Monday, December 15, 2008

The count down is on...

to leave to visit family. My house is a mess. I have laundry piled high from consistent washing. The love of my life..that has promised to help clean up isn't due to work obiligaitons. My two helpers have turned into the two tornados. Well, I'm not in the christmas mood yet.

Between drama from work, drama to get homework and their chores done, and dh consisntenly on the phone with work or at work this year holiday season hasn't been savored as we would have in the past. Maybe its the kids getting older, maybe its the small cramped quarters we are currently renting. and maybe its just us not slowing down.

Piece of advice take the time to enjoy everything..during the holiday season. Seriously, take a stroll at night to enjoy the decorations, take a few moments to turn the lights and stare at your tree lite up.

You will miss the little things that make this time of the year special for yourself and family.

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