Monday, December 29, 2008

Now returning to our regularly scheduled programing

as in back to work for this mom. I returned to work today. I saw a woman in the directors office that I had not seen before. I guess, I might have been slightly inpolite, by directly asking the assistant/interm director, "Who's this?". She replied, "This is P." I asked, "Are yea from HQ? Nice to meet you." P replied, "I'm the new director." I replied, "Hello, I am in the four room. I gotta to go teach. Will catch up later on any changes you have for my room. Not to be rude but my class needs me back." P replied, "Not a problem. I understand."

Not five seconds in my room, I get bombard with questions from other teachers who are close enough to welcome me back, "Whatcha think about the new director?" i replied, " I don't know yet. I haven't had enough time to get to know her yet." Not about to get into the rumor mill or solve a disagreement another teacher is having with the director. There is a reason why I choose to teach instead of adminstrate.

Then 30 minutes into my teaching day, my teaching partner and a teacher from the affected room a week ago, inform me that the room next to mine, roof closed due to serve weather. I replied,"Why the heck didn't somebody text me about the excitment going on up in here ( a little street talk)". They all replied we have your blog address but not your number to text. Not to mention, my kids all 12 out of 18 kids were a little stir crazy today. A few punches thrown, a little arm pulling, a lot of hurt feelings due to exhaugstion from the holidays, and overall crankiness. Nothing major but reality of life teaching settling in all over.

During lunch another teacher, pops her head in asking, "Is either of your kids allergic to english sweet peas?" I reply, "NO...why (with an eyebrow raised knowing one of the two was up to something)?" The teacher replies, "Oh one of them just told us they were." I replied, "You tell both of them, that their new ipods and ninentendo ds will be gone for a day if they don't eat their peas." The other teacher left shaking her head laughing under her breath. I kept serving lunch in my room, shaking my head, and laughing under my breath as well. Trying not to let my class knowing how cute but naughty my kids were being. Needless to say, my kids ate their peas.

Back to having to plan lessons for my class, deal with the family drama that erupts on a regular basis around here, and deal with the fact that I may not have a job in the near future if enrollment does not pick up.

Anyone want a tv special instead? hahaa.

Now to make Thank you cards to the families that left gifts for me.

Waiting on a call from the assistant director to figure out what is going on. This way I keep from getting sucked into the rumor mill around my work.

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