Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend in Review

This weekend was wonderful. We didn’t go anywhere but stayed at the house. We got chore charts established for our little ones. We read books, watched TV, went for coffee and breakfast, and played guitar hero. I actually beat a song..sunshine your love.
I forgot the birthday party we attended last night. It was a hoot!! Let me tell you, it was suppose to for the kids but us adults had fun helping out with the water balloon war. OMG, it was so much fun!! We all looked like soaked rats by the end.
I used my sewing machine yesterday. We made two pillow cases but we realized that my tension in the machine is off so the stitching is not coming out evenly on one side. So, this week, I will get getting old fabrics out to figure out where to adjust my tension. No biggie. The kids have matching pillow cases to which the rule is they must sleep in their own beds now for awhile. Next, small project, three summer outfits.
I found out that my mil maybe, coming out near the beginning of July. They may bring a few of our nieces and nephews with them.
Today, is work like a dog finishing up chores that I could not get too?
Master closet-done
Call Jewelry stores-done
Mop floors
Check mail-done
Download Songbird Avenue kit-done
Finish Mini book kit for Brandi S.

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SmartandSassyGal said...

Make sure you are using good thread. Bargain thread will make you nuts! It never tensions evenly. I have had very expensive machines and bargain basic ones over the years and the biggest headache with each ended up being the thread! Save money with discount/Walmart fabrics but buy a good spool of thread at a sewing/craft/ or quilting shop and try it out yourself. I learned to sew when I was 6 (35 years ago). I love that you are teaching your girls. There is nothing better than time making silly little projects on a sewing machine for a young girl. Made my mom crazy, watching me make pillows for pet rocks, but it really instills a love of doing things handmade.

Long time, no see I know, but know I am still checking in.... every day.

Erica (SassyGal)