Thursday, July 7, 2011

Coming soon...

new digital layouts using Jen Martkis new kit from two peas in a bucket and her creative team.

She has been gracious enough to allow me to be a guest designer on the kit.

Magic in the Shadows by Devon Monk

Allie Beckstorm is back with her love of her life Zayvion Jones to back her up. This time instead of drug lords, and her father to battle its fractions of the Authority too!

Here is my favorite part:


He frowned. "When magic is involved, there is never a happily ever after."

p.145 Have I mentioned I have always sucked at all the b****** backstabbing games women play?

totally relate to this piece of line in the story. I have lost jobs and friendships because I don't play any type of politics

Eat Prey Love by Kerrelyn Sparks

Carlos Panterra a werepanther from "All I Want For Christmas is a Vampire" is back. This time its his turn to get shot with cupids arrow. Though the lady for his heart is Caitlyn Whelan, the daughter of Sean Whelan the good vampires second enemy to the Malcontents. Caitlyn Whelan too is confused and dazed by the feelings she has for Carlos. When they both feel it won't work out. He is search for a werepanther mate that can produce more werepanthers. She normally picks the straight and narrow type of guy.

Needless to say, until the last possible second, they both deny it.

This is the last book of Kerrelyn Sparks "Love at Stake" series that I have heard of and not read. I am left wondering how Sean Whelan and his wife will cope with him being a vampire from another "love at stakes" book (oops sorry a spoiler) I normally don't do that. When will Gregory get his cupid arrow shot at him? Phineas is left out in the cold or is just the mojo behind all the love taking place? What about the weretiger? Is he brought into the team as well? Does he finally have his love find him?

What about the two bad guys that escaped? Master Hun and the Corky from the VPN reporter. If you have read all the books you know what I am talking about. The main

My favorite part(s) are listed below:

p239 A conversation between a village leader and caitlyn

"There's one more thing I need to tell you. Carlos and I are pretending to be married."

Ajay's brows shot up. "Pretending?"

She felt her face grow warm. "It's ....complicated."

"Of course it is. When you start deceiving people, it alwasy gets complicated." He shook a finger at her. "It's like I always tell the children, once you start lying, it always comes back to bit in the butt."

Friday, July 1, 2011

My new jelewry

Anyone that has known my family for awhile. And, awhile I'm YEARS, will tell you I don't wear a lot of jewelry but I do have a few requests that I make to get some. The first request was a cross necklace. I am spiritual person by nature. So, my first offical christmas/birthday with my husband his parents gave me this beautiful silver cross with victorian/irish design and purple stone revisible side. I rarely take it off. I don't care if it costume.

I learned a long time ago that your marriage and other relationships are not based on material things but the respect love and a balance between you and the other person.

I gave up a lot to have that including jewelry that was a gift.

Now, that my kids are older, I am looking for some jewelry. Unfortunately, I don't spend a lot of money on it. I don't have a lot to spend on it and I loose it or break it. Seriously, I do. The original text of this message was not saved properly and is lost to the cyber matrix so you are getting the editted version. Do I get a amen from the choir?

So, tonight we are doing some window shopping . We are walking by claires. My Dh notices a sign that says, 10 for $10 sales on specially marked items. Since I need earrings another family member is like me always loosing earrings. My Dh says, that I can get four items off the sale, and they each can get three items off the sale. Yeah? Boo? It's a yeah moment.

The other two get three necklaces, and three earring sets.

Me..see pictures above...blogger won't let move the items around like I want.

Okay first picture is of four ring set one with love carved into it, the second is a three piece earring set a little fancy but hey i'm a girl what can I say, the third is a nine piece earring set for everyday use..yup nothing fancy, and the last image is of a flower ring similar to a ring I had years ago.

Thanks Dh for a nice night out.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Vampire Mine by kerrelyn sparks

Love the cover. I love the fact we finally get to see what Connor has been hiding and why he has been so dead against other's happiness.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


is not just a word but an actual movement that is happening in the world right now. Meaning many families are stuck in transition right now until the economy straightens out and turns around world wide.

My family is included in this. After three years, a relocation to an area of the country we thought would be good for our family. It turns out, that a the job he took isn't good for his health in all areas, the enviroment for the family is great for allergies, miserable for the making friends and connecting with the community, and most of all spiritual. The churches near us aren't what we expected. One of them, I literarily ran out of at the end of the service told my husband if he ever took us back to that church again where the devil ran rampt I would divorce him.

