Thursday, July 22, 2010

Resurfacing paper folders...

Here is what the kiddos and I did this year to save money on school supplies. We sanded the front and back of perfectly good folders left over from the year before. Why sand down perfectly good folders. They had writing on the front from the classes they were used for.
1. take sandpiper lightly sand the front and back cover.

2. use damp cloth to wipe off grit and let dry.
3. pick out 2 pieces of 12 x 12 identical paper.

4. take mod podge smear lightly on the cover. Place paper and smooth out wrinkles. Be sure to make fold of paper slightly larger so when the kids open the folder it has room. Not hard really.Repeat process for back. Expect cut off excess before gluing by measuring with a straight cutter.
5. Now, fold down the and glue on inside.

6. use either a die cut machine with excess cut off paper or the precut paper pieces to label folders. The kids really enjoyed this.
We only had to buy a 1/4 of the folders we normally had to when we went school supply shopping. Plus, it makes it look like the expensive folders the girls really wanted but we can't afford.

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