Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Celebrate the End 2008

Happy Birthday and Christmas Cards 2008

Thank you everybody that sent them!!! If you don't see your card in there, trust me I had to squeeze everyone in the shot.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

desert winter wonderland

You like my photos go to my gallery to see what I did with them. Scroll to the bottom of the will find the link.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Now returning to our regularly scheduled programing

as in back to work for this mom. I returned to work today. I saw a woman in the directors office that I had not seen before. I guess, I might have been slightly inpolite, by directly asking the assistant/interm director, "Who's this?". She replied, "This is P." I asked, "Are yea from HQ? Nice to meet you." P replied, "I'm the new director." I replied, "Hello, I am in the four room. I gotta to go teach. Will catch up later on any changes you have for my room. Not to be rude but my class needs me back." P replied, "Not a problem. I understand."

Not five seconds in my room, I get bombard with questions from other teachers who are close enough to welcome me back, "Whatcha think about the new director?" i replied, " I don't know yet. I haven't had enough time to get to know her yet." Not about to get into the rumor mill or solve a disagreement another teacher is having with the director. There is a reason why I choose to teach instead of adminstrate.

Then 30 minutes into my teaching day, my teaching partner and a teacher from the affected room a week ago, inform me that the room next to mine, roof closed due to serve weather. I replied,"Why the heck didn't somebody text me about the excitment going on up in here ( a little street talk)". They all replied we have your blog address but not your number to text. Not to mention, my kids all 12 out of 18 kids were a little stir crazy today. A few punches thrown, a little arm pulling, a lot of hurt feelings due to exhaugstion from the holidays, and overall crankiness. Nothing major but reality of life teaching settling in all over.

During lunch another teacher, pops her head in asking, "Is either of your kids allergic to english sweet peas?" I reply, "NO...why (with an eyebrow raised knowing one of the two was up to something)?" The teacher replies, "Oh one of them just told us they were." I replied, "You tell both of them, that their new ipods and ninentendo ds will be gone for a day if they don't eat their peas." The other teacher left shaking her head laughing under her breath. I kept serving lunch in my room, shaking my head, and laughing under my breath as well. Trying not to let my class knowing how cute but naughty my kids were being. Needless to say, my kids ate their peas.

Back to having to plan lessons for my class, deal with the family drama that erupts on a regular basis around here, and deal with the fact that I may not have a job in the near future if enrollment does not pick up.

Anyone want a tv special instead? hahaa.

Now to make Thank you cards to the families that left gifts for me.

Waiting on a call from the assistant director to figure out what is going on. This way I keep from getting sucked into the rumor mill around my work.

Kids say the darnest things..

While visiting with my bff back home over christmas, her youngest child walks in the room where we are playing with their pets, then announces there is poo-poo in another room, specifically her parents. "Who's is it?" asks my friend. Her first thought is one of the pets "left a surprise" for her. Her youngest child says, "Its yours mommy with a finger pointing at her." My bff replies, "Oh, really? Are you sure you didn't have a potty accident?" Her youngest child says, "No mommy. Really I didn't." So, my fiend gets up to clean up the mess. Only to discover that it is a raisan that one of her children has graciously left behind for her to clean up. We were both laughing hard when she told me that it was a raisan. Of course we find humor in everything our kids say and do when we are together.

We are walking between terminals in HH between our connecting flights. Of course my kids had way to much soda while flying and eatting the airport. My youngest says, "Mommy I burped." I reply, " I know honey, I heard it."She says, Is the Burp and Uncle Burp spelled the same?" I reply, "Well, you Uncle Burt spelled with a "t" isn't but you says his name with a "P" on the end instead. Though the two when you say are spelled the same." She says, "Well we better tell Uncle Burp there was a mistake with his name spelling."

Sunday, December 28, 2008

NhL Coyotes vs Kings Warm Up

Okay here is a cell phone photo of our favorite goalie on the team, Telleqvist. We got excited to see him back on the ice after an injury to his foot. This is during warm up.

After watching disappointedly at the game to a close out where we lost to the kings o to 4.

I found out that one of the reasons they did not put tellqvist in was due to the special helment the other goalie was wearing. Supposedly they are going to auction it off after the holidays to help support a charity. I am all for supporting charties. Expect when your team is losing you put in another goalie that would help win the game folks.

Plus, the team played more like baseball game instead of a hockey game. Why I don't know. The game started off with a fight between players. No biggie just made younger child happier than eatting pickles to see it live. Then its like they got "sucker punched" with the first goal of the kings and couldn't get their moment back for the game (that would be my dh describing the loss).

Then I am in the gift shop. My dh is going to let me get a another fan shirt but this time long sleeve. Expect the shirt is on the top rack. I look directly at an employee of the coyotes for some help. They walk again. Grrrr....No shirt for me because my dh is at the check out counter hollering its time for me to get it in gear. Do you know how often my dh lets me get a $40.00 shirt out of a fan shop? If your answer was almost never are correct. Sorry no million dollar prize here maybe a quarter sitting on the front seat of my vechile.

I don't think I was be so upset about the loss if the the employees of the store would not have been so rude to me. Oh, well ...maybe the next game we go to my dh will let me get my shirt.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wii monolopy

Wii monolopy is so much fun to play plus, it gives my dh and I common ground to reconnect with something we both enjoy. Okay so we played it for more than two hours yesterday trying to include the kids for a family game night.It was so much fun. yes, he won game after game but I didn't care. I just liked having a common ground with him besides NHL hockey and baseball games together.

There is also a hasbro wii game collection. I may have to convience him to go buy it for the kids to play with us for a new family game night tradition.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Home at last..

After six hours of flying, a couple of kids from the time they openned presents asking when we were going to get on a plane, to announcements of delays then on time arrivals/departures, from airplanes with an 80% full capacity with heat on high, to passenger angels who helped out another passenger in distress, and to my children who wonderfully minded through the weeks travels; we are home at last.

To my friend (fire and adoption) and family in houston, there wasn't much choice for food on christmas day expect for papapsito's cantina(watch out for their red salsa sauce its got a kick), and a thrift store cafe (which had a clerk with a cheery attitude), and a friendly flight crews Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Wish we could have visited between flights @ HH. Maybe next time we can coordinate better.

To our friends and family we left behind in the greater Jackson area, we miss you, love you, and wish you wellness in the weeks to come.

To our friends and family in the Phoenix area, thank you for the midnight pick at the airport, and phone calls about snow. We love you and are happy to be home to share the remaining holiday season with you.

Time for drifting off to the coyotes hockey game.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Birthday Tears

Since, I have no outlet to scream or throw a tanturm. I will use this as a way to silently scream out painful outburtst to put on a happy face for the rest of my birthday.

We have spent the day going non-stop shopping for my dh and my girls. Only two requests I made were the largest starbucks and some new make up following doctor's orders. Not to mention the most important trip to see our Santa Claus located in Northpark Mall in Ridgeland, MS. My children have seen this Santa since they were babies. We didn't want to break one of our traditions. I will post a picture of this incredible person. We also made several rounds visiting friends that we miss dearly.

My birthday is going fine until we got home and started eatting a snack before my fil's world famous steaks. He is making them even though he doesn't feel good. This makes me feel very special. he may not speak much but his actions speak a thousand words.

Then my dh (which at the moment doesn't mean dear husband but mainly ugly other words concerning husbands)started picking a fight over dip and crackers. Even if I was being a bit selfish in taking a little more than I should you don't pick a fight with someone on their birthday.

Now, I sit here letting go on this forum of a tanturm.

After he realized I was greatly upset by him ruining my birthday for awhile. He apologized. I told him I wanted to just be left alone for a "chill out time".

He gave me my birthday day present of an 8 gb thumbdrive and my inlaws a $50.00 in cash. I am very thankful for my family even when they upset me.