Now, my husband is looking for a new job, I am stuck not finding a new one because I lost mine I just got. I don't do politics never did and never will. If you tell me you want me to do something then I do it, if that is not what You wanted you should have never presented in such a manner. Now, I may never find a job that works with my kids schedule here.

My husband is finally connecting more using social media that he swore he would never use. Thank goodness since most of the people we know use it frequently.

We are now looking at relocating again either within the state we currently reside in or across country. I pray that it is closer to his family, for his sake. Yes, we have family here but it is not like we see them as often once we relocated to a different community area.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Annette Blair's new book, Vampire Dragon

is my newest book being read!! Makes my summer even more smokin' hot. Love the cover and the tatoo on the model!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Extreme Couponing

Thanks to the TLC, my family and I have started couponing again. Extreme style. It is not just time consuming. It is a way of life. Thank goodness my children are old enough to understand that coupons are basically money in our hand we don't have to pay on groceries and other products. Seriously, folks it worth the trouble. My only hang up is the drinks. I want to know where these people are getting free powerade, flavored water, etc for free. That is something we use a lot thanks to sports, and living in the desert. It is hot.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial day Weekend Puke and Pizza

First off, I am not dead not in the hospital. I have been way over stressed out in the last month and half.

It has been super crazy from soccer games, to troubles at the school with my kids, to multiple teacher/parent confrences, a survival plan for my kids until the end of the year, extreme couponing strageties put to use, and getting more product into the shop to sell.

Did I mention the crazy work schedule I have to maintain to help DH get to and from work again. Oh, yes meaning I had to stay up late to get him out the door on time, get little sleep as possible for myself, still get the kids to their activities, work at my job with other peoples' kids, and do all the mundane stuff a stay at home parent has to do to have a functing household.

Yikes, that would make most people runaway and start life over again right?

Nope, not me! I tackle it like the leader of the greek move 300. Going down until it kills me right. NOPE!

I have no instituted massive chores for my kids to do, I holler orders at my DH for help when I get overwhelmed, and refuse to do things when I know I am to exhaugsted to do them.

I am re-establishing contact with friends that we have not seen in months, and repair damage to our family's self-confidence due to some serious bullying problems that did come out until the end of the year, and trying not to sweat the small stuff as the book puts it so nicely. Not an easy task to do.

My Dh tried to do something nice for us. A short trip up to the Prescott metro area. On the way, there one of my kids puked all over my nice new van. You know the one I posted a year and half ago. Oh, yes that nice new van. He deseperately searched and found a car wash with a high water pressure house to scrub clean the puked on matts, and outside of the van. He even vaccumed my said van out removing in missed puked piles from removing nasty matts. Yes, we missed a spot. Then it was off to get new set of pants for my poor kiddo who lost the entire breakfast treat. Then off to find a friend/co-workers car show in the middle of B.F.E. Guess who didn't bring the GPS for added assistance, already frustrated and fuming DH. We finally found said car show. Had fun, with more than even comments of my stomach hurts and I need drink from the peanut gallery. We left to go eat at Bill's Pizza Place on the square. No close parking places to be able to stay and eat. All parking availabale indicate a 30 minute walk with all grumpy family members. My DH turned the puke van around, stopped at two stores not finding what we needed. We headed back down the mountain home. We did finally stop for pizza an hour later at Streets of New York! Yummy. By that time, all was better expect for the smell in my van. Arizona heat and puke smell do not go hand in hand. We stopped for some special vechile cleaner. I got to scrub the carpets under the matts, the seats, doors to remove any remaining missed dried puke and did I forget to mention the LaLa Yogart Smoothie that the kids sprayed all over the back of the van. No, rule no drinks but water allowed in Mommy's van! I know I am so mean! Proud to be it. They are not having to clean up the crap. I am. I have to make my honda last at least 10 years folks. so, excuse me I don't want it destroyed in two the entire that is.

No back to this weekend. Once we got home from our little trip. My dh was complaining about our struggle to coupon and use extreme coupon strageties. Well, one look in the freezer and cabinets just about shut him up. He couldn't beleive the deals we got. He played video games, the kids watched movies, and I worked on the newest line for the store. Educational pdf files for boosting reading comprehension and writing skills.

I am sick of paying for over priced items that in general only cover parts of what my kids need to hold their skills up over the summer. My kids don't like a lot of the material they find it boring. So, I am getting creative with kids. You my followers benefit by me posting affordable pdf files for you to download for a small fee at the site. It's not there yet. Waiting for approval of several teachers that I know to check for mistakes. All I ask is that since its a low price, please promote it on your twitter, facebook, and blog, so, others can get it too. If there is so book, you need done let me know. I will love to do it.

