Monday, December 29, 2008

Kids say the darnest things..

While visiting with my bff back home over christmas, her youngest child walks in the room where we are playing with their pets, then announces there is poo-poo in another room, specifically her parents. "Who's is it?" asks my friend. Her first thought is one of the pets "left a surprise" for her. Her youngest child says, "Its yours mommy with a finger pointing at her." My bff replies, "Oh, really? Are you sure you didn't have a potty accident?" Her youngest child says, "No mommy. Really I didn't." So, my fiend gets up to clean up the mess. Only to discover that it is a raisan that one of her children has graciously left behind for her to clean up. We were both laughing hard when she told me that it was a raisan. Of course we find humor in everything our kids say and do when we are together.

We are walking between terminals in HH between our connecting flights. Of course my kids had way to much soda while flying and eatting the airport. My youngest says, "Mommy I burped." I reply, " I know honey, I heard it."She says, Is the Burp and Uncle Burp spelled the same?" I reply, "Well, you Uncle Burt spelled with a "t" isn't but you says his name with a "P" on the end instead. Though the two when you say are spelled the same." She says, "Well we better tell Uncle Burp there was a mistake with his name spelling."

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courtney said...

That is so funny! Kids are so cute!