So, now I will resume cleaning up play photos in peace on a full tummy of the best steaks in the world to me, not to mention variety of vegetables and fruit, and desert to beat.

Birthday wake up call

5:30 am cst /4:30 am mst...yes you heard me right. It was a I gotta go potty mommy. Who put a pull up on me? I didn't even need it. I didn't have an accident with a frowny face with it.

What a way to celebrate a birthday.

Plus its freezing cold !!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Come check it out

A new layout plus a new tutorial. Thank goodness for vacations. Just scroll down to the gallery and tutorial links at the bottom of the blog.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Visiting with my best friend

After nine months of calling each other and emailing consistently. We finally got to just hang out.

We ate chinese food, let the kids play in her backyard with a strict warning stay away from the dirty water/mud puddles, had a peppermint martini, watched some tv, and chilled.

I will finish this posting later about this..

Friday, December 19, 2008

Never be afraid to ....

try new things out.

so, I am super proud of myself. After I got DH to activate the DVD/slide show software. I played around with it until I made the slide show of scrapbook pages with accompanying background music to fit what it was about. It took less than 30 minutes to learn the software. An hour to burn cds for family for Christmas that includes getting one child down asleep, another one in a separate bed in tears with her father, and a niece in bed with her parent. Not to mention in that time frame trips to the bathroom, the last "sip" of water, and don't forget the manhunt for the missing stuffed animal.

My mil is super proud to because my DH announced to the family that he wasn't helping with this "technical" project. It was all mine. Guess what hon? You might be creating a software tech without realizing it. You might be creating a monster....or your equal. Can you hear the spooky Jaws music playing now...

NHL Coyotes Solid Paper Pack

Okay all nhl is the first of the nhl coyotes paper packs. I am not through creating for them yet. I have a couple of other packs to put together then I will be starting on everyone's elses favortie team! Just bare with me in this creative process.

Even if you don't cheer on the coyotes. Let me know how you like the stuff anyways.

Note**there appears to be two same solid brown paper packs in this kit. I believe one is just slightly a different color than the other one. They blend really nice. I may be wrong.

NHL coyotes Solid

First full day home

Okay, forgot how much the weather changes here. Its 70 degrees here for two days and then will be freezing cold again.

Last night I had a child that would not go to sleep until midnight. Yes you heard me midnight.

She was also the first one up as well.

I did get to go for run. It was not bad considering the weather is warm. Now, Monday will be difficult for me to run because it will be cold.

We have had a our breakfast, morning baths and clean up routine, and not getting ready to go visit with friends.

NHL LOGO Element-freebie


This nhl logo was made by looking at the actual logo on a ticket from a coyotoes game. This is a recreation of the actual image.

This is for all hockey fans that digital or hybrid scrapbook. they are in 12 x 12 format png files. You can resize them to fit 8.5 x 11 size for hybrid.

This is for personal and commerical use. I only ask that you place my blog in your credits for kit design when either participating in galleries or scrapbook design contests. Do not claim as your own design or resell in your own name.

Please leave comments about element kit...

Merry Christmas Hockey Fans!
ps the coyotes won again last night.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


in one physical piece from a day of flying. In between color the princess mommy, help find the missing pieces on the i spy game, to the totally stare down with a 6ft cowboy waiting in line to board a plane, his reply to our oldest was I don't bite people only dead cows, got all the adults laughing and a smile on our oldest face, and to the last touch down of big tears streaming down tired kids faces when their ears didn't "pop" with swallowing and chewing.

So, I will keep everyone posted on my holiday visits.

Now, waiting for las vegas csi to start..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Visit with T-Rex the Teddy Bear.

This is T-Rex the classroom teddy bear. This bear was made a field trip at the beginning of the year. My DH got to be a chaperoned on the field trip.

Each child gets to take the teddy bear home each semester. Each time the bear goes home with a student a bag of clothes, a journal to write the teddy Bear's experience down in, and yes you take the bear every where with you including a doctor's office visit. No joke!!

So, T-Rex was our house guest. Needless, to say t-Rex went every where including the bathroom at bath time. So, here is what his journal entry looks like.

I went to the doctor's office to make sure my host was well enough to travel for Christmas. My host just had a cold.

Then we went to target. Apparently this is my host's favorite place to shop. First we stopped for a snack. We ate a pretzel and hi-c red fruit punch drink. Then we went to the dollar section. My host's mommy picked out a very special Christmas outfit for me. It says a Beary Christmas. How did my host's mommy know that I would adore it. Then my host got a gumball machine with gumballs in it. We ten dis something called "window shopping". You don't buy anything. Only look.
then we hit the toy department where my host found her Littlest Pet Shop stuffed ladybug. My Host's Aunt got her a gift certificate for Christmas. My host was able to get this ladybug. Her sister got a mini lps toy set. here mommy got a music CD for her early birthday present. Then we checked out.

We took a bath, ate dinner, and watched hockey.. We went to bed ata good time. I was tired.

Thank you for a good sleep over. Maybe next time we can play video games.

This morning t-Rex goes back to school to his/her home.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Singing christmas carols

to my students at naptime. Yes, any of you that actually know me personal. I did sing and carry a tune for my students at nap time.

For some reason it shocked everyone around me that I would do this for children that were not my flesh and blood. Even after the horrible no good bad day we were having in the room.

First let me tell you how our day started. The temperature dropped and started to rain cats and dogs. At the first sign of descent weather we tried the outdoor plan. It was too wet to play outside on anyting nor had the water drained enough for them to play without soaking their shoes. So,unhappily but obiedently they children came back inside. We tried our famour routine of five little monkes music and movement. Bored already..they were too. So, we tried the circle time with stories..half of my class went home with yellow lights for not listening and leaving the cirlce to play.
Then we couldn't play nice together with any of the play centers. We even had punching and hair pulling. Why?? Well, our schedule was inturpted by the rain.

Then we didn't clean up in time for lunch. So, lunch got served late to everyone. At least we had tater tots which is all the kids favorite.

Not to mention a child got sick while trying to serve lunch. Our little one that sick could not stop crying.
Then nap we just couldn't settle down enough to sleep. So, this teacher decided to sing in a lullabye tone christmas carols to the students to settle the sick one down until mom got there and to help the others fall asleep. All I kept hearing was please don't stop singing..we like it. Please................eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss!!

So, the singing didn't put them to sleep but it did settle them down a little.

Would you sing if you were their teacher? Seriously, I want to know..

In my family if you got a problem

I usually get to solve it.

Okay after two weeks of the usual tyrants of "clean your room or else we are donating your toys to charity". I stopped to pause to refocus on the situation in the kids room. You would usually here me in the past use the old "Santa Clause is coming to town" lyrics sung off tune to get the kids in gear.

Expect this year we are no longer living in a house that has good square footage. This year we are living in about 1000 sq ft or just a little over that. For months, the family as been "yelling" at my husband to get a shelving unit in the kids bedroom which they have to share instead of separate bedrooms with good storage area for toys. This way it will be easier for them to pick up their toys instead of throwing them in bins on the floor which drives him insane. He has a simple rule...keep the floor clean for walking. If we can't walk well let's just say he turns in unfriendly grizzly bear. He begins to growl, and roar to get the floor picked up.

Well, my work and I decided that we were going to get rid of a piece of furniture that was made out of real wood. It had places to hang up pretend dress up stuff. It had places for everything that the kids had out. The rest of their toys are in storage. So, while we had a break at work, a co-worker and I brought into the our rented home. I moved it the rest of the way into the kids room.

