Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back from Vacation

Vacation was great. We had good long, long flight from our desert resident area to Chicago, Illinois Midway airport, to Jackson, Mississippi. We made friends with a family that had a little girl who was the same age as one of our kiddos. Hi folks. Thanks for letting your precious one play with our precious one. Then we landed in Jackson, Mississippi to the same heat we experience in our desert residents but with the add ingredient of 100 percent humidity. Talk about talking about a half melt snowman and melting it further. Good gracious, friends I now really appreciate my dry heat for what it is worth. A piece of heaven on earth, for my family in the summer compared to what it felt there.
The first day we spent resting, relaxing, and swimming with family we haven’t seen in over a year. Hi guys! I Hope the heat wave is gone. I hope you are cooler! I know here in the desert we are under 100 without humidity. We also got DH’s grandmother who suffered from a major stroke not a mini stroke as first thought.
The second day my kids had a birthday lunch with their Aunt, Uncle, and their two cousins. I had mentioned to their aunt that they would love to go to Justice Store and get a decorative scarf for school. I told her to check the internet for coupons before going. She not only got the scarves but each an outfit. Thank you Aunt and Uncle, for their birthday gift, that’s all they want to wear. Then when they got home, we went back to Justice and got more scarves and clothes with clearance items, and coupons.
The next day was massive shopping day for birthday and back to school clothes. Can I say my kids love shopping with their Nana? She doesn’t get to buy clothes on a regular basis so they get it in one big shopping spree at a time. Did it stop this day nope, we couldn’t get find the shoes my oldest wanted in the size needed. Plus, we needed backpacks for the kids. Needless, to say we spent the next five days in between babysitting my nieces, dropping in our grandmother, and trying to find these items. So, the end results are wonderful. Not what we expected but still good one. We discovered a new shoe company calls cupcake conture. Not, only are the shoes cute as a button but they fit my oldest which is a hard fit to find.
The last twenty-fours were the toughest for me. I didn’t get to hang with my best friend expect for 2 shakes which is about 2 seconds in English. Not only that I accidentally hit while trying to surprise and hug her at the same time. Then I visited my friend who is dying, needless to say, the news I got from her isn’t great. I had to promise not to tell her family what she told me. I have a heavy heart.
The girls and I got a mini trim from my mil. Thanks, mom, we really needed.
The best gift received was from one of my nieces. This girl is typically very shy, and withdrawn. She normally only allows her mom and dad to spend time with her. I got to read her a book, go shopping with her, go out to eat with her, and do the penguins dance. I told her she was my girl, and she giggled and said, “No you’re my girl.” Then we started, singing the song My Girl together. I love you girl. I am making you some more bows that don’t fall out of your hair.

The flight home was more eventful. During our visit home our girls complained of their heads hurting, and ears bothering them. We just thought it was allergies because of all the green foilage. Did I mention it was green? I mean like Irish green green.

Well, we gave them medication to help but apparently it was a bigger attack of allergies than anticipation because while on the flight home from Jackson, Mississippi to Houston, Texas for a layover. Our oldest had a melt down over her ears. I am grateful to the kind strangers who offered her extra gum. Though we had three mega packs what weren't doing any good. We got her to drink in big gulps that finally seems to help. To the gentleman, who commented that we needed to tell our kiddo to grow up, and get over it. Apparently, you have never had ear troubles or have kids. If you did you wouldn't be such a close minded idiot to say, something like that in hearing distance of said child. Next time, pull your airplane seat up and outta my DH's face, so, he could attend more easily to our kiddos needs instead of inhaling airplane seat debris. Layoff the alcoholic while you are it, your an addict dude. Your not as cool as you think you are.

We took the kids to the doctor's yesterday. Both have ear infections, and possible strep though the rapid test said negative.

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jasjawillis said...

It stinks we didn't get to see each other longer Sam. :( and it's okay that you hit me in the face, I forgive you. LOL! Sorry about your kids' ears and the rude guy on the plane. People have no class sometimes. Geez. Like you WANT your kid to whine and complain on an airplane!