Monday, August 30, 2010

Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris

Sookie, Bill, Eric, Jason, Sam, and Andy are back for another round of adventure. This time it is off to Dallas Sookie goes. It is also where is learns the mere truth that sometimes humans are more cruel than vampire law. The introduction of new characters of shape shifters, vampires, and Greek mythology creature is here too. Let’s not forget Tara and “Eggs” either.
Have you seen season 1 and season 2 of True Blood yet? Have you compared notes between this book and the series? I would definitely say it keeps you on your toes.
I give it an A + in my grade book of reading materials.
Off to request the next book in the series.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Party

was a success. The little purse happy bags was a hugh hit with all the girls. Out of 21 girls invited each had 6 guests. They didn't want to stop playing games to eat or open presents. Eatting they had to stop but openning gifts we waited until we got home to do.

Its offical, I am tone deaf not just from the peter piper pizza play area but from the screams of delight my dear children let out as they openned their presents one by one last night. The top gift with the deafing scream would be the craft kits. OMG..thanks K!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The final count down is on

Okay, so I totally panicked tuesday. I felt like I was never going to get the happy bags sewn and draw string installed in each bag. May I say 30 of them is a lot to do. I got them done. The I spent yesterdy ironing strips of fabric I had previously sewn and turning rightside out. Last night I made 10 out 30 fabric bows for their pony tail holders that I am making.

Did someone actually say take a picture? Why don't you come help and take the blast picture yourself. Do you know how much work this is? Did I mention in between all this I finally sewed a new dress for myself. I'm girl. I like dresses and skirts so sue me. I think I look good in them. My friend Robyn and kids are coming over. Hi Robyn. She can tell you on her blog about how crazy things are right now.

Deep breath, I can do this. Seriously, I can do this.

You wanna help me out. Seriously, check out the shop blog later this weekend for pictures of the stuff I made.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Birthday Party Vinue decided...

Can I get an Amen from the choir please? I really need it. After five weeks of debt, yes, its sorta like the presidental debts at times when it comes to deciding to hold the kiddos double birthday party. Did I hear a what what from you? Yes, I did say, a double birthday party. My kids are born with 10 days of each other but two years apart, so, instead of the choas and stress of having two seperate parties within 10 days of each other, we just do one big bang per say.

Where did we decide to throw the party?

Peter Piper Pizza its like Chuck E. Cheese but smaller scale. Plus, for the money they provide everything but the cakes and happy bags. WE can handle are particular abou their cakes anyways.

Now, the families only have *cough & wheeze** four days to tell us if they are coming or not. I know its not party polite rules but tell that to my DH who is the one that took so long to decide.

So, in a mad dash to make sure that the arrangements were made correctly, and to pick up invitation because there is not enough time to print out the ones the kids and I created using the new song bird kit due out September 1st. Yes, that's me sniffling and holding back tears that we could not use them. I know so petty of me right..;)

Now to finish all these hand made happy bags and loot to go with it.

Oh, now I have your attention. YOu want'll have to wait and see what they look like at the next week. I know I am such a freakin' tease.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stealing Kathryn by Jacquelyn Franks

Kathryn is a trapped twenty something year old in a human prison of caring for her family’s ranch and her family, is exhausted when Adrian kidnaps he from earth to his world. Adrian at the time is a hideous monster form, yet his heart remains true in finding his soul mate. The trials they go through to discover that they this is unique as each person journey to finding a mate on earth.

The sex scenes are well written. Not to graphic. I wasn’t afraid of my kids picking up the book.

I give it an A minus.

Second book in the Gathers Series
First book is called Hunting Jullian

Other series by same author:
the Nightwalkers(5 books so far), and The Shadowwellers(3 books so far)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Little Quackers bedtime sillies

Youngest: "Why do I have lay down first? How come i have to go to be 15 minutes early? It's not fair."

me: "Well, it is fair believe it or not. You may not get to stay up late like your older sibling but you do get two stories. When that child does not."

youngest:"I don't want the fairy book."

me:"then its no hugs til Friday and Mama's bayou."

