Thursday, August 26, 2010

The final count down is on

Okay, so I totally panicked tuesday. I felt like I was never going to get the happy bags sewn and draw string installed in each bag. May I say 30 of them is a lot to do. I got them done. The I spent yesterdy ironing strips of fabric I had previously sewn and turning rightside out. Last night I made 10 out 30 fabric bows for their pony tail holders that I am making.

Did someone actually say take a picture? Why don't you come help and take the blast picture yourself. Do you know how much work this is? Did I mention in between all this I finally sewed a new dress for myself. I'm girl. I like dresses and skirts so sue me. I think I look good in them. My friend Robyn and kids are coming over. Hi Robyn. She can tell you on her blog about how crazy things are right now.

Deep breath, I can do this. Seriously, I can do this.

You wanna help me out. Seriously, check out the shop blog later this weekend for pictures of the stuff I made.

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jasjawillis said...

You can do it Sam! :0) I'm cheering you on from Mississippi! :)