Thursday, July 29, 2010

Music Review for Kids Music

Now that one of my kids is old enough to access the kid's own library account, we are getting music cd's in very often. I'd thought I would share with you what I have discovered about a couple.
The first song on the Now that's what I call music 34 is the only appropiate song for kids under the age of 15. Its the cleanest music lyrics I have heard in a long while.
The rest of them, I made them turn it off as the walked in teh room at teh end of listening to it. so, the majority of this album is for 15 and up catagory. Parents, please review the lyrics.
NOw, my kids are not teenages yet. Though, all this spring, I have heard Justin Bieber this and that. We have to get his cd PLEASE!! Etc..I am sure you are fimilar with the drill of the begging child show. The only song that I had a question about the lyrics was the usher duet song. I think its the second to last song. Though the hints on the song are not totally I wouldn't let my grandmother listen to this song, I still would advise skipping the song if your kids are under the age of 15. It does suggest somethings without being x-rate. I do appreciate the fact that Justin Bieber's mother is so involved in the songs. I like the fact that the majority of them are clean.
Where does this cd rank on my rating scale. Over all, it makes the A list with me.
Good Job to all!
Websites for the cds' listed abouve are on the label section.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Prescott wishing fountain

A few weekends ago we drove up to escape the heat from the valley of the suns.

No there are not two suns where I live it just feels like it during the summer.
The temperatures get over 100 with humidity and you feel like you have stepped into hell on earth. Though the rest of the year fall, winter, and spring are lovely to be here. Its just summer that you feel you have hell on the earth. Enough with the hell fire and brimstone conversation. I will get plenty of that when we go home to the south for our two year visit. Sounds like a doctor's visit but it isn't. Its just the way it works out for us the last few years.

Back to this lovely fountain, we were walking around the town square, to discover this working and wishes being made. Did I get to make a wish? NO, the kids took all the change to make theirs.

Rainbow table

So, while we were cleaning up the house yesterday. We discovered this rainbow on our table. Isn't it cool. I love rainbows. They are a sign of something good.

Sundresses by me..

So this is the sun dress that I made with out a pattern. Seriously, I did. Thank you to my friend robyn, who came over and helped me figure out how to sew the sides using a night gown to measure the seams. Today I put ribbon on the neck line and buttons, and finally hemmed the darn thing. All ready for my trip Friday.

Here is the pillow case dress I made our baby cousin. I hope that it fits her when it gets there over the weekend.

Full Moon Rising

and then some..

Okay, its almost a full moon. You know what that means, either people allow themselves to go rogue or they embrace what gave them and say thank you.

For me this means, I am traveling to visit family, friends, and embrace the upcoming lost of a friend from a disease.

I am accepting my gift of being the spiritual leader of my bunch not just because I say so. My name and the heritage behind my name says, so. It means spiritual leader no matter what culture you look. Love you dh, but I'm meant to be this. Love you dear very much.

Bear with me as the next 10 days it going to be crazy filled time for me and for my family.

Don't forget to regrister for the contest for a free book!

Anthology Giveaway

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Songbird Avenue Sneak Peak ...

For all of those I have tortured with teasing over the release of the new kit, for August 1st, 2010. Here is a tanzling tid bit sneak peak just for you..

For all of you that think the only thing I do is tease you with hints of what's to come. Well, that's just down right not right. I do come through with sneak peaks.
What was that you said, oh you want to see what I did with the elements with this kit. Tisk tisk, you have to wait just like everyone else until august 1st, 2010 for me to revel here or at the songbird site.

Folks, I have pictures of my friends kiddos this month. So, you may want to stop by and see. I went crazy with kit creations.

Since, I can't sleep this morning..go figure

Guilty Pleasure Giveway

Since, I can't sleep should go ahead and post this before my trip on Friday. I got a paper back book copy of this book at my local library. When I am done reading it, I will be giving it away.
The rules are listed below for the contest.. It's open to US and Canada residents only.
1. leave a comment for one entry.