Okay, after two hours, me resetting the timer to get them to hurry up to do their homework instead of the forever fairy tale pick up session. What is a fairy tale pick up session. OH, its the youngest pretending to be enchanted princess calling all her friend animals for help instead of her cleaning up. Its the older one taking a toy shovel to shovel toys into a barbie/Cinderella jewelry box then dumping the toys into a toy bin. Its I'm not picking up because all the animals are doing it for me, mommy. Yet, the dirty laundry they left on the floor is still sitting there. The stuffed animals haven't moved for the last 30 minutes of the timer. The Barbie character can't get the Pokemon characters to use their powers to magically make the remaining toys just poof into the bins. Oh, the slip of the foot that some toys and trash wind up under the dress; where mommy finds at bed time only because she is trying to find a movie for them to watch. Christmas movie to be precis. Don't forget the old "there is a monster under the bed, a scorpion, a spider, etc", excuse to get out of doing their room cleaning.

Their room is finally clean..all toys are up off the floor. It looks very nice now, not to mention we can see everything they.

Well, DH got upset with me.He said he had wished I consulted with him first. I just turned and looked with my mouth wide open about to send a retorlic answer back. When it dawned on me. That it would not do any good. Everyone around here is a sugar plum fairy dream of it will magically take care of itself. If I had consulted him he would have said no. My kids would still be in serve trouble for not cleaning their room because daddy didn't put a shelving unit in there yet for organizational purposes.

I would still be in a furious overloaded mood that nothing was going to be ready for our trip home for the holidays. Well, darn it you can't blame the kids for something that isn't exactly their fault. Its their fathers for being stubborn old goat who doesn't want to collect "any more junk" in this tiny rented place. I don't consider a well built shelving unit designed for kids to put up their stuff by a well known company a piece of junk. I think its more about an ego being stepped on and he's not being the great daddy to solve the problem.

Hay wake up it takes two to run a family and be parents. Not one...remember. oh I forgot only guys can have a brain. GET OVER IT!! Tell your kids you love how clean their room is and good job.

At the end of this so not fairy tale post..I got to digitally scrap my oldest missing art work from the fall

Monday, December 15, 2008

The count down is on...

to leave to visit family. My house is a mess. I have laundry piled high from consistent washing. The love of my life..that has promised to help clean up isn't due to work obiligaitons. My two helpers have turned into the two tornados. Well, I'm not in the christmas mood yet.

Between drama from work, drama to get homework and their chores done, and dh consisntenly on the phone with work or at work this year holiday season hasn't been savored as we would have in the past. Maybe its the kids getting older, maybe its the small cramped quarters we are currently renting. and maybe its just us not slowing down.

Piece of advice take the time to enjoy everything..during the holiday season. Seriously, take a stroll at night to enjoy the decorations, take a few moments to turn the lights and stare at your tree lite up.

You will miss the little things that make this time of the year special for yourself and family.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

NHL Lovers!!!

I need you to do me a favor. I need you to post me comment or email me a comment with your favorite team. I am not joking..I got something in the works...just bare with me please. It may take me awhile but I will get things posted to the blog concerning NHL.

Its all good and my dh will be pleased it didn't cost me any money to document our time enjoying the games together.

Prescott Downtown

This was the scene outside of Bill's pizza in downtown Prescott. Though we weren't prepapred for the weather change that hit us with a freezing wind chill factor and the possibility of snow. Though the resturant's oven kept us toasty warm while we wanted for the special pizza to be delivered to the table. The wonderful company my dh's Aunt and Uncle made it twice as nice. I can't tell you how I wished we could have gotten more photos of this wonderful place to share.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Valley of Lights

Okay if you haven't ever been to the Prescott Valley in the winter time. You need to come to the area just for the Valley of Lights Exhibit. I can't find the words to describe the beautiful show of christmas lights and all the different shapes and assortment of scenes to see.

Be prepared to make a donation at the end of the tour but its worth the $1.00 ot $2.00 for this exhibit.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Plaid**Freebie

Here is the christmas plaid I created..

for another digital challenge. This won. See my gallery link for the layout for how I used it. the layout you are looking for is called tis the season.

Marshmallow Geometry**Freebie

Here is the link for my Marshmallow Geometry transparency word art I created for a challenge. I have another one with the words switched. if you are interested email or leave a comment letting me know. I will post an updated link with the other transparency. No need to adjust the background. made in

Update on the joking situation

Okay I walked into my classroom today. My teaching partner pulls me aside. She tells of a situation that occurred this morning that the teacher which is also a family friend of this student in teachers with inappropiate teasing. I now know that i am not over reacting to this situation with this student.

So, the first possible time I had to tell my director about it. I did. Told her to address the entire staff. I did not want anyone thinking we were picking on this one particular person on staff. I just wanted everyone to know that this type of behavior was inappropiate.

She said that she was definitely was going to address the situation with all teachers. It would be stopped.

How do you talk/joke with your kid?

I am just wondering because I have a student. Let's say the way her family talks to her and jokes with her and other students bothers me a lot.

They call each other names and stuff in a jokingly manner. Yet, after they are threw the kid is a complete mess and won't behave. Grant it they admit she is "spoiled rotten".

After they leave the classroom and its just her. She is much better behaved for us. Not temper tantrums, no telling us no, no hurting other kids.

They disturb the class by always checking in on her or sending a friend which works at the school in to check on her. This sends her spiralling out of control again.

Its almost like she thinks she has to act this way just for them. They really don't want her to act like this at all. As a matter in fact they beg her not too around them. I almost feel like she is convinced that she has too. I understand that kids act differently around their parents and push buttons. After months of working with this child. She can be so sweet if left alone and aggravated.

Yes, I joke around with my kids and tease them. Not like this...I don't call them negative words then expect them to behave properly. They even used a "curse" word to her face.

Okay, how many use negative jokes to get their kids attention and how many don't?
Please post a comment so I can better see the other parents shoe before I say anything to anyone at my school.

12 Drummers Drumming

if you count kids bagging on toys, shelving units, and the walls then yes we have 12 drummers drumming in my class..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

11 pipers piping

I have no clue unless 11 humming kids count...

got to run work just text a teacher is sick this morning and we have to jam.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What a terrific evening

Well, first my NHL coyotes beat the Dallas's NHL stars 5 to 3. The coyotes took a beating physically and penalty wise. The Dallas Stars should have about half of our penalties called on us. One penalty should have not been called because the other teams goalie accidentally tripped our player. All I have to say, that was a good hockey game. Now, my DH will be happy that our team won.

I got two layouts done tonight. The one above is the creative tree topper DH came up with for this years Christmas tree. Credits to the digital designers at two peas in a bucket; Cherie Mask for her Be Merry Kit and Meredith Frenwich for her Twinkle Sprinkle kit in the $4.00 section. Both layouts used their products. The other one is in my gallery.

My kitchen is some what presentable finally. Now, only if my children would clean up their mess in the living room that would be a grand thing.

ahh can you hear it

the inside voices being used by teachers and student alike in my class room today. The first time in weeks. All thansk to my teacher being back in the room with me.

Nap time is still hard but better..

ten lords a leaping...

hmmmm if you count the ten jumps for joy my class will be doing as an equivelant. Then yes, we will be leaping.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The light at the end

of a bad week from last week. Okay I walked in early this morning to help finish up projects, breakfast etc. Only to find two teachers sitting in chairs with kids on a carpet circle being quiet so they could text from their phones. Then new teacher told me that we were no longer following the state regulatory schedule and we were creating a new one that suited her. She felt we weren't going to do any more projects or learning sheets either.

At that point I left the room. I spoke to my director. I told everything she said and what I walked into this morning. I told her everything that happened yesterday as well.

Well, before I left today. She announced my old teacher was coming back. The new teacher was going to another room. My old teacher starts tomorrow. I literary could have kissed my director over this.

My old teacher and I have a wonderful mojo for our room. Our kids rarely pulled stunts like they pulled with this other teacher in the room. Our kids used their manners which they haven't since last week. i am so excited. Now, I don't want to go vacation to see family because my job will be easier with this teacher back. I know she will have my back considering all that we are required to do.


