Monday, December 1, 2008

Looking for

another job. I love what I do however it has been brought to my attention that the school I work at is beginning affected by the economy as well. They will either shut down or raise rates so drastically that we may loose students. We get no donations from local stores because they don't consider us an actual school. Yet, we are required to teach a circulm to all students. Go figure.

I'd love to find with flexible hours that work with my kids schedules.


Heather T. said...

Sorry you have to look for another job--that's icky. =(

Aly D said...

have you thought of becoming a substitute teacher? that's what i do. i work when i want, and get home when my kids do. just an idea. =)

Aly D said...

p.s. you won my RAK, come check it out!