Monday, August 9, 2010

Lost Endangered Species by Cathy Hapka

This book is part of the Lost Chronicle Series based upon the show, Lost created by Jeffery Lieber and JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof. In this book we look at castaway, Faith Harrington, a scientist, an environmentalist that is part of the 48 survivors of flight Oceanic 815 that crashed landed on a deserted island. She is trying to deal with the crash of her flight and her personal life before making that ever fateful decision to book an early flight back from Australia. In this book, the author is autopsying Faith’s former life leading up to the decision landed her on this flight.

I don’t remember the character Faith from the show, but from the description I do remember someone off in the distance that resembled her. The show is mainly focused on Jack, Sayid, Kate, Charlie, Locke, Hurley, and a couple others that get killed off either during the six seasons of the show or at the end of the six seasons of the show. It was refreshing to have an in depth look at this character as to the how and why she was there. How she played into the whole Lost thing. I look forward to seeing if the library has the rest of the Lost Chronicles series to read.
The book was only 23 chapters long, I could have easily finished in one day, at lass just because you are not on vacation doesn’t always mean you can sit and read to one’s heart content. So, it took me a total of one day and a fourth.
I give it an A- . I think it left some details out of Faith’s life that maybe played a critical role in the story line of Lost. Get a copy and read away…fellow Lost junkies...

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