Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Singing christmas carols

to my students at naptime. Yes, any of you that actually know me personal. I did sing and carry a tune for my students at nap time.

For some reason it shocked everyone around me that I would do this for children that were not my flesh and blood. Even after the horrible no good bad day we were having in the room.

First let me tell you how our day started. The temperature dropped and started to rain cats and dogs. At the first sign of descent weather we tried the outdoor plan. It was too wet to play outside on anyting nor had the water drained enough for them to play without soaking their shoes. So,unhappily but obiedently they children came back inside. We tried our famour routine of five little monkes music and movement. Bored already..they were too. So, we tried the circle time with stories..half of my class went home with yellow lights for not listening and leaving the cirlce to play.
Then we couldn't play nice together with any of the play centers. We even had punching and hair pulling. Why?? Well, our schedule was inturpted by the rain.

Then we didn't clean up in time for lunch. So, lunch got served late to everyone. At least we had tater tots which is all the kids favorite.

Not to mention a child got sick while trying to serve lunch. Our little one that sick could not stop crying.
Then nap we just couldn't settle down enough to sleep. So, this teacher decided to sing in a lullabye tone christmas carols to the students to settle the sick one down until mom got there and to help the others fall asleep. All I kept hearing was please don't stop singing..we like it. Please................eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss!!

So, the singing didn't put them to sleep but it did settle them down a little.

Would you sing if you were their teacher? Seriously, I want to know..

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