Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In my family if you got a problem

I usually get to solve it.

Okay after two weeks of the usual tyrants of "clean your room or else we are donating your toys to charity". I stopped to pause to refocus on the situation in the kids room. You would usually here me in the past use the old "Santa Clause is coming to town" lyrics sung off tune to get the kids in gear.

Expect this year we are no longer living in a house that has good square footage. This year we are living in about 1000 sq ft or just a little over that. For months, the family as been "yelling" at my husband to get a shelving unit in the kids bedroom which they have to share instead of separate bedrooms with good storage area for toys. This way it will be easier for them to pick up their toys instead of throwing them in bins on the floor which drives him insane. He has a simple rule...keep the floor clean for walking. If we can't walk well let's just say he turns in unfriendly grizzly bear. He begins to growl, and roar to get the floor picked up.

Well, my work and I decided that we were going to get rid of a piece of furniture that was made out of real wood. It had places to hang up pretend dress up stuff. It had places for everything that the kids had out. The rest of their toys are in storage. So, while we had a break at work, a co-worker and I brought into the our rented home. I moved it the rest of the way into the kids room.

Okay, after two hours, me resetting the timer to get them to hurry up to do their homework instead of the forever fairy tale pick up session. What is a fairy tale pick up session. OH, its the youngest pretending to be enchanted princess calling all her friend animals for help instead of her cleaning up. Its the older one taking a toy shovel to shovel toys into a barbie/Cinderella jewelry box then dumping the toys into a toy bin. Its I'm not picking up because all the animals are doing it for me, mommy. Yet, the dirty laundry they left on the floor is still sitting there. The stuffed animals haven't moved for the last 30 minutes of the timer. The Barbie character can't get the Pokemon characters to use their powers to magically make the remaining toys just poof into the bins. Oh, the slip of the foot that some toys and trash wind up under the dress; where mommy finds at bed time only because she is trying to find a movie for them to watch. Christmas movie to be precis. Don't forget the old "there is a monster under the bed, a scorpion, a spider, etc", excuse to get out of doing their room cleaning.

Their room is finally clean..all toys are up off the floor. It looks very nice now, not to mention we can see everything they.

Well, DH got upset with me.He said he had wished I consulted with him first. I just turned and looked with my mouth wide open about to send a retorlic answer back. When it dawned on me. That it would not do any good. Everyone around here is a sugar plum fairy dream of it will magically take care of itself. If I had consulted him he would have said no. My kids would still be in serve trouble for not cleaning their room because daddy didn't put a shelving unit in there yet for organizational purposes.

I would still be in a furious overloaded mood that nothing was going to be ready for our trip home for the holidays. Well, darn it you can't blame the kids for something that isn't exactly their fault. Its their fathers for being stubborn old goat who doesn't want to collect "any more junk" in this tiny rented place. I don't consider a well built shelving unit designed for kids to put up their stuff by a well known company a piece of junk. I think its more about an ego being stepped on and he's not being the great daddy to solve the problem.

Hay wake up it takes two to run a family and be parents. Not one...remember. oh I forgot only guys can have a brain. GET OVER IT!! Tell your kids you love how clean their room is and good job.

At the end of this so not fairy tale post..I got to digitally scrap my oldest missing art work from the fall

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Stefanie Eskander said...

Your adventures leave me laughing! You manage to look at your situation with humor and practicality! I can't wait to read the next installment!