Nine ladies dancing

Does nine kids dancing count...that's if my new teacher lets them...:(

Monday, December 8, 2008

A chat with my new teacher....

Okay, after contacting my director over the weekend. I chatted with my new teacher. I really want my old teacher back in the room. This new one is driving me crazy. I did all the foot prints for the hand/feet print reindeer for keepsakes. Did she help? No. did she offer to wipe the paint off the kids feet and put their socks/shoes back on. Nope.

At least she kept the kids in line today. She at least gave out yellow and red lights. she attached stuff the daily reports that go home. Though she could have traced their hands for the other reindeer projects. Nope..propped her feet up not jumping in to help out.

The small improvement helped but it is not enough. I should not have to tell my director that the activities for the afternoon teachers to do. I should be able to leave a note w/ materials and know that it will get done. Unfortunately, I do.

Thank goodness the mandatory staff meeting is this Thursday. At least my director will let me have a say so about stuff. She has my back on the issues that are bugging. Thanks director you are the best!

eight maids a milking

the only thing that I can compare to is getting 8 kids to sit down at the table using their table manners..

Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to work i got...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Seven swans a swimming I feel like I have lost my mind. I couldn't remember what to do was suppose to be. So, I googled the lyrics then went hmmm...never knew this about this carol...

So, here is the link exampling the song...

Thanks my gift to you today. Thanks to all the song writers who make their song easy to understand and down to earth. Not to mention relatable...

Since, there is no way I can compare to the real meaning anyways. Unless you count seeing seven kids playing in snow in the middle of desert a gift. Then that is my only comparision. Yes, they shipped in snow yesterday for the kids in the town to play in some. How cool is that!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sleepless on the weekend

The one day I can rest or night rather. I can't sleep. I went to bed exhaugsted. Now, I am up starting at 3 am in the morning. Its too cold and too dark to go for a walk or run. Nothing is open like Starbucks or a descent convience store for a flavored coffee decaf.

Everyone is tucked in the bed sound asleep peacefully. yes, I tried the crawl back into bed pull the cover up over my head to make completely dark. Didn't work...

Left my classroom .....

crying yesterday. After two days of total complete chaos, I left crying. It just wasn't one thing that had me in tears. It was several things that just sent me over the edge.

I had several children that would not sleep at all. I had several that decided that they would get off their cots. One of the several jumped on a sleeping child's cot and woke that child up. Then they decided that they could talk ugly and disrespectful to me. Not to mention, the fact my "new" teacher use to teach in this room but isn't showing enough heart to make the kids mind wasn't helping. The kids started laughing at me when they saw me cry. They got even ruder and uglier which didn't help.

Not to mention one of my little sweet hearts, got really sick yesterday. This sweet heart could not eat or drink. I was very worried about this child greatly. I have a few children who really never act up. This one is one of the ones that never acts up.

My director went back there to deal with the room. I have never left a room crying in my life. I can promise you that it won't happen again. Come Monday, life will be unpleasant in my room until these homemade gifts get made for their parents and their work is done.

I will be contacting my director this weekend to see if I can come in early this week again so i can get a jump on activities. I don't this she will mind a bit. I just don't understand why they went crazy the last two days. Its not like them. We have a schedule and were keeping to it.

Not to mention my oldest child is under stress. Its causing change in this child's behavior due to a class assignment. I have tried to help find a less stressful thing to study since I can't get the child out of the assignment. Any alternative still makes this child uncomfortable, withdraw, not sleeping, and in shock over all by what the others and teacher are discussing. I will be dealing with the teacher to find out the purpose of this assignment for a second grader. The current assignment as I understand it, is to watch the world news on "bad" things and report on it. What they discussed so far is causing my child horrible nightmares and begging not to go to school anymore. The teacher she has is a tough one. None of the other parents feel comfortable confronting her in fear of having it harder on their kids. Now, I have to do something. I am tired of seeing her in agony. What second grade class discusses the "killings", "war", "death squads" etc. Second graders can't comprehend the total affect this has on them or the world around them. No we can't protect our child but there is a reason why they say the news is for mature adult audiences. Kids under the age of 14-15 can't and shouldn't be watching the news.

Plus a friend's family members are very ill right now. Some are in the hospital or just released from the hospital.

Six Geese A Laying

I have no idea what to compare this to..unless you count the food sales of buy three get three free sale this past week.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Five Gold Rings

The only thing that comes close in our house is the silver earring bought at wal-mart because I had lost all the white gold ones. :(

My christmas card to you.

Credits to the following designers: for the small fur hat and christmas lights. for the green background paper.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A New Day

I got to meet and work with my new teaching partner today. OH what a day. Thankfully most of the kiddos took a nap. so, we could clean up, decorate for christmas a little more, and take a breather ourselves. Every day is a new day. Every day we get a second chance to do right.

Tomorrow is a new day, a new start to get the kids to learn, and learn from them.

Four Calling Birds

My only equivelant to this would be four christmas songs.

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
Frosty the Snowman
Santa Claus is coming to town
Rocking around the Christmas Tree

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Three French Hens

Well, I definitely don't have three french hens. I do have three christmas albums I like to listen to at Christmas time.

Trans Siberain Orchestra

The Christmas Attic and Christmas Eve and other Stories ( I don't have the albums yet. I just catch them on the radio), and the Lost Christmas Eve ( I do have and listen to it all the time.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Two Turtle Doves

Hmmm I don't have doves unless you count the dove bars in the cabinet left over from halloween.

What is your doveness comparisson?

**Update on this one** My two turtle doves are a book entitled You are my miracle and the song Raine by Bret Michaels. These two express the same sentiments about a child and a parent. These two will bring tears to your eyes.

Listed below is a link for the song video. You may have to copy and paste to see the video. Unlike the eighties when there was a single release image there is none with the advancement of technology. Listed above is a picture for the book.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Looking for

another job. I love what I do however it has been brought to my attention that the school I work at is beginning affected by the economy as well. They will either shut down or raise rates so drastically that we may loose students. We get no donations from local stores because they don't consider us an actual school. Yet, we are required to teach a circulm to all students. Go figure.

I'd love to find with flexible hours that work with my kids schedules.

Partridge in a Pear Tree

Mine is our christmas tree decorated by our children.

What's yours? leave your holiday greetings below.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

NHL Coyotes Goalie....

Mikael Tellqvist #32 ..he does such a good job protecting the goal. Dh and I got to see him live this past saturday. He kept the other team from scoring a goal 37 times. I have to say this much if the coyotes get rid of him they will be loosing a really good player.

Even last night, they tried to give a break but the Sharks were a good team. So, they put Tellqvist back in. I thought it was a good call.

Now, if the coyotes could play like they did last night but win a a little more. They could raise their NHL numbers. They don't play bad but its a contact sport. Come are suppose to get a little rough. You need to protect yoru goal a little more. Give your goalie a little bit of a break.

Now everyone leave a howling comment if you like nhl. I don't care if you don't root for the coyotes or if you do.

My Creative Dh

Okay, my dh claims he has no creativity running through his blood. I have to say different when it comes to christmas decorating. When we had a wonderful hugh house he would decorate it from head to toe with decorations. He would only ask for assistance if something was just not hitting him right. This year we are are renting. The space is so much smaller than we are use to. So we made a decision not to decorate as much as we had in the past. Plus, a hugh tree just would not fit in our living area.

My dh went to target. He got a prelit tree a very nice small one. He went searching for a tree topper that would not make our little joy of the season fall over. He got discouraged until he found this really cool three dimesional red star made out of metal. He said he just couldn't figure out how to make it "stay" in place as a tree topper. I said to him just use the extra long piece usually for a angle but bend it through the ornament and it will stay in place. We tried it on the store display tree first. It rocked. We put up the tree Saturday evening. It rocked again.