2. Be a follower of my blog and leave a comment telling my so

3. Post this on your blog, facebook, twitter, etc post comment with link on my blog a seperate entry for each please

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5. Got a website, post a link here showing where you posted this your website

6. Grab my button for the will be posted to the left..having trouble getting the button, email..leave comment with link to where you posted the button..

contest ends, August 27,2010 at 11:59 pm. Winner will be announced over labor weekend...

I"m so Honored

Okay, everyone hold on to your nickers. Guess, who stopped by the blog for a comment on her books, yesterday. I thought the comment disappeared but it didn't.

Annette Blair. That's right folks the one and only. Not only am I excited to find the wonderful comment from this terrific and awesome author but I'm floored that she liked my reviews of her books. Ms Annette Blair I'm honored that you stopped by and left your comments.

Thank you!! You made my month.

Here's the link to where she left her comment...

Monday, July 26, 2010


Thank you to my commenters in the last few days. I approved your comments but blogger has not approved my comments for posting. They have disappeared. I can't see them. Its sort of a bummer if you get me. So, bear with me..just what I need before my trip home my blog crashing..

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Scot, The Witch, and the Wardrobe by Annette Blair

Victoria is a look
with a hoot and a holler
Rory is a gentlemen
under his garder
Both refuse to believe
until the air is full of tease
Each on their destined paths
until one day its set
to collide their destined paths
to be joined as one
like molten metals
cooled together to form
something anew
They remove stubborness
with fashion flair
The dust away loneliness and dispair
to oil on a lovely passion and kindness with caring in spare
To embrace one's true self
is a gift to not just yourself
but the world around
you as well.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Killing Dance by Laurell K Hamilton

Anita, Richard, and Jean-Claude are back for more mystery suspense dealing with vampires and werewolves. If you started in the middle of the series, like I did, this puts the pieces of the jigsaw together carefully and illustratively as well.

I give this book an A+.

I am going to quote two favorite sections out of this book. I haven’t done it yet in this series. So, I thought I would do it now.
Chapter 35: I laughed at this dialog between characters. Then I realized why I laughed. I laughed because in the past I have felt like someone’s toy. Not their love, or their world, just a thing to them. So, many of us have, I think we can all relate. It’s time we stop letting ourselves be that toy or amusement.
“I look like a biker slut from hells meets soldier of fortune pinup.”
“That, too, “Stephen said.
I turned to Cassandra.
“Be honest.”
“You look dangerous, Anita. Like somebody’s weapon.”
I stared in the mirror shaking my head.
“Somebody’s sex toy, you mean.”
“A dominatrix maybe, but nobody’s toy,” Cassandra said.
In the hardback book I read, there is an afterword. The last part is what got me. I have so many times been judged or thought to be something I’m not. It just goes to show that humans are more vicious and cruel than the characters. Here is the last paragraph.
“But you know what, the dark isn’t evil, it’s just dark. The choice between being good and being bad isn’t a one-time-only choice between black and white. It’s a choice that people make every day, every minute. We choose to be good. Remember the next time you see someone covered in tattoos, pierced all over, and dressed in a scary black outfit that the vast majority of serial killers would never dream of attracting that negative attention. Look at the most normal person in line. The one who looks just like your neighbor or a favorite uncle. He’s more likely to be a serial killer or a child molester. The old adage “never judge a book by its cover” is very, very true. More true than you want it to be.”

Photo from

Resurfacing paper folders...

Here is what the kiddos and I did this year to save money on school supplies. We sanded the front and back of perfectly good folders left over from the year before. Why sand down perfectly good folders. They had writing on the front from the classes they were used for.
1. take sandpiper lightly sand the front and back cover.

2. use damp cloth to wipe off grit and let dry.
3. pick out 2 pieces of 12 x 12 identical paper.