Extreme couponing is great but it has to be a family lifestyle. Seriously, even my kids are telling their dad to stop complaining and help. Help as in do the research for the sales, print out the list of what is on sale and we will match the items to our coupon stash. No shame in saving money. Will he do it? Hell NO!! We are not embrassed to say we coupon. Heck some of our summer outtings are pre-shopping trips to double check regular prices and sale prices before actual shopping. Let start a seperate post about this because there are somethings I need to say about it.

So. its Sunday Morning I have been awake since 5:30 am with a sinus headache. I have caught all the blogs up and will be starting the twitter stuff for the store.

On a serious note:

THANK YOU TO ALL THE SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN that serve our country. To their families we can't do it without your sacrifice. Thank you!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Awakened by P.C. Cast & Kristen Cast

Picture from Zoey has put together her soul and saved her warrior from the otherworld. Now, she has to face the real world and how to get good and evil back in the right balance again.

Here are some of my favorite parts of the story. I have quoted them from the pages.

p. 17

Sgiach laughed. "Science often feels more mysterious than magick, or at least I have always thought so."


"Not because of you,Z. I've been hurt because that's what Darkness does,-it tries to destroy those of us who fight for Light."


"Darkness is territorial, possessive. Once it's had a piece of you, it doesn't like to let go."

"Darkness doesn't have any choice if you choose the path of the Goddess, and you have. It can't beat Light."

"But I'm not sure Light can ever really beat Darkness, either. There's a balance to things, Z.

p. 137

"You know what, Erik? All I'm gonna say to you is this: Evil wins when good folks do nothing," Stevie Ray said.


"Because there is no old magick left here!" Sgiach said, almost shouting in frustration.

"Out there inthe aht world of yours, the mystical, wonderful magick of old, where the black bull was revered along with the Goddess, where the balance of male and female was respected, and where event the rocks and trees had souls, had names, has been destroyed by civilization and intolerance, and forgetfulness. People today, vampyres and humans alike, believe the earth is just a dead thing that they live on-that is somehow wrong or evil or barbaric to listen to the voices of the souls of the world, and sothe heart and the nobility of an entire way of life dried up and withered away..."


"Aye, remembers a time when honor meant more than self, and loyalty wasnae an option or an after thought," Seoras said solemnly.


It's a friend's job to love you , too, if they're real friends." Mama Johnson paused...


"I don't think High Preistessess are supposed to make mistakes."

"Of course they are. How else would they learn and grow? "

"It is wise woman who recognizes that." "It is one of the key differences between you and your mother."

P. 218

Do Not forget this feeling, the Goddess's voice sang through my mind. A tru High Priestess is humble as well as proud, and never forgets the responsibility that being a leader entails.


My son, there is no need to get over Jack. Remember him, and rejoice in the brief, beautiful love you shared. Choosing to do so does not mean forgetting or getting over, it means healing.


Zoey said, "Sometimes nothing and your friends equals a whole lot of something."


Under normal circumstances that is the way of things. But the world today is not normal, nor are our circumstances.


"magick of the oldest kind. it is rarely present in the modern world; it does not suffer civilization well."


What was the old saying? If it has tires or testicles, its gonna give you problems.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

River Marked by Patricia Briggs

Finally, Mercy and Adam get hitched whither by their planning or family's planning. Their honeymoon was suppose to be naturally blissful but the fae have other plan unknown to them. The newly married "Hauptman" couple have to have their honeymoon cut short.

Quotes from the book

p. 16

"Not at all," he disagreed , though I've heard him call me both rash and stupid as well as munber of unflatterin things. "Your ability to survive anything that gets thrown at you sometimes leaves the rest of us swallowing ulcer medication for days afterward. I don't like the taste of Maalox."


"It's a new trend, Mercy, he said. "Right up your alley because it's supposed to be based on an Indian legend. The story is that if you catch a butterfly and whisper your wish to it, then let it go, that the butterfly will take your request to the Great Spirit. Since you released the butterfly, when you could have killed or capture it, the Great Spirit will be inclined to view your request favorably."

"I am doomed," I told the pillow. "Doomed to butterflies and balloons." "At least it isn't pigeons,"observed Warren practically.