When it comes to christmas my dh is wonderfully creative. Here's to you honey. You rock dude!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Update on Turkey Trot

Okay, I made it in 31 minutes for 3 miles. I almost didn't make it at the end but I pushed through it. The rain stopped just before the race started. I am so happy I did it.

Turkey Trot Run

Ugh, its raining here since yesterday. I really don't want to get out in the rain and run this race. Expect I have been training for it since I first moved to this town. Needless to say, I have sat in my jammies long enough. I now must be getting ready to leave for it.

I will update everyone later on my time and how I felt.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

I am thankful for my family, a good doctor to treat both my children and myself, a job, a wonderful husband, all of my family and friends, and good health.

I hope everyone finds something to be thankful for.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend Update

Okay this weekend has flown by. Now, my laundry is almost caught up, my house pretty much cleaned, and I have been working on stuff digitally. Exciting is the part that I have been working on stuff digitally.I created part of new word art for a challenge and started a challenge that is paint a background with paint bucket then use brushes to decorate. Hopefully if they come out and I get good comments on them. I will release them later as freebies say an word art element and maybe a christmas paper pack.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Update on Sickness Status

Okay I had bronchitis for over a month. I finally got in to see the doctor I wanted to see when I first came down with the stuff. This doctor could not believe all the stuff the other doctors refused to do. After the doctor saw one of my children for an allergy attack it occurred to me that I might want to try new allergy medicine as well. I called the doctor's office up and she gave a trial pack to see if it would work.

All I have to say is after getting new medicine and having a doctor that new how to treat my bronchitis. I am back on the road to recovery.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

November to Remember..

I thought that the start of the new year would be hard. Ugh, this November is starting to measure up to just as hard.

Okay, the full moon week is over finally. Thank goodness, I think my students and my own kiddos were about sick of the full moon. So, the life with kids have settled down again. See my smile to that.

The dealings of working for a school that is corporate dictated; headache for not just my directors but the teachers as well. We lost two teachers this week. They were let go because of the corporate headquarters not making more money per child's head per month. When running a school its not about making money folks its providing enough staff per student ratio, and making sure the kids have plenty to do. I am very disappointed to loose one teacher because we had begun to finally make a good teaching team. The room finally was flowing a classroom needs to flow.
Hopefully she will remember to stop by and pick up her packet of information I will be leaving for her tomorrow.

On top of it all, we have been having flu shot appointments, a trip to the emergancy room due to silbing rivalry, the race is a week from today, and I am happy to say hopefully we can make the hockey game next friday. I haven't seen a live hockey game since I was a kid.

Now, the count down for going home for christmas is on..what a lot of work I have to tackle.

got plans, have had some seriously bad times yourself, or just down and out due the season..shout out in the comments section of this blog. I'd love to hear yourside.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

blue/tan pom pom

This is just a sample of the cheerleading kit in the works currently. I posted this for a friend a site that is looking for cheerleading elements.

If the link doesn't work let me know. I can email the file to my friend.You many have to change the background to transparent. I did this before I had a program that would do background only transparent.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

happy halloween!!

Trick or Trick festival is over and done.

Now for the family fun on the run. Beware of the witch gone wild, the enchanted princess, the cheerleader and the grumpy old dad on the loose..

OOOO went the wind, out went the lights, and a family went out of sight...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Activites

Well, its that time of the year again.

Tonight a halloween festival at my work for the children and parents. Tomorrow halloween parties for my children at school and my children I teach. Then lots of trick or treating from 3- 7. No joke.

Then we come home and crash. Then its november! Time to start the Thanksgiving stuff with a new ourselves.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Results from today Dr's appointment

Ugh...more frustration from the dr's office. Better doctor this time but still the same result with more medicines over the counter, x-rays for specialist, and still miserable.

I can tell you that I so ready to go see this other doctor. My dh is so upset not at the fact I keep going for treatment but the fact the doctors don't seem to know what they are doing.

So, here I am again still miserable.

Follow Up Conversation with the Doctor

Okay, I got mad enough to call the clinic back that I went to for treatment. I talked with the person in appointments. She was very nice. She said that she would either have the doctor or the clinic manager give me a call back with an explaination as to why I didn't get the shot I had originally came in for. So, 15 minuters later, I received a phone call from the doctor who treated me himself.

He said I was still wheezing when he checked me. I said it would have been nice to know that information before leaving. I didn't feel like I was wheezing. I wasn't tight in the chest or short of breath for me. Is there any thing else we can do for the wheezing besides the treatment I am on already or change the course of treatment. He said no. He said its probably time for a specialitist. I said, "why would I go to a specialist for something I have lived with all my life for the nasal congestion and occassional wheezing from infections. When the only thing you can do is keep the house vaccumed frequently and dusted as well." He said,"You may be able to find some medicine to take regularly to help control it." Are you insane? Are you listening to me? I already know how to treat it on a daily basis. What would a specialitst for ears nose and throat or allergy/asthama do for me? Other than what we are doing now? Can you tell now? No answer. He just wanted me to call them back to find out if I still wanted a shot or a referral. So, after discussion with my dh, I am calling the clinic back for the shot with a back up plan of visiting another doctor for a second opinion here in town. She sees our children and sees adults as well. Before I go to see a specialist, I want to be sure that I really need a specialist.

What is up with this doctor? This is why I dispise going to the doctor. Most doctors are like this. They don't listen to the patient at all. They only think they are gods because they have a degree saying they have the training to treat you. There is more to medicine than earning a degree. Trust me. I have meet and worked with a famous doctor before. He even told his medical students that there is more to medicine than diagnosis but the heart of the matter. He even stated that doctors whither in training or experienced in years of practicing need to be open to try alternative methods for caring for their patients. This doctor has my trust for sure.

So, frustrating.....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Follow Up Visit

good morning! Its not really a good morning for me. I went back to the doctor as told by the office staff yesterday. Then they proceeded to tell me that I wasn't even suppose to be there until Wednesday at 1 pm. i'm like okay this isn't my fault the information you gave me was to come back today. So, they worked me in with another doctor in the group. I told everybody that I just wanted a shot to clear my sinuses repeatedly. Did they listen? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! they sent me home with more nasal spray that I detest taking anyways, I can't take because it makes me throw up and have burning sensations. Then they sent me home with an inhaler which I did not need to begin with.

I told my dh about the whole kit and kaboodle. He said didn't sound like they listened this time. He said try the nasal spray just in case it works. Guess what???? I almost went to the freaking hospital because of the nasal spray. Yes, that is correct everyone the hospital. Luckily dh knew how to handle the situation right off the bat. So, I didn't go to the hospital. Needless, to say, I will not returning this clinic ever again. I will just deal with this annoying congestion until my appointment a doctor I know has an openning in about a week and half. Even dh is a bit upset with the faucility considereing I said from the start what I knew worked for me.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bucket List

Okay if you haven't watched this movie yet, you need too. I know its about two old men dying of cancer obtaining their goals before they died. The way they go about it it hilirious. You really need to watch. Both Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman did an excellent job on action out comedy. I laughed so hard I threw myself into a cough/whez cycle repeatedly. I also cried a bit when they first talked about getting the news about dying. So, I would say watch the movie.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Quiet Serenity

At last everyone is in bed, expect for me. I'm wide awake waiting for the last of the medicine for the day to kick,so, I can sleep.

No whining, no temper tanturms, no "i wanna", or sibling rivalries. No husband asking me to do stuff when he knows I am sick. Just the noise of the keyboard going click, clack, tap in a butterfly tone. My stomach doing acrobat flips and flops with an occasional grumble for discomfort from the medications.

Now maybe I can go to sleep and actually rest tonight even though the couch is not the best place to be but the bed is full of well people in the land of sugar plum fairies and gingerbread houses.