4. take mod podge smear lightly on the cover. Place paper and smooth out wrinkles. Be sure to make fold of paper slightly larger so when the kids open the folder it has room. Not hard really.Repeat process for back. Expect cut off excess before gluing by measuring with a straight cutter.
5. Now, fold down the and glue on inside.

6. use either a die cut machine with excess cut off paper or the precut paper pieces to label folders. The kids really enjoyed this.
We only had to buy a 1/4 of the folders we normally had to when we went school supply shopping. Plus, it makes it look like the expensive folders the girls really wanted but we can't afford.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Scraplift Inspiration

I loved this age. The way the rectangles are simply mismatched but yet coordinating. How you can you not love this...?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

DHD Designer and Songbird Avenue

Okay, I am so terrible with secrets. Seriously, unnless I am planning it, I can't keep it. I totally surprised my DH one christmas because the school I worked at had antique vintage pictures thing come in and we totally surprised him at christmas with those photos of the kiddos and I.

So, here is a the scoop, a dhd desinger ( and songbird avenue ( have come together to design a kit for charity for the month of August. The designer is what we call a guest designer. They pick the charity. BTW, it totally rocks this month. They set the tone of the kit. All designerscollaborate on the kit by designing tib bits for a massive collection of style. I'm not talking the madonna vogue people. I talking truly great style.

Keep posted because next Thursday before I leave on a trip home to check on DH's grandmother, I get to post a sneak peek of the kit to be released on August 1st, 2010.

Seriously, keep posted. I know I can be a bit boringly dramatic but that's what I get for having kids.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Getting Pretty Back By Molly Ringwald

So, I saw this book in Entertainment Magazine a few weeks ago. I though, uh. Looks interesting.

The last book I read that was suggested by the Entertainment Magazine, sucked. No it took 4 weeks to finish reading and was really dry in spots.

I thought well geez, I will give it a try. I like her movies the few that I caught. It was really refreshing to have a down to earth book about life from the prespective of a successful mother, actress, wife, and woman. I was about to dye my hair red anyways.

She had simple tips that anyone could use to be fashionable, inexpensive things to do with friends, and well just fun.

The book, I give is an A+.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Red Dawn and other ramblings

Today was a good day. I got to run. I saw the beautiful red dawn. Though the morning was slightly rough but its okay.

I have designed pages with a new kit that I get to reveal on sneak peak in two weeks..

I cut material for wrap skirts last night so its all good.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

To God From Dog

Dear God: Is it on purpose that our names are the same, only reversed?

(the picture with this is priceless)

Dear God: Why do humans smell the flowers, but seldom, if ever, smell one another?

Dear God: When we get to heaven, can we sit on your couch? Or is it still the same old story?

Dear God: Why are there cars named after the jaguar, the cougar, the mustang, the colt, the stingray, and the rabbit, but not ONE named for a Dog? How often do you see a cougar riding around? We do love a nice ride! Would it be so hard to rename the 'Chrysler Eagle' the 'Chrysler Beagle'?

Dear God: If a Dog barks his head off in the forest and no human hears him, is he still a bad Dog?

Dear God: We Dogs can understand human verbal instructions, hand signals, whistles, horns, clickers, beepers, scent ID's, electromagnetic energy fields, and Frisbee flight paths. What do humans understand?

Dear God: More meatballs, less spaghetti, please.

Dear God: Are there mailmen in Heaven? If there are, will I have to apologize?

Dear God: Let me give you a list of just some of the things I must remember to be a good Dog:
1. I will not eat the cats' food before they eat it or after they throw it up.

