happen if they do anything that requires the police being brought in. They don't like what they hear and they know we will follow through with the end result.

So, I called my Dh warned him of the impending trouble though, I didn't even know or recognized the voice of the fella. Does that tell you, how we mind our own business and keep the company wiht more civilized group of people. He tried to call that person back, number didn't go through. So, he said he would call and check on us tonight until he got home.

Needless, to say my guard is up over something I know for a fact because the evidence backs me up, that my kids are innocent.

To the family that has kids doing what this fella said. Stop being their friend and start being their parent.

Scary, I know but that's life in today's world.

Hawaiin Hula

Today our local libray held a hawaiin hula event for kids and families. To goes with their reading program theme. My kids loved they way the danced and the history of it.

I got mad during the mini history lesson that the settlers of hawaii not the natives tried to wipe out hula dancing because it was against God's wishes. Excuse, me but does it not say in the old testament that King David danced before God in the streets to celebrate God's love.
We have been wanting to travel to Hawaii the kids and I. We think its a beautiful place.

My youngest asked why they dress the way they do, one of the dancers replied that its just like ballet or the other kids of dance, that you have a certain way of dressing in order to dance.

FAbric from a friend

The yellow and green fabric is standard cotton that you would use to make dresses and stuff.

The stuff below is what they use in nusery bedding. Its extremely soft to the touch and comfortable for baby.

The quilt pattern is perfect for a pillow case dress.

My oldest picked out the dog for a pillow case and maybe a matching blanket. I don't think there is enought for both.

So the multiple fabrice with animals above is the one that I have cut for double sides receiving blanket/burp clothe/ and changing table barrier.

I love the bold patterns for the fabric. I think babies so be proud and loud. Maybe the saying is backwards.

The alphabet fabric is also part of the double sided project I mentioned earlier.

Totally loving the purple!

These two are classic hospital receiving blankets patterns.

i love this. if not then nightgown for myself !!!

totally love the bright read polka about exciting..

Another funky colored one..

Kissing album

Pictures of our sewing adventures

So, here is sewing on Sunday. I had taken the fabric out and started pinning another piece of fabric. Here is the the pillow case my oldest sewed by the kidself. I had to hold the fabric because it was difficult for the oldest child.

Peanut Butter Recipe link

now on

Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend in Review

This weekend was wonderful. We didn’t go anywhere but stayed at the house. We got chore charts established for our little ones. We read books, watched TV, went for coffee and breakfast, and played guitar hero. I actually beat a song..sunshine your love.
I forgot the birthday party we attended last night. It was a hoot!! Let me tell you, it was suppose to for the kids but us adults had fun helping out with the water balloon war. OMG, it was so much fun!! We all looked like soaked rats by the end.
I used my sewing machine yesterday. We made two pillow cases but we realized that my tension in the machine is off so the stitching is not coming out evenly on one side. So, this week, I will get getting old fabrics out to figure out where to adjust my tension. No biggie. The kids have matching pillow cases to which the rule is they must sleep in their own beds now for awhile. Next, small project, three summer outfits.
I found out that my mil maybe, coming out near the beginning of July. They may bring a few of our nieces and nephews with them.
Today, is work like a dog finishing up chores that I could not get too?
Master closet-done
Call Jewelry stores-done
Mop floors
Check mail-done
Download Songbird Avenue kit-done
Finish Mini book kit for Brandi S.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Butterfly Garden by Annette Blair

Yes, it is a romance novel witha twist of truth, counsel for the hurting, healing for those ready to heal themselves with hidden truths, and over all touch of kindness for those deformed by abuse of any kind.

It speaks volumes to the souls that are willing to climb that mountain; to find God's abundance of lovefor each of us individually we must choose to accept it.

Friday, June 4, 2010

A sigh of accomlishmet

After a week of sickness, cleaning, and occupying my two caged kids due to their allergies and own sickness. I can say, we made it happen. Not just getting the house basically back in order but reestablishing our family time.

I sit here alone while my family dreams of sweets and fun. To realize even though, it was a stressful adjustment from school to vacation. We made it.

Whoever shows at the door, I won't be ashamed to show them hospitality anymore. The house in the most part looks like scenes from southern living all nice clean and tidy there some that is the same but a little lived as well. That's okay, we have a family its suppose to be that way.

