Monday, June 21, 2010

Adult Pillowcase Dress

i have been working on this now for a few days. I finally get it finished for me and have it pulled over my pj's which by the way was really tight. My Dh told me I can't wear my dress out in public. I wanted to slap him. Everything I have supposedly shows to much. Excuse me?!? Your OCD is acting up again. Go take your medicine...or go get on some. The dress is more than long enough. The top doesn't expose said top where the bobsie twins lie. The only thing I can figure is it makes me look darn right hot! As in whistle blowing, traffic stopping hot momma.

i am going to wear it over to my friend's house. I am going to ask her what she thinks. IF it is way to tight then she can have it.


Casey Wright said...

What a beautiful project! TFS!

Erica said...

Looks really great! I can't imagine how it could be too revealing. Maybe the colors look like a night-gownish/old fashioned (in person) for his taste? Hard to tell from the photo if it is pale blue or grey. Don't worry about a man's opinion so much, ask your friends. I wish I could fit in a pillowcase. The ones for the girls last week were sooo cute. You do nice work!