2. I will not roll on dead seagulls, fish, crabs, etc., just because I like the way they smell.

3. The Litter Box is not a cookie jar.

4. The sofa is not a 'face towel'.

5. The garbage collector is not stealing our stuff.

6. I will not play tug-of-war with Dad's underwear When he's on the toilet.

7. Sticking my nose into someone's crotch is an Unacceptable way of saying 'hello'.

8. I don't need to suddenly stand straight up When I'm under the coffee table.

9. I must shake the rainwater out of my fur before Entering the house - not after.

10. I will not come in from outside & immediately Drag my butt.

11. I will not sit in the middle of the livingroom & lick my crotch.

12. The cat is not a 'squeaky toy' so when I play with him and he makes that noise, it's usually not a good thing.

P.S. Dear God: When I get to Heaven may I have my testicles back?

Dh's grandmother new update

As of yesterday morning late, their time she was doing much better. She was gaining speech and feeling back into her body that she lost during the stroke. She still is having difficulty standing and walking independently though. They were thinking that if she had the ability regained by today that this would her allow her to return to the retirement.

I'm so praying that she gets well. The main purpose for our trip was to make special tim with her. Taking her out to eat, playing cards, bingo etc. Things she likes to do. So, its hard hearing that she is ill. We are not there to help out.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

e -elfen shirt give away

Update date on DH's grandmother

So, you all know or should I say Y'all since I am a southern(If you didn't know this other southern folks, its nto cool to start a sentence with Okay). His family and us made the decision for us to come home for a trip this summer to spend time with his grandmother. Her health hasn't been so great lately. Last month, it was a trip to the emergancy room with surgery the following week. So, to ensure we got there. His family gave up their free tickets to an airplane and gave them to us. Then yesterday we got a text saying that she was, again, rushed to the emergancy room due to stroke like symptoms.

Yes, it was a mini stroke. The warning that she could get a major stroke at any time. We are praying that she is full recovered and able to enjoy life with her great grand children while we are there.

Our coordinating pj's

Mine are the swirlies. The kids are the polka dots..

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pub Ad Challenge for you

Use one of these ads to help unblock your creative juices

Brandi Sutherlin Designs

Above is the red hot orange paper pack I used. Below is the alpha I used.
Here is the travel album I created for our upcoming trip using these two kits and microsoft ofice power point 2007 clip art and fonts.

Here is the card I made for day 2 of jessica sprague card class that just ended.

Day 3 -I used cherie mask's butterfly stamp on this card.

Day 4

Day 5 -two peas in the bucket free arizona font

day 6-i also used cherie mask butterfuly brush, songbird avenue elements from be free on this card

Monday, July 12, 2010

Jessica Sprague Day 1 Card Class

This is Day one of Jessica Sprague's card class. I am so far behind its not funny.
Be Free July 2010 Kit from Songbird avenue

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I love the sunrise. I get to see this when I go running early in teh morning. Its wonderful. though, I have to be careful about coyotes.

MOre quickpages using lauries' stuff.

This quick page 12
This quick page 11

This quick page 10

This is quick page 9

This is quick page 8

Friday, July 9, 2010

Thrown a Curve Ball per say

I'm really excited right now. This is probably why I can't sleep. DH announced last night that he is switching to more healthy eatting.He has noticed that every time he eats something that isn't very healthy he has started getting physically sick. That means the hamburger helpers, and frozen entrees that are high cal and fat are outta here for a while. He is even trying Diet coke and Zero Coke as an alternative to regular coke which is his replacement for cigerrettes and alcohol that he gave up almost 12 years ago when we found out we were expecting our first child. Can you tell I'm a proud wife? Oh, yeah, you know it.
Oh the look on his face when describing diet coke. I swear it had all of us, rolling in laughter.
Needless to say switching to healthy living from eatting crap isn't easy. Plus, if you don't follow the ads in the paper for what is on sale it can be kinda of expensive.

So, follow our journey on lean mean beings blog. Its gonna be a roller coaster ride.

More quickpages created for Songbird avenue

This is Laurie's quick page 7
This laurie's quickpage 6

This is quickpage 5 of Laurie's collection I made

This is quickpage 4

This is quickpage three.