Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Visit with T-Rex the Teddy Bear.

This is T-Rex the classroom teddy bear. This bear was made a field trip at the beginning of the year. My DH got to be a chaperoned on the field trip.

Each child gets to take the teddy bear home each semester. Each time the bear goes home with a student a bag of clothes, a journal to write the teddy Bear's experience down in, and yes you take the bear every where with you including a doctor's office visit. No joke!!

So, T-Rex was our house guest. Needless, to say t-Rex went every where including the bathroom at bath time. So, here is what his journal entry looks like.

I went to the doctor's office to make sure my host was well enough to travel for Christmas. My host just had a cold.

Then we went to target. Apparently this is my host's favorite place to shop. First we stopped for a snack. We ate a pretzel and hi-c red fruit punch drink. Then we went to the dollar section. My host's mommy picked out a very special Christmas outfit for me. It says a Beary Christmas. How did my host's mommy know that I would adore it. Then my host got a gumball machine with gumballs in it. We ten dis something called "window shopping". You don't buy anything. Only look.
then we hit the toy department where my host found her Littlest Pet Shop stuffed ladybug. My Host's Aunt got her a gift certificate for Christmas. My host was able to get this ladybug. Her sister got a mini lps toy set. here mommy got a music CD for her early birthday present. Then we checked out.

We took a bath, ate dinner, and watched hockey.. We went to bed ata good time. I was tired.

Thank you for a good sleep over. Maybe next time we can play video games.

This morning t-Rex goes back to school to his/her home.


Aly D said...

how fun! we used to do that at preschool with a stuffed Clifford dog. the kids loved it.

Katherine (Aussiekat) said...

Sam, I LOVE the idea of the traveling teddy. I bet some of the stories in T-Rex's journal are really funny, and very cute. Do you make a copy of the book for everyone at the end of the year - or does it just stay in the classroom for the kids to read whenever they want?

mean mom productions said...

Katherine_ I don't know if they send a copy of the journal home or not. It would be great if they did.