Read stories said prayers..then lights out with giggles

Oldest: "Its not fair that I only get one story and the other gets two!" (add dramatic foot stomping and animal throwing on the bed at the same time)

me:"Well, you got to finish the show and the other child did not. I think that is more than fair."

oldest: "No, its not. I am going to pick the book we read."

me: "no you are not. neither did the other kid."

oldest: "not, fair. not fair. NO NO NO." (add a few more humphs and bumps).

me: "then I am leaving since you can not act your age and apparently need the same bed time as your sibling."

oldest: "do not!"

me: "yes, you do. you have to the count of one to decide."

Story read and tucked into bed with a stack of animals and me by the kids side..

oldest: "will you stay in here tonight with me. I need you."

A few hours later, I am getting kicked out of the kics bed while the said kid is having a dream. I get the kid to stop. Then a few minutes later more weird pushing and stuff. I take it as my cue to leave the kids side. A few minutes later. I have concissionly regrister, can I sleep in your bed. NO. Go back to your own bed. We will dicuss this in the morning.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Setting up the store

Phew, what a frustrating process. couple that with trying to get a double birthday party planned. OMg!!!

The new blogger makes it difficult for me to upload photos of my product on the store. Arrgg..its been 20 minutes already for upload. Take that back..any one else using the new upload feature..someone hit already..

Any tips for making it easier..

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Exciting news..

I am going to do what my DH suggested and start selling some of the stuff I make for little girls. So, be on the look out for news about this.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

This is the start of the Sookie Stackhouse novel series and the start of the show on HBO called True Blood.Sookie Stackhouse, Jason Stackhouse, Bill Compton, Sam, and the rest on Bon Temps are set a fire when two murders happen to fang bangers. Sookie learns to control her gift. Jason learns that video taping his bedroom adventures isn't exactly a good idea. The community learns that someone they thought they could trust isn't trustworthy at. They are very similar but there are some difference between the two. I didn't get into the show until after the first season hit DVD and found it. I have been trying to bring myself to read the book series to keep up with show with the off season. Needless, to say, I am just now getting around too.

I wish I had started the book series before watching the show. I, now, know what they left off the show. I know you can't include every single detail but it would have been nice to know what was left out. Why do I do things backwards? Sorta like Sookie to a degree.

Being from the south, whither it was small town or bigger. I laughed at some of the traditions represented in the show and in the books where hysterical. Seriously, I am a southern bell by birth right and up bringing. A lot of it is hyprocital and supersitious beliefs but some of it is actually very wise advice. So, thank you Charlaine Harris for doing this.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Meet the Teacher Night

What a day before the night. Every 10 minutes it seemed the kids thought it was time to go as in go to the school and meet the teachers. Um, I finally loaded them up to go view party spots for their double birthday party to distract them. We finally made a decission for the place of the party. Thank you my dear children. Now, just to reserve the darn spots.

Okay, we leave at what I feel is early. Nope, people were already arriving when we get there. Did I mention, I have this thing for being on time by about 5 minutes early. Yeah, apparently all the kids in the area this year where ready for school.

Each kid meet their new teachers. One is a cheerleading coach, and the other is known for the zoo room. Lots of pets in the room, for the kids to learn about and watch grow. This is great for the child that got this particular teacher,because the child in question wants to be a vet. The child has said this since kindergarden. The other child will have a rude awaking that its not cheerleading camp all day. Seriously, does the kid think that the teacher will do that..young minds are so fantastic.