I can say that most of my list has been accomplished this week. I still have a few more areas to work on but it will not so overwhelming.

Bret Michaels: Life as I know It

After Bret Michaels medical conditions hit the news, I started hearing about this show. Though, I heard it had been post poned until he was "back on his feet" again.
Well, I was menu surfing for stuff to record to watch later tater, ie when the kids are either asleep or occupied playing in their rooms while I either clean of fold the massive amounts of laundry that often happen with a family.

Things that I thought were great about the show.

1. Honesty-both parties Kristi and Bret.

2. The kids reaction to having Daddy go bye-bye for work-okay, tid bit a few years ago my Dh use to have travel either every week or every other week out of town. At that time, our kids were either babies/toddlers or toddlers. Thanks to 9/11 we could no longer go the airport to see him off at the gate which would make it a whole lot easier with kids but we were not allowed. So, the tearful heart wrenching, "Please don't go, daddy." We know all to well. Now, if it was relatively close road trip to a place that had stuff for the kids to do, we would often pack up the vechile do a road trip. Now, that they are in school, not some much but we still TRY.
Something, that I don't think was addressed appropiately. Though, I heard during the Rock of Love that often he does take the kids and Kristi with him. I think if the timing of the show could work out right then maybe they could show that as well. I think its important to show "how to make it work". currently, the show made me more thankful for what I have here and now with my DH.

3. Cutting the cheese moments with kids-hillirious makes me feel better about my kids being gasie as well. Trust me, you think adults can let the rip, wait until you have kids then you will all be looking at each other wondering who let it rip. Glad, they presented it as a part of life and not embrassing. Too many times, people get over heated about cutting the cheese. Thanks!

4.The spousal/family surprise-an early return. This is a positive thing because many spouses that bring home the bacon often pull this off to surprise their family. This a great how to moment. Job Well Done. Kuddos! My Dh use to call me, telling me he was out partying with a co-worker after a job was done, then I hear the lock on the door turn telling him that someone was the door I needed to call 911, he'd laugh and go gotcha, its me. Needless, to say I wanted to kiss and deck him at the same time. My Dh would be the dd for his co-workers if it required more than him at the location.

5.Timing a difficult conversation-I think this is something that every relationship has an incredible time in figuring when and how to communicate. I thought that Kristi communicated effectively her feelings. I wished Bret had actually stated that he heard her request and was thinking about it. I think it would have been more effective in reassuring Kristi emotionally but the fact Kristi picked up on the "I'm thinking about it" look speaks volumes to how in tune she is to their relationship as a couple and parents to their children. After reading Steve Harvey's book, think like a man but act like a lady last fall. I totally understand both Kristi and Bret's reaction. Psst, your children, their beautiful by the way!

6. The Sleeping on the couch spending time with scenerio- You couldn't peg most men any better. Try as they might, to be responsive and sensitive to their mates need to have time with, they often fall short by falling asleep on the couch or in a lazy boy. No worries, Kristi. This is an a typical response. I still get really ticked off at my DH for doing the same thing with me at times. I take a deep breath and think back to the times he does make an effort. To tell myself, "Give him a break he does bring home the bacon and doesn't really fuss to much about me not being able to find another job." I say, Hugs to Kristi for moral support. Hey, Bret find a television show series you two can watch either on demand or record or when the dvd series comes out then spend an "in house" date night. We often do and guess what it builds the relationship up.

7. Girl time- My DH needs to kind figure out that even though I stay at home and manage my time to do a few things for myself, once in awhile, I too need to go out for a girls night out or afternoon out.

8. The sugar rush crash- was a perfect scenerio of parenting. I have to admit that, I have to indulged my kids until they crash from the crash.

9. diabetes/borderline diabetes-I think this should be address more in the show. I know in the area I live in which is a few hours from Bret & Kristi have 10 families that have children or parents that have diabetes/borderline diabetes they are dealing with. It might be helpful for those families to hear Bret and Raine (I think I heard a news report say she was borderline diabetes, if I am wrong then tell me. I will edit the post). I know one of my kids teachers was told that she was borderline as well. It was very difficult for her while trying to teach and help raise her family to deal with. We had to adjust what treats we bought her when she got her diagnosis. We love you Mrs. H, my kiddo still wishes school was in session just to be in your class.

