Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The light at the end

of a bad week from last week. Okay I walked in early this morning to help finish up projects, breakfast etc. Only to find two teachers sitting in chairs with kids on a carpet circle being quiet so they could text from their phones. Then new teacher told me that we were no longer following the state regulatory schedule and we were creating a new one that suited her. She felt we weren't going to do any more projects or learning sheets either.

At that point I left the room. I spoke to my director. I told everything she said and what I walked into this morning. I told her everything that happened yesterday as well.

Well, before I left today. She announced my old teacher was coming back. The new teacher was going to another room. My old teacher starts tomorrow. I literary could have kissed my director over this.

My old teacher and I have a wonderful mojo for our room. Our kids rarely pulled stunts like they pulled with this other teacher in the room. Our kids used their manners which they haven't since last week. i am so excited. Now, I don't want to go vacation to see family because my job will be easier with this teacher back. I know she will have my back considering all that we are required to do.


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