So, until I am declared well, then I my bed is the couch which isn't the big comfy couch from the kids show either(Though I do wish for it).

I feel like the bunny in the goodnight moon who is quietly say goodnight to all its favorite things.

Nap? What Nap?

Okay, the medicine finally started to work. I finally started to breath without tightness and whezing. So, I declared a rest/nap time for the entire clan. Usually when I am sick they go lay down and are fine.

Did that happen today? NoOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo! They whined and kicked got off their beds. I finally made them lay down in the bed with me thinking that if they were close to me they would go sleep. Nope, not ta not happening. So, after two hours of continuous whining, complaining, kicking the head board, rolling off the bed etc, and texting dad about no prizes due to bad behavior. I tried letting them rub my back or brush my hair. Did that settle them down? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

so, I finally gave up. They are having a drink and will be cleaning the areas they messed up. No joke!

So, upset its not funny! :(


Being sick really stinks! After two weeks for dealing with bronchitis on my own, I finally went to the doctor yesterday. I was told that I was no longer coughing to clear my chest but my cough was an actual whez. Wonderful!:(
So, they put me on some medication including allergy medications to clear up the bronchitis, allergy attacks, and whez. I have to go back this coming to week to ensure I haven't developed a permit condition.
So, instead of my kids and I being at the center where I work we are at home today resting. If you call doing laundry, dealing with dirty dishes resting then that is what I am doing.
The only good thing is that I can use my time while not breaking up sibling arguments, and folding laundry to finish getting my Thanksgiving curcirlum together and get my submission for a digital designer for scrap booking as well.
So, here's to all that are sick and feeling under the weather.
Here's to all that well and feeling swell! Have a great fall break.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ketchup Kisses

This kit was inspired by an incident with a student, kethup covered mouth, and a pair of khaki colored capris at lunch time. The student got up to throw their plate away in the process gave a hug to me but left a ketchup kiss behind. Most teachers would have gotten upset but I made a joke of it saying I am definitely loved and admired. I had just received ketchup kisses. Even my director thought I had lost my mind. Nope...just had to view the situation with open eyes and an open heart.

Okay this kit was created before I downloaded to start playing around with. So, you may still have to change the background on emblishments and word art to transparencies. Hopefully, here on out you won't have to but we will all see.

Ketchup Kisses (2).zip

Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Tutorial for

Two new tutorials have been posted in my tutorial blog. They are for extraction of an object and Cut/Paste Option.

Just click the tutorial link at the bottom of the blog.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Digi chat -delayed

To all my friends awaiting to get into the site for our weekly digi chat. I can't get back into the site for the chat. I started a thread but it posted four different times. So, if you are in there chatting away let everyone know I'm locked out due to the site is currently overloaded.

Devil Bones by Kathy Reichs

She did it again. She wrote a book I could not put down. I have to say it left me wondering what is going to happen with the next book. I really do hope the characters Ryan and Tempe get back together. they play well with each other.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Tutorial in the the Tutorial Seciton

Okay I figured it out. yes, how to make the new program to resize to an even setting. It has the step by step instructions for anyone just starting out. I hope ths helps. I know I was about to throw in the towel and actually demand money for photoshop or paintshop pro. Now, I am glad I didn't. Have exploring the new software with me. You got a tip or it to the comments section.

Learning new software

Okay so I finally got new software for my graphic design and digital scrapbooking. I am a little frustrated because the only way you can get any answers is by logging in the message board for the product. They have the board set up nice in all but they leave out a section called for newbies and you basic set up questions. Yes, they have tutorial section but it does not have a specific thread for basic set up questions like what is the setting for 12 x 12 digital scrapbooking applicaiton. I found one thread to size for a 4 x 6 card its over two years old and the tutorial link is no longer good.

I found somebody that downlaod the beginners instructions/manual but guess what I could not find it any where on the message board the website for downloadable instructions. You'd think they would automatically give that for those that are moving up from the basic to the complicated learning curve. I guess they forget that there are some folks lower down on the learning curve that need simplier instructions for getting started.

Not sure if I like this or not ...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Puzzled, muffled, and at a lost

Okay, what is up with parents today? I mean other parents. Why don't they want teachers to reinstill the respect and obidence values that they are teaching at home? Why do they think that their kids are complete angels and would not do a thing wrong?

I am the first one when the school calls to say, "What did or didn't they do?""What is the plan of action that I need to correspond with the school?" etc.

Today I found out that parents arent happy right now. Their kids are telling them we are taking certain activities or not doing them. I looked at my director and said, yes they weren't allowed to this activity because they were acting like this. She said oh well that makes sense. yes, they were not allowed to talk during lunch on said dates because of this type of behavior. She said oh that is definitely appropiate discipline for that situation. I said they should really understand that I can not allow this type of behavior because it is a liability for the center and for the parents.

I'm sssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooo aggreviated with parents. Oh, we can't teach them to say ma'am and sir when responding to us. When the heck did society stop teaching manners and politeness. OH, yes.... I'm too old school.

When did we begin to allow our children to dictate the way they are allowed to be expected to behave. Yes, we can learn from children and children can learn from us. When did the roles reverse?

My kids say ma'am and sir, and my kids know they aren't suppose to talk if I catch them with bad table manners.

Any other teachers, care takers, etc...out there experiencing this?

Wake up parents and look at how your kids are really behaving...they have forgotten the importance of using manners and respect.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday night

I really should be asleep, organizing the classroom papers for tomorrows lessons, or reading my book. Though my interest is peeked by the cbs preimer week and I just happened to be able to relax a bit now that my class is settling down with the return of the other teacher in the room.

I am enjoying down time of doing nothing. The view is not like that of a beach scene or of sitting on a balcony of a mountain cabin inhaling the evening air. Its of a television shows instead. though not what most people consider relaxing, right now after weeks of tension its just what the doctor ordered. Nothing just doing nothing.

I'd rather hear the crickets call in the night, with the soothing sound of a creek or a waterfall in the distance, and the stillness in it being just night.

Am I rambling? Probably..reflecting or using my mind to relax myself further to the point of sleep. Yes and no.

What do you do when at ease? Do you sip a special drink, take a bubble bath with lots of bubbles, turn down the lights and start a few candles with an enchanting spell or maybe just take yourslef away better than calgone commerical with thoughts of an ultimate vacation or a moment in time that remains with you to give you strength when your down or relax you when there is no time to relax.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Full Moon Monkey Week

Okay after a very long week not just proffessionally but personally. I have decided to call every week that has a full moon in it, A Full Moon Monkey Week.

It seems everything and everyone in it acts very strangely or freaky for some apparent reason. Why? I don't know. I know they say its an urban legend that people are affected by the moon. Though my experience in life dedicts other wise.

So, if you have a really full moon money week, feel free to post your experiences in the comment section. It makes everyone feel better to get the stress off their chest.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The nerve of

the guy who insulted my friend in a business meeting yesterday. You know who you are and you know you were out of line. I would highly suggested that you apologized to my friend in front of everyone that was there. To look at a mom who had a baby a few months ago and accuse her of being obeses was just plain "d" nasty, inpolite, and quit rude. You must have forgotten your manners that your mama brought you up with because if she heard what you said she would raise up from the grave and slap you.

Everyone knows you don't tell someone even indirectly that they are fat or obese. Where was you brain dude? Apparently, you don't have a good one because you were quit ugly yesterday. Where is the sensitivity that you are suppose approach certain subjects like obesity with? Apparently lost at sea because you certainly did hold your tongue or find better words to use.

Since, my friend has better sensibility, manners, and eqitte than you I will speak up for her to you. You have no right to say what you did...I expect to hear an apology really soon. Trust me I will know if you have apologized.

To my friend, know that you are loved by many, honored by all, and you are my friend most of all...