Unfortunatley, it was still really hot here in the desert, so, the kids got too hot playing outside on the equipment as a reward for being good and stopping by their old teachers rooms as well. So, when we got home we had to drink lots of water. Why my kids won't take a water bottle with them is beyond me.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yes, there is a different betweem..

boyshorts and hipsters underwear, for all sales people in department stores

This is a hipster. This sits up on your hips and is shorter in the leg bands. This is a type of boy shorts.The come up a bit higher off the hips, and longer leg bands on the legs. they are

Why are having a dicussion on underwear today? Well, I have to decided to get more comfortable underwear than the traditional bikini, brief or hi-cut style that is available. Wedgies after 30 years no matter the size sucks!
So, I was shopping for new under. Yes, Gennifer I finally found bra style that works, girl. They do have matching panties.
Now, for the sales people that told me they were the same. You lied!!! Hipsters gave me a wedgie and slip and slide off my me, if they slip and slide off my hips they aren't made great.
So, Jc Penny, Khol's, Target, Wal-mart, kmart, Old Navy, and Gap know the difference of your style please. Lying to make a sale isn't great escepially since people like me will let the world know what a difference there is.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pictures ..Mississippi waterbottles and bows

This waterbottle I want. You want more information...go to Here is how I spent four and half hours on my oldest birthday. The bows are for all the girls that in the entire family. Can you say, bow wow bow?!? Three times fast..I still have to attach them to the clips folks..this is close to twenty-four bows I think or more..
This was a sunset in Mississippi. Pretty isn't it? I thought you might enjoy it.

This Layla aka Queen Sheba. This is my bil's cat that lives with my inlaws. She is the most friendly cat, I have ever met. She will sit by your feet even while you are getting a hair. No joke! If you walk outside even if you don't see her, she just suddenly appears. Love you Layla!!

These were flowers I saw out running /walking aren't they just beautiful!!

I had more interesting pictures but I forgot to watermark them. So, I am not able to upload at this time.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thanks Jo Lynne!!

I got notified yesterday, I won some swag from my friend and author, Jo Lynne! Can't wait to get it.

If you haven't read her book, Phoenix Rising. Its awesome.

Happy Birthday to my Oldest

My oldest turns nine today. Needless, to say, I am a proud momma. The kid even got out of being ground from computer time to play today.

We go out to eat with their Daddy tonight. We are getting the new club penguin ds game as the kids present.

Nine years ago, today this kid made a remarkable present in our lives. What can I say? We do love this kiddo!

Back from Vacation

Vacation was great. We had good long, long flight from our desert resident area to Chicago, Illinois Midway airport, to Jackson, Mississippi. We made friends with a family that had a little girl who was the same age as one of our kiddos. Hi folks. Thanks for letting your precious one play with our precious one. Then we landed in Jackson, Mississippi to the same heat we experience in our desert residents but with the add ingredient of 100 percent humidity. Talk about talking about a half melt snowman and melting it further. Good gracious, friends I now really appreciate my dry heat for what it is worth. A piece of heaven on earth, for my family in the summer compared to what it felt there.
The first day we spent resting, relaxing, and swimming with family we haven’t seen in over a year. Hi guys! I Hope the heat wave is gone. I hope you are cooler! I know here in the desert we are under 100 without humidity. We also got DH’s grandmother who suffered from a major stroke not a mini stroke as first thought.
The second day my kids had a birthday lunch with their Aunt, Uncle, and their two cousins. I had mentioned to their aunt that they would love to go to Justice Store and get a decorative scarf for school. I told her to check the internet for coupons before going. She not only got the scarves but each an outfit. Thank you Aunt and Uncle, for their birthday gift, that’s all they want to wear. Then when they got home, we went back to Justice and got more scarves and clothes with clearance items, and coupons.
The next day was massive shopping day for birthday and back to school clothes. Can I say my kids love shopping with their Nana? She doesn’t get to buy clothes on a regular basis so they get it in one big shopping spree at a time. Did it stop this day nope, we couldn’t get find the shoes my oldest wanted in the size needed. Plus, we needed backpacks for the kids. Needless, to say we spent the next five days in between babysitting my nieces, dropping in our grandmother, and trying to find these items. So, the end results are wonderful. Not what we expected but still good one. We discovered a new shoe company calls cupcake conture. Not, only are the shoes cute as a button but they fit my oldest which is a hard fit to find.
The last twenty-fours were the toughest for me. I didn’t get to hang with my best friend expect for 2 shakes which is about 2 seconds in English. Not only that I accidentally hit while trying to surprise and hug her at the same time. Then I visited my friend who is dying, needless to say, the news I got from her isn’t great. I had to promise not to tell her family what she told me. I have a heavy heart.
The girls and I got a mini trim from my mil. Thanks, mom, we really needed.
The best gift received was from one of my nieces. This girl is typically very shy, and withdrawn. She normally only allows her mom and dad to spend time with her. I got to read her a book, go shopping with her, go out to eat with her, and do the penguins dance. I told her she was my girl, and she giggled and said, “No you’re my girl.” Then we started, singing the song My Girl together. I love you girl. I am making you some more bows that don’t fall out of your hair.