Overall, it was a good intro. I will probably try to catch more eposides when Bret gets back on his feet, again. Kristi lots of hugs and strength to right now.
Here's a link to vh1 where you can view the eposide if you missed your chance to watch it on the network.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Where Mercy is Shown, Mercy is Given by Duane "Dog" Chapman

After watching the series, Dog the Bounty Hunter, for a few years. I heard he had book coming out called, " You can run but you can't hide". I read it and it gave me some prespective into my own life about the trials and tribulations that have come across my plate that I couldn't figure out why. Now, after two years since his first book, he has come out with Where Mercy is Shown, Mercy is Given.Though, my Dh and I do not always agree about his show and tatics, my Dh doesn't stop me from reading the book. He was sorta shocked to learn tonight, that he had written a second book. He asked what I thought of it,but before I could answer we were inturpted by our own monkeys we call our children.

First if you haven't read the first book, you might want too. It gives a good look into what the "Dog" went through before he got to where he is now. Why he is the way is he is, and how Beth and he have a intensely loving relationship with not just themselves but the entire family. It reminds of a Toby Mac song entitled, "When Love is the House". Truly, I believe they live the sentiment of the song. If you are a parent, guardin, or a spouse struggling through very difficult times to the point that you feel like throwing in the towel and walking away as the "Dog" likes to say in his book. Then read this book. It will help you see that all things are possible. It may not be easy and may not be visible to you now. You can and will get through this. There are many sections of the book that I want to take the time to address but, alas, poor readers it would take too long type them all. So, I picked four that I thought would be the most important if you don't read the book yourself. Remember this just my personal view.

1. The title-it speaks volumes into what society itself has lost. The golden rule..treat others the way you want to be treated. Basically if you show mercy then mercy will be shown to you. God, this is going to be hard to explain later to myself if it blows up in my face. Okay, even though, I really don't want too. I know inviting a family for a group play date at the park is the right thing. The children are not to blame for the parents actions or words said, that has the children acting the way they do or treating others without mercy or respect. Someone has to do it, show them the entire family a positive role model. So, guess what I am going to send the invite even if it falls on deaf ears or worse I get more nasty rumors started about me or my kids. I have to be the better person no matter. Its not always about me its about others.

2. P172 Paragraphs 1-2 He talks about always being reminded and punished for a crime he has done the time for. This statement can be held for those of us that really didn't do a crime but are held accountable continually for mistakes we made in our past. I think we can relate to this "can you forgive me, now". Which most parents, guardins, or family members need to remember when dealing with other members of the family that truly have changed but are being accused of something that is not true. Look at the facts, unless the evidence says otherwise don't jump the gun to think that person is wrong. Ask for more information if need be. Unless, the evidence points that they are back to their old ways then hands off the situation and walk away. Its the only way to help that person. -Wish some of my past associates could see that I am not the same person I was long ago. I have found my way just not the way they thought I should go. Its a better way. Its God's way. remember how can we fix the system if we don't live the system-innocent until proven guilty.

3. P 174 "By listening, you showed me mercy, son." she'd say"-hello..hmm never had anyone tell me that. It really is sound advice. Hey, Dog, tell you mom thank you for that sound advice, I know I will be imparting those wise words of wisedom to my kids.

4. p. 275 "Of, couse, experience is born out of necessity, and I know that there's now way to gain it before its time. -blow my mind away even though I had mom that spoke words of wisedom, it was never presented to me like this before. I have heard other versions in songs, and in scripture but this is down right truthful with beating around the bush. Thank you.

Maybe, its due to my own personal journey that i am currently on to heal myself, to find the part of me that I let get lost in the shuffle, oh, so long ago. That, was able to find this tidbits of wisdom when most would say the book was full of itself.

Its not full of itself. Its just way for someone to find a way to a light when one can not find it by themselves. A light that is sometimes the only thing left for a person in that hour of need.

I know I will probably caught a lot of comments for this but I had to state the case for the book.