I hope you have a better day today...{{hugs}}

Monday, September 15, 2008

Kathy Riechs new Book

I'm so excited that her new book is finally in. The libary said a copy will be reserved for me in the next couple of days to read. I can guarantee I won't be doing any graphic designing because I will have turned into a book worm!

I believe its called the Devils Bones.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Update on family affected by Hurricane Ike

Everyone is fine. they have lots of trees down. They have absouletely no power. They left a voicemail to let me know that everyone is okay. Just hot..getting hotter due to no power. I hopefully can reach everyone on their cell phones or home phones in a few days. The lan lines are currently ringing busy and the only way they reached me was on a limited amount of cell phone towers that are up.

Please keep them in your prayers as they clean up.

Currently, I am a grouchy mom because I so concerned about my family.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Annoying Saturday

Okay, I took my children to my local librarty this morning after seeing they were going to have a science lab project for their age group. We get there on time as adverstied but were told they had started at 10:30 am and that my children could not participate but could observe. Why? My loving and protective husband inquired. The person in charge replied in a very rude and better than now tone that we had to pre-regrister for this activity.

We took our children and went to the actually library for awhile, so, my husband could go find out what the deal was. He found out that we did need to pre-regrister and the time had been changed without changing the sign. So, he regristered the children for the next session and regristered that if there was a time change we be notified immediately. Now, I know my momma bear mode was kicking in when I gave a look of total disgust toware the person running the science lab.

Not to mention my children were extremely tired from the week to begin with. To get them to get ready was a bit of a struggle, and they really weren't acting great. Well, lets just say they showed completely out their bad side in the library. I wound up carrying one out acting awful. This really didn't make my saturday considering I was recovering from a very bad migrane.

On top of it, I learned that the eye of the hurricane passed over a location where I have family living at in Texas. I was able to reach them via phone but the other family members were unreachable. I was very distraught.

If you are in an annoyed mode or protective mode...join and have a voice in the comments.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Assorted Blowpop Squirt Elements

This elements kit are pictures I took of lunch boxes owned by family members. I have edited these pictures to use in a layout. The layout won. I have release the edited photos for your use.

You will need to change the background from white to transparency with your transparency function in your digital scrapbook program.

Please leave comments.

Assorted Blowpop Squirt Elements

Family Member Home

Okay we are home as of10:30 pm last night. Every thing is fine and everyone is happy that it is over.

We are just very tired and very grumpy. May not be online much today.

Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts everyone!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

update on family situation

after four hours of waiting it will be another hour until they start surgery..

Family Emergancy

Okay, so I had my freak out moment last night once I made the arrangements I was responsible for to make sure that I am availaable for my family member having unexpected surgery today a noon. There are many that know this person is my rock. This person is also a rock for my kids as well. They did not take the news well when they found out that this person had to go to the hospital for the doctors to make them feel better.

So, if you pray I'd appreciate. To my work thanks for stepping up to bat and offerring assistance. I really needed that!

To the rest of my family here with us. Thanks for the calls and stepping up to bat to take care of the other details that I normally take care of in a normal day for this mom.

Monday, September 8, 2008

School Days Flower

Okay, I am a little disappointed with the way this turned. The flower was not blurred as much as I would like it to. The wind was blowing and the cell phone camera did not catch the movement as much as i would like. Power point does not have a filter option for blur as the more expensive software packages. I still tried my best with this layout. I just wanted to let everyone that when you work with digital programs there will be times you won't be totally pleased by something but its okay. keep trying. I promise you will eventually get!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Better Day Today

One I feel better. Two the weather is not acting like it is going to rain. Three I think we are starting to get back on schedule every where.

I pulled the kiddos out of school early to come home and rest a bit more with their allergies acting up. Homework has started without much fuss which is good.

Quality Play Time Kit

This kit was inspired by a toy tag that was on a birthday gift a family member received in August. I just loved the color combination and its cheeriness. I thought it was perfect. It has paper, ribbons and frames, and word art that was hand written by me.

Remember on the word art, ribbon, and frame you will have to choose the transparency mode to make the white background disappear. Basic paint doesn't have that feature yet.

Quality Playtime

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Monday on a Tuesday

Okay, this feels like a Monday instead of Tuesday. I went to go to sleep last night and couldn't breath. I can't tell if its a cold, allergies, or a combination of both. Its making me feel like crap.

The kids in my class were wild children today. Almost asked them if they ate pure sugar for breakfast but I knew they hadn't. Hopefully it will be easier tomorrow due to the fact they are back on schedule.

Now, for the infamous homework time with my kids including both us giving each other those will battle is fixing to take place. Though currently they both are sitting down doing their stuff without much fuss.

Thank Goodnesssssssssssssssssssss!!!

Did I forget to mention that DH is running later thanks to work. Yeah its definitely a Monday on a Tuesday.

Anyone else having a Monday on a Tuesday? Post your day in the comments. Join in some stress relieve.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

This paper pack was inspired by my layout a Alfac for a Visit. Please leave comments. Thanks

Hurricane Gustav

This is still affecting me because we still have family and friends in the gulf coast area. It is getting almost as strong as Hurricane Katrina. I pray that this hurricane looses strenght before hitting the gulf coast area.

I can say from personal experience that the after math of a hurricane hitting land fall is no fun. Though our damage was nothing compared to the actually Gulf Coast area on the coast it still was not something that I wish to go threw ever again.

So, for anyone reading this please keep those on the Gulf Coast area in your prayers!

Friday, August 29, 2008

End of the first week

I have say, I am really impressed by my co-teacher and my kids. They have been so wonderful in the transition to structured.

Today almost half the kids requested to do their worksheets first. I was so honored. Then one kid who had been having break downs to doing work, just sat down and did the entire work with yes maam's.

Friday Movie Viedo Game Won!

Wow! I won another weekly challenge in one month. This totally so rocks.
There are so many talented people at this site which makes wining all the more an honor for. I wouldn't have started this blog. I wouldn't have gotten back into drawing on the computer if it weren't for such great inspiration.

Click on my gallery it should take you straight to my gallery.

Thanks a bunch ladies!

Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day Back Teaching

Okay, I have to say this was the easiest first day ever for me. Usually, I come into a teaching position and its crazy. I'm just choatic. Not this time. The kids were wonderful. My Teaching partner which is a second teacher in the room totally rocked.

The kids totally did all the projects and learning lessons without tanturms or pulling at the heart strings. I have to say, I was totally impressed. I can't wait for tomorrow.

To adminstrative staff the center totally rocks!!!!!

Running Shoes

Okay gotta make this really quick. If you run and are considering running a 5k or a marathon you have got to go get fitted for a name brand running shoe. No joke. This is coming from a person who generally goes for the generic over name brand.

My dh took me the over the day to a place called road runner. A gigantic store for runners. they literally scanned my feet, and had me run on a tred mill to find the right shoe. OMG!!! It made total difference.

Gotta run off to get ready...

Friday, August 22, 2008

I got hired!!!

I am so excited. I got a job for during the year. I will be teaching four year olds. I can't wait.

I just to have say this is starting this year off on the right foot.

My putting out kits maybe slowed down slightly. So, instead of several kits a week, I will only have one kit a week.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Contest for anyone interested

Okay here are the rules first.
You must answer all the questions correctly to qualify to entered in the drawing.
You understand this prize is for designing purposes only.
Contest ends Saturday August 30th, 2008.
The prize will not be released until 2009.

1. Where did I go last night?
2. How many were in my party?
3. Who were the teams playing?
4. Did I stay for the entire event or did I leave early?

Please send all answers to the email address above. I will anounce the winner After labor day.

Monday, August 18, 2008

New Fortune Cookie Sayings....

Love is like makes things beautiful when you spread it, but it will dry up if you don't use it.

Nothing dared nothing gained.

Make all you can, save all you can, give all you can.

