Friday, December 26, 2008

Home at last..

After six hours of flying, a couple of kids from the time they openned presents asking when we were going to get on a plane, to announcements of delays then on time arrivals/departures, from airplanes with an 80% full capacity with heat on high, to passenger angels who helped out another passenger in distress, and to my children who wonderfully minded through the weeks travels; we are home at last.

To my friend (fire and adoption) and family in houston, there wasn't much choice for food on christmas day expect for papapsito's cantina(watch out for their red salsa sauce its got a kick), and a thrift store cafe (which had a clerk with a cheery attitude), and a friendly flight crews Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Wish we could have visited between flights @ HH. Maybe next time we can coordinate better.

To our friends and family we left behind in the greater Jackson area, we miss you, love you, and wish you wellness in the weeks to come.

To our friends and family in the Phoenix area, thank you for the midnight pick at the airport, and phone calls about snow. We love you and are happy to be home to share the remaining holiday season with you.

Time for drifting off to the coyotes hockey game.

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