The Case of the Mysterious Key

bring ring went the phone ealry this morning.

me: hello?

dh: I have your vechile keys in my pocket.

me: how'd they get there? I left them on the counter last night for our trip to the doctor's office.

dh: I don't know but I will try to get home in time to get you gals to the doctor's office. Wait, check to see if we still have a back up key.

me: hold on while check please.

dh: hurry, I need to get back to work.

me: hold on a sec, yup we got it. We're good. No worries. I love you bye now

dh: I love you too. I am glad we have a back up key.

A little later bring ring:

me: hay honey..

dh: please double check that it is the key to your vechile.

me: okay, yes honey we have the spare key here.

dh: okay, I'm headed to the next appointment with other client.

me: okay dear..

an hour or so later.. bring ring..

dh: what sam?!?

me: my keys are in my vechile. what key are you referring to?

dh: it looks like a toyota key. Well, we don't ahve toyota anymore.

me: Are you sure you didn't pick a co-worker's by mistake?

dh: are been there done that?

me: okay smartie then I can't help you.

dh: okay call me after the doctor's appointment.

the only thing I can think of is, that he accidentally got a neighbor's key while talking with them outside yesterday. You know how that goes, dropping things pickign them up. They just don't realize it.

So, is this a sign, or just a case of mixed up handlings? YOu be the guess of it.

Doctor says..

My kids allergies are on the rampart and they both have sinus infections. They have been put back on clairon and antiboditics.

No more sports for awhile..

uhmp...a dumptie..

The Tooth Fairy Movie

After waiting for months for this movie to be released, we finally got to see it. We all laughed, cried, and ahhed our way through the movie.

I highly recommend it for all those that haven't seen it. It can be watched over and over again.

Ha ha, I downloaded the spainish version of the image..still pretty cool.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The alpha of all headaches

After cleaning for over six hours yesterday, after being up for over 12 hours since 4 am with one child, adventures in guitar hero, I was slammed in the head, neck, and back with the alpha of all migraine headaches. As soon, as my DH got home from work, it was down the hatch with pain meds, antinausea meds, and a cool clothe over my eyes. At one point, I entertained my youngest by placing my glasses over the cool clothe to make it appear I was watching the same icarly eposide for the billionth time with the said child. The child squealed and laughed with joy but it didn't help the said headache. DH knew it was bad if I ask for a cool clothe for my eyes. He promptly got the kids to stop the scream whining, get them to their rooms or seperate televisions for me to do deep breathing excerises until the medicine kicked in. Yes, I got new migraine medicine from my new doctor. I have not yet gotten it filled. My headaches are from the sinus infection that currently is residing in my sinus cavaties all over my face and head. Once, said nasty snot is evicted I will be happy and well camper for the summer, until then I am prone to those alpha of migraine headaches. I slept over 12 hours and still feel the need to sleep.

Well, see how much I get done to do.
Library time
wal-mart for 10 gallons of water
clean the third bathroom, adult living area, have kids sweep the back porch off of flower petals
lots of reading
filling out and emailing a job application-done emailed to a friend to print off for me-everyone keep your fingers crossed

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Adventures in Guitar Hero

Okay, so, the kiddos and I thought it would be fun to see how we would do playing DH's guitar hero.

We were all laughing at ourselves because we couldn't play it if our lives depended on it. It was totally hysterical.

Remember laugh with the person not at them.

Memorial Day Weekend Project

After a year of this closet being a throw for all for my kids. I had enough of not being able to find anything of mine or theirs. So, after cleaning my vechile inside and out squeaky clean, I decided to tackle the monster. After over six hours of work on the closet, nothing else mind you. Its finally organized with threats of cancelling playdates if my lazy bunch doesn't start picking up after themselves.

Most organization units where made from recycled food containers, cereal boxes, crackers, butter stick boxes, fruit snacks or granola bar boxes, and the 24 package box from soda. Some have not yet gotten covered I just put everything in what I wanted and figured by the end of the week, my house should be cleaned and organized again to acutally start the process of covering said boxes. Not to mention a mini sewing project for my oldest. Making her own pillow case with a sewing machine.

Now, four more closets/drawers to joke.

Bound to Shadows by Keri Arthur

This 13 chapter book started out slow but worked its way up to an eventful ending. Riley Jenson, her brother, her lover Quinn, her soul-mate kye, her friends and co-workers all seem to headed for a major change in their lives along with major chaos as well.
I'd give it an A for originality, and story setting in Australia. It was defintely unique.