Mating is a lot more permanent than marriage. Partly, I think it's that usually if you find your mate, he's not going to be someone you need to divorce. Abuse is almost not possible whe tow people are connected by a mating bond, and it gives you insight into your mate that allows you to avoid the nastier fights that a snowball into cold distance. And partly it is the magic is some what harder to deal with than legal paperwoark, and the mating bond is pack magic.


"And if your ex-wife or any moderately attractive woman from thirteen to seventy is in the area, you should be aware that there is no reason good enough for you to take off your ring."

p. 51

" I thought that if you're feeling primitive about this, it is only fair to let you know that i'm feeling primitive, too," I informed him lightly.


That dog tag meant more to him than the ring did-and so it meant more to me, too. I noticed that the chain looked to be tough enough that I could wear it when running as a coyote, too.


My Whole life I'd been an outsider: first a coyote raise in a pack of werewolves, then a supernatural outsider in my mother's mundane household, finally an outsider who had too many secrets to really have friends. I was good at appearing to fit in, so no one really took notice of me.

p. 166

I hadn't ridden in the back of a pick up truck since I was a kid, and it was still fun. I jumped out before he stopped, just to see if I still could. I landed on my feet but let the moment roll me backward and carry me back to my feet again. It was a matter of timing. My foster father had taught me how to do that after he caught me trying to imiate him.

"Teaching her how to do it right, so, she doesn't break her fool neck," he growled, while my foster mother, Evelyn fussed, "is likely to be less fatal than forbidding her to do, because tha doesn't work at all."


"I'll try to make sure that you always feel that way. My mother use to threaten to shoot my father."

He could barely stand up, and he was making jokes.

I nipped his shoulder. "I can see why she might feel the urge. Tell you what. If you make me mad enough to aim a gun at you--I'll aim for right between your eyes."

"So I won't feel it?", he asked.

I nipped him again, but gently, just a scrape of my teeth. "No. So the bullet ill just bounce off your hard head."

He laughed. "Bird of a feather, Mercy."

p. 239

"I like this man, your husband," he told me. Maybe it was an explanation. "He would have attacked me for putting you in danger--even though the wolf knew exactly what I was. And yet, when you asked him to have patience, he did. It is proper that men listen to the counsel of women."

"Like you listen to your sisters?" I said, as the wolf put his nose just under my ear. I tilted my head to give him my throat. Sharp teeth brushed against my skin, and I shivered.

"Wise women," Coyote agreed. "But sometimes pushy and easy to rile. I think they need to develop a sense of fun. They do not agree with me, so maybe they are not so wise at all that, eh?"

p 266-267

"Why should He?" Coyote asked. "All that is mortal dies. Death is not such a bad thing. What would be a bad thing would be living without challenges. Without knowing defeat, we cannot know what victory is. There is no life without death."

"I like my God better than I like yours," I told him.

"Don't you know, child? He is one and the same." Coyote watched the river devil wait for my response. "The Great Spirit has given us our wits and courage. He sends helpers and counsel. He sent me to you, didn't he? I talked to my sisters tonight. It was a good thing."


I had made the right decision, the only decision. But that didn't make it any easier to live with the deaths of four people I could have saved. I fed Adam, and when he grunted at me, I fed myself too. I had to keep my strength up. If four people had died to give me chance to help kill the river devil, it wouldn't do to fail because I hadn't eatten.


"She does stuff stuff likethis all the time?" asked Calvin, looking at Adam with respect.

Adam lifted his head, and his eyes yellow again--but his voice was only a little rough. "To be fair, it's usually not her fault. She doesn't start things."

"But it looks like she finishes them," said the woman holding Benny's hand.

p 320

I patted his shoulder. "I hate being dependent, too. It sucks."

He gave me a rueful laugh. "We do seem to be in th same boat, no?"

I suppose we must work on being gracious and grateful until we can do for ourselves. Someday the wheel of fate will put us in a position to be of use to them, and we will remember how much easier it is to give help than it is to accept it. Now, why don't you twll me of your adventures? I've heard quite a bit from Warren, of course, but I prefer to get the story from the source whenever possible."

Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's march already

Wow 2011 is literarly flying by us at nascar speed. I can't believe it. My anniversy will be here in less than a week and a half or less than that..

gheez, somebody make sure I don't lose track of time

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Melt downs are a privilege to those that serve as the stay at home partner or the partner that only works part-time but deals with the rest of the crap every day. Thus, this person is entitled to their fair share of melts of voicing their needs, wants, and being listened too.

The other partner should listen, think, and act accordingly to help the said partnes having melt downs to correct what is causing the melt downs.