Inspired by Goodnight Moon Kit

This kit was inspired by my childhood fanasty and other childrens' wishes to have a room like the goodnight moon room. So, I put together this little kit by either handdrawing images similar to what was in the goodnight moon book or using basic shapes for all those children that to this day still say "Goodnight Moon".

A great big Thank You to Margaret Ann Wise Brown for writing the story so many years ago. You have brought generations lots of warm fuzzy goodnights every night.

Let's try this 4 share link again. It didn't work the other day.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thank you card kit

This thank you card kit was inspired by the cake themes at my family's birthday parties this past weekend. One is polly pocket inspired and the other is ladybug inspired. I hope this is useful for other people.

Everything was handdrawn in paint. Remember to change the background to transparency when layering these. Basic paint does not have that feature.

For some strange reason my link to for shared is not a direct path. I have tried everything to get it to work. So, either copy and paste it to the web browswer or email me. I will email you the link. I am sssssooooo ssssooorrrryyy..

Please leave comments after downloading.

[url/][thank you card kit 2008/url]

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Okay, I have to find out from other people if they get a good response with rsvp on an invitation. During this party preparation week, we have looking for and receiving a minuimal amount of rsvps. Grant it one of the invitations had the wrong phone number on it, however, there was an alternative means of contact listed that was correct.

Question, do you still rsvp? If not why or if so why?

I am little confused by the lack of response by people to rsvp by a deadline.
So, let me know what the new social rule is concerning this. I really need to know.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

fortune cooke saying

I got this today.

" Your dreams are never silly; depend on them to guide you."

fortune cooke saying

I got this today.

" Your dreams are never silly; depend on them to guide you."

Monday, August 11, 2008

New Camera and Product Review

Okay so my husband broke down this weekend, in a finanical sense not a mental one. He finally found an affordable digital point and shoot camera. Okay, I was excited about getting a new digital camera because the one we have had for at least four years needs to be retired before it literaly dies in the middle of an important event.

He bought the Olympus FE-310. I have to say, it was easier to learn how to use than or older one. Its image stablization feature totally rocks. If the picture taker or the object of the picture is moving around it stabilize it beautifully. Not bad shutter time either. Its zoom makes the mazda commerical look wimpy. Grant it, I went from 3 x zoon to 5 x zoom. It still rocks.

I won't lie that originally we were looking at an srl/dsrl (sp?) camera which would make me look like a pro but the learning curve and portability was an issue. Though looking at those models still makes my mouth water like a water fall. Sweet equipment but not what we needed for a family on the go with lots of functions to attend.

So, if you are looking for a new digital camera, I highly recommend this baby. Yes, its the new "baby" in our family.. OOOieeeeee

Saturday, August 9, 2008

This was inspired by a note sheet that was sent home for my children from meet the teacher day and by one of the names I heard there. Yes, Hoppe is the name I heard. I asked twice to make sure I was correctly saying it. I like the frog but not the entire note sheet. So, to make something special not just for my own family but to help other families. I sketched my own version of what I wanted in basic paint.

So, Hoppe First Day of School to all kiddos starting this week or in the next month.

Remember with my downloads you will need to change the background to transparency because basic paint does not have a way to make it transparent.

Birthday Absence

In light of my family's multiple birthdays coming up with in the next two weeks including a massive laid back water party. Oh, don't forget family coming into town to help out as well.. I am not posting as much in order to prepare, celebrate, and clean up from said birthday celebrations.

I will do my best to keep you updated and release a freebie in the process for you to use.

Update..I have a new cheerleading kit in the works, a very special kit inspired by a very special story that I loved as a child and so do my children, and other kits in the works to be released.

keep checking in to see what will be popping up in the next few weeks.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Okay, I just sketched this in basic paint for my family album on our cheerleading experience. Its not the right colors just yet nor do I have all the additional stuff sketched for the page. I thought I would get your opinion on it and give away a freebie if you like.

If you like it, please leave comments on the blog.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Assorted Blowpop Squirt TY Won!!!

I tried attaching my digital layout image however it won't show up from a web link. So, scroll down to the bottom of the blog to my link for my gallery.

I won the weekly digital chat challenge for a digital scrapbooking site I participate in frequently. I am so excited. I can't believe it. I don't use any fancy computer software to do my digital scrapbooking. So, this should help anyone thinking they can't do it without the fancy equipment or software go, yes I can!!! Oh, my day is starting off so right!

By the way, I do have bad days as well. Its just I like to celebrate the good things that happen in my life out loud.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Disappointed and Pleased at the same time

Currently, I am very disappointed. After moving to a new state, I applied for a substitue position with a school district. Unfortunately, the school district will not grant an emergancy substitute certificate because I do not have a bachlor's degree. I was looking forward to the flexibility of a substitue schedule with kids. Now, I am facing looking into a more structed schedule that is not flexible. What's so funny is that the department of education told me its up to the school district to grant the emergacy status. So, apparently, they don't have a need for substitutes as first was the impression was given.

I am please that I have had six downloads for my first offical kit that was released. Thank you to Patty Cake and ahh for your comment on the 4 share comment section. It made my day much nicer. If you have any questions regarding the kit feel free to email me at the email address above in the blog.

Thank You Maria at Digifree site

Thank you Maria for putting my freebie on your digifree site. I greatly appreciate it!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Birthday Invitation Kit

I designed this for a double birthday party in my family. I only discovered the day that we were suppose to send them out that I needed to have made the invitation print larger. So, You have the choice of fine print or large print downloadable links. Enjoy!
For some reason in power point it will not let you change the background to transparency unless it is insert to project. So, you may have to change the background to transparency before cropping it to your liking.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Tutorial and Gallery Links Up

Look what the cat has attached to the blog per say...the tutorial links and the gallery links for digital scrapbooking with Power Point. Click on it for help with using power point for digital scrapbooking or for viewing my pieces I have created using power point. Enjoy the reading and the view.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Currently, not up will be soon...

Background on me...

All my life a lot of people have told me that “I can’t”, “I wouldn’t”, or “there isn’t any financial gain” to you your dream. I still have a few that try to discourage me. I’m here to tell all of those people. It doesn’t happen overnight. It can happen without selling yourself short. You can do it. Hang in there!
I’m really not a mean person. Mean in my book stands for magnificent, excellent, angelic, and noble. So, I’m proud to be called mean any time. Also mom is pretty cool too. It stands for Moving original magnetism. If you are a parent, grandparent, or a legal guarding of someone you know you that you attend to attract a lot of stuff; the good, the bad, the ugly, and sometimes hmmm moments in your life moments where you have to mull over things before reacting. So, for all those that need a little boost come rock out with me here and find your true self again.
Now for my playlist, not a typical parents choice of listening music. I have a wide variety of stuff I like certain things just make my day. For the days when tears, hurt feelings, and just play toughness in your plans arise I like “Cry Tough and Nothing but a Good Time” by Poison or “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC. The days I need to get my tail in gear and hit zero to fifty-five in less than a half a second usually crank out “Kick Start My Heart” by Motley Crue. There are other days when I feel like I just need a little boost from up above usually listen to “Can’t Go On” by Group One Crew, “I can’t do this” by Plumb” or “Let Go” by Barlow Girl. There are just days when I feel plain ole happy, so, “Happy” by Ayeisha Woods.
Most of my stuff will be for both personal and commercial use. I simply ask that you put my link for accreditation of designing your stuff for you. If you feel inspired by what have seen, read, and or just lifted up feel free to leave comments. As for financial support, well, do as you feel guided to do. I’d love some financial lift any time, I won’t lie about. Who doesn’t like a little increase in their wallet? So, just email with your intentions.
Thanks for visiting and have a rockin gorgeous day!!! BTW You can do it keep going!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Under production construction

Currently, I am under production construction. So, please bare with me while all the cables, and interfaces are being set up.

Thanks have a rockin' day!