Friday, August 13, 2010

Meet the Teacher Night

What a day before the night. Every 10 minutes it seemed the kids thought it was time to go as in go to the school and meet the teachers. Um, I finally loaded them up to go view party spots for their double birthday party to distract them. We finally made a decission for the place of the party. Thank you my dear children. Now, just to reserve the darn spots.

Okay, we leave at what I feel is early. Nope, people were already arriving when we get there. Did I mention, I have this thing for being on time by about 5 minutes early. Yeah, apparently all the kids in the area this year where ready for school.

Each kid meet their new teachers. One is a cheerleading coach, and the other is known for the zoo room. Lots of pets in the room, for the kids to learn about and watch grow. This is great for the child that got this particular teacher,because the child in question wants to be a vet. The child has said this since kindergarden. The other child will have a rude awaking that its not cheerleading camp all day. Seriously, does the kid think that the teacher will do that..young minds are so fantastic.

Unfortunatley, it was still really hot here in the desert, so, the kids got too hot playing outside on the equipment as a reward for being good and stopping by their old teachers rooms as well. So, when we got home we had to drink lots of water. Why my kids won't take a water bottle with them is beyond me.

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Erica T. said...

I'll be thinking of you when I do my first open school night in a few weeks. Finally made it to student teaching. (8th grade science)