Monday, December 22, 2008

Birthday Tears

Since, I have no outlet to scream or throw a tanturm. I will use this as a way to silently scream out painful outburtst to put on a happy face for the rest of my birthday.

We have spent the day going non-stop shopping for my dh and my girls. Only two requests I made were the largest starbucks and some new make up following doctor's orders. Not to mention the most important trip to see our Santa Claus located in Northpark Mall in Ridgeland, MS. My children have seen this Santa since they were babies. We didn't want to break one of our traditions. I will post a picture of this incredible person. We also made several rounds visiting friends that we miss dearly.

My birthday is going fine until we got home and started eatting a snack before my fil's world famous steaks. He is making them even though he doesn't feel good. This makes me feel very special. he may not speak much but his actions speak a thousand words.

Then my dh (which at the moment doesn't mean dear husband but mainly ugly other words concerning husbands)started picking a fight over dip and crackers. Even if I was being a bit selfish in taking a little more than I should you don't pick a fight with someone on their birthday.

Now, I sit here letting go on this forum of a tanturm.

After he realized I was greatly upset by him ruining my birthday for awhile. He apologized. I told him I wanted to just be left alone for a "chill out time".

He gave me my birthday day present of an 8 gb thumbdrive and my inlaws a $50.00 in cash. I am very thankful for my family even when they upset me.

So, now I will resume cleaning up play photos in peace on a full tummy of the best steaks in the world to me, not to mention variety of vegetables and fruit, and desert to beat.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. :o)

mean mom productions said...

Thank you!!! You take awesome pictures!!