Thursday, June 24, 2010

Enjoying the quiet of a Morning

My body fought me tooth and nail. It didn't want to move even a snail. This morning I made myself move out of the bed. Straight for my running shoes instead of bumping my head. I got in a 40 minute run with 10 minutes of weight lifting, and 30 minutes of the wii fit. Then Dh left for work and the kids still in teh bed, I could breath the air without needing to sneeze. NOt that I am allergice to my family, its just that there is a total beauty of silence. The kind that lets you know a new day has begun, there is time to let the little ones run, time to kiss each head before they turn into grown beings without their heads, a time to love, a time to praise, a time to relax and just enjoy the day, a time to say to hell with it and be a lazy bum. My mom said she wished she had done the things I have with my kids when I was a kitten. She said to me don't stop enjoying the day with my kids its something special and they will remember it.

So, before my beautiful tranquil silence was broken by the dragging of half asleep feet, I took the time to just be thankful for the time I have each day.

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