The flight home was more eventful. During our visit home our girls complained of their heads hurting, and ears bothering them. We just thought it was allergies because of all the green foilage. Did I mention it was green? I mean like Irish green green.

Well, we gave them medication to help but apparently it was a bigger attack of allergies than anticipation because while on the flight home from Jackson, Mississippi to Houston, Texas for a layover. Our oldest had a melt down over her ears. I am grateful to the kind strangers who offered her extra gum. Though we had three mega packs what weren't doing any good. We got her to drink in big gulps that finally seems to help. To the gentleman, who commented that we needed to tell our kiddo to grow up, and get over it. Apparently, you have never had ear troubles or have kids. If you did you wouldn't be such a close minded idiot to say, something like that in hearing distance of said child. Next time, pull your airplane seat up and outta my DH's face, so, he could attend more easily to our kiddos needs instead of inhaling airplane seat debris. Layoff the alcoholic while you are it, your an addict dude. Your not as cool as you think you are.

We took the kids to the doctor's yesterday. Both have ear infections, and possible strep though the rapid test said negative.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Lost Endangered Species by Cathy Hapka

This book is part of the Lost Chronicle Series based upon the show, Lost created by Jeffery Lieber and JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof. In this book we look at castaway, Faith Harrington, a scientist, an environmentalist that is part of the 48 survivors of flight Oceanic 815 that crashed landed on a deserted island. She is trying to deal with the crash of her flight and her personal life before making that ever fateful decision to book an early flight back from Australia. In this book, the author is autopsying Faith’s former life leading up to the decision landed her on this flight.

I don’t remember the character Faith from the show, but from the description I do remember someone off in the distance that resembled her. The show is mainly focused on Jack, Sayid, Kate, Charlie, Locke, Hurley, and a couple others that get killed off either during the six seasons of the show or at the end of the six seasons of the show. It was refreshing to have an in depth look at this character as to the how and why she was there. How she played into the whole Lost thing. I look forward to seeing if the library has the rest of the Lost Chronicles series to read.
The book was only 23 chapters long, I could have easily finished in one day, at lass just because you are not on vacation doesn’t always mean you can sit and read to one’s heart content. So, it took me a total of one day and a fourth.
I give it an A- . I think it left some details out of Faith’s life that maybe played a critical role in the story line of Lost. Get a copy and read away…fellow Lost junkies...

Undead and unwed by Mary Janice Davidson

Undead and Unemployed by Mary Janice Davidson

The second book in her series undead and (___________) series, depending on the book you are on will depend on how you fill in the blank. The series is hysterical reading, which got the attention of my children and other passages on the airplane that was around. They periodically heard outbursts of muffled giggles coming from seat. My children wanted to the read the book without knowing what it was about. The simply wanted to giggle like mommy and get away with it in public.
So, Elizabeth Taylor, aka Betsy is now not just undead but unemployed as well. She is trying to resume a regular type life while dealing with the following things below.
A. Being queen of the dead and tied to Eric Sinclair the king
B. The fact that someone is trying to kill her new friends/family of the undead
C. The fact her family is still very much dysfunctional even more so now that they know she is a vampire.
I give this book the honor roll. I found this book hard to find in my regular library selection however in the honor paperback section, I found lots of good reads without having to worry about the due date of the book.

Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamiltion

This is where it all starts for Anita Blake and her cast of characters called friends and enemies. This where you get introduced, to all of the main characters of the series that interact with Anita the majority of the time; from Bert her boss; to Jean-Claude the master vampire of the city; Edward aka Ted Forrester the bounty hunter; and Ronnie the PI and friend.

Each book introduces more characters that will continue to have contact with Anita; though some will get killed off as the series progresses or moves on to a different series.
If you have started midway in her series, like I did, this is the book you need to pull all the pieces together of the puzzles.
I give an A+ for the start of the series.
Don’t forget the book give away, I am having for this book in paperback form.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More Songbird Avenue Layouts

This is my best friend back in the south and her daughter. She and I have been friends for almos 10 years. so, when I get a chance to scrap photos for her I do.

I used quick page 8 that I designed using the just write kit from Songbird Avenue to document her time with her daughter.
This my friend Angie's middle daughter. She's a gem and very quiet too. So, when the kiddo got cougar of the quarter, well, I just had to do somethng classy for her. I used quickpage 9 I designed. I also had to change some fo the colors to make it work with the color scheme. Go Ju-Ju!!
Here is my friend Angie. A student herself. I am so proud of her and her husband for allowing her to go back to school and achieve her goal of getting a degree. She is in medical school currently. So, its pretty tough for her right now. Go angie go!

Quick page 9

Quick page 8

quick page 7

If you like any of hte quick pages, you can contact Songbird Avenue, they will set it up in the store for purchase.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just Write Kit By Songbird Avenue Released today

I know i have been such a teaser this past month about the songbird stuff. I can't help it. It totally rocks. Here are some layouts with quickpages available by request only for you to look at.
This months pages were inspired by the free classes at two peas in a bucket, on scrapbooking with pattern paper, and card assignment. Scrapbooking using pattern paper to make things like accents and such. The card assignment was beginning repeditive with elements. As you can see on some of the layouts and quick page designs.
Brother Sister Posey -thanks to Athenna and Stephanie at Paranormal Haven for allowing me to use their children/nieces and nephews for this month's kit. Thanks ladies!!

This is so happy!!! I love this kids smile. Hey ladies give a great big hug from me to him. Will yeah?

This is quick page 21 if your interested in purchasing it. You just have to email songbird avenue to be able to purchase it.
This is quickpage 22, again, just email songbird avenue. they can get it set up for purchase.

ugs- is just to precious..look at the wonderful smiles..omg!! Bear Hugs-I love them. Wait a minute I forgot my bear back home while on hoo, I wait a minute. No, I didn't that's my dh who is asleep at the moment.

This is quick page 20 used for bear hugs. Again, just contact songbird avenue for details on how to purchase the quick pages.

This is quickpage 19. Again, contact songbird avenue for purchasing details.

To cute-is just that just too cute

Twin love-okay are these just darling!?!

This quick page 18, again just contact songbird avenue for purchasing details.

This quickpage 17, again, just contact songbird avenue for purchasing details.

Peacefully sleeping..geez I wish I could crash like this...such a terriffic picture. Thanks, I got it anyways!

This is quickpage 15.

This is quickpage 16.
Pepsi lover- I just love this picture and layout...

Jayden and the marker..

This is quickpage 13.
This is quickpage 14.
This is A to G to J Style and Grace...the girls got it. what can I say...go girl
This is quick page 12 ..

This is quickpage 11.

Again, if you are interested in purchasing the quickpages shown here, then contact songbird avenue. They are not part of the regular store.