I know I am currently in melt down mode. At least my partner is responding to the point, I am not as upset as I was.

The Harlequinn by Laurell K. Hamilton

OMG..Laurell does it again. This book is great. Look at the quotes I have posted from the book. Laurell, I would love to meet you personally because girl you hit the nail on the head with your writting. Trying to figure bits and pieces out about yourself then Laurell K. Hamilton does for you with her character Anita Blake.

Background: Anita and Jean-Claude master vampire have been stirring the bucket of politics withing several different groups. The most powerful the vampire council. In doing so, the harlequin have been sent to supposedly observe not destroy, however, in most political observation some jump the "gun" to the destroyed department. For more down load of the book, read it yourself.

Riddle me this: Why is it that there is mever a line for the men's room, but the women's always seems to have one? I did my bit in line and then finally got into the stall. At least it was clean.

Okay, this happens not just at the movie theatre but all events. Why is it that only the women's restroom has an ungodly line to go to the bathroom.

"You hate most in others what you don't like in yourself."

Hmm-I wonder if we all looked in the mirror and said do I really hate myself for that trait quality what would we do to change that..

Sometimes "practical" and "ruthless" wer just different words for the same thing.

Another hmm moment, so, how practical or ruthless are we in our lives?

I'd tried to be his friend, but somehow the sex had ruined that. I think without sex we could have been friends, but with it...with it we neither friends, nor boyfriend ro girlfriend. We were lovers but... I had no words for what was wrong between us but I could feel it, like an old ache in a wound you thought had healed.

Hello! How can you not stop in your life to say, I feel the same way about my relationship is going. Though the other person may not see it.The other person is probably sticking their head in the sand and ignoring the fact. Its easy to ignore than deal with it.

" I spent centuries being given to masters that didn't give a damn what I wanted or needed. You love Nathenield and he loves you, but eventually, needs left unanswered can curdle love like milk left to spoil in the sun."

You have to ask to have your needs meet in a relationship. If you haven't spoken what you need then your partner can't help. If you have spoken your needs, and your partner doesn't try at all to meet your needs then it maybe time for counseling or to restate what your needs and they aren't being meet. Something I discovering, to be my own advocate in my relationship.


"I'm tired of running from myself."

I wasn't sure that answered the question, but Richard seemed to think it did, and I felt Micah not behind me. "Stop running"

So, simply stated but so hard to do when its ourselves we are running from.

The smile slipped away from her face, and I saw something I hadn't expected for a moment: fear.

I see this often in the eyes of those around. I don't know how to make the fear go away from them. Its not fear of me but of other things in their lives. I know they must face it one day.

She leaned over to take my hand, saying, "In this world I would rather live two days like a tiger than a hunderd years like a sheep."

I think this talking about fear. I do believe that when we let fear rule our lives we are sheep. If we face it like a tiger then fear doesn't rule our lives.

He'd always be bound to use in a triumvirate of power, but we'd be broken up. It would be like being trapped in a relationship with someone you'd divorced but could never completely get rid of. A little slice of hell, that.

If that ain't the truth, then what is. This perfectly describes how a couple that divorces and has kids between feel about each. They are still in hell if they choose to make hell.

Though to him, sometimes seduction was business, but not this morning.

I have known people, "business" people that were like this.

But the coffee was good. I sipped it black, because the first cup should always be black. It's the morning slap in the face that lets you know you're awake.

I can't drink coffee black. Sorry but it is too bitter for me. Though, I totally get the slap in the face its morning.

"Its the lady's privilege to keep a man waiting."

To all spouses of that get upset that their spouses take too long getting ready. Remember this line and this line only. Its our privilege to keep you waiting. You should learn patiences.

"I'm treating this the way i treat an emergancy in th middle of a police investigation, Richard. You don't get too hung up on the horrible details or you stop being able to function. You keep moving forward, because you have to."

For those that don't react loosing their cool in situation after situation then this is what applies to them. I know often I don't over react as some would. I am called weird or strange. I have to keep going. For if I don't, who will keep the torch burning.

"What I meant was the loving people changes you. It's changed me, too. I'm softer in some ways, harder in others. I haven't compromised myself as much as you."

Anybody home? This is normal reaction in a relationship.

"A lady always makes a man want to be better than he is. "

"Only love of a good woman will make a man question every choice, every action. Only love makes a warrior hesitate for feat that his lady will find him cruel. Only love makes a man both best he will ever be, and the weakest. Sometimes all in the same moment."

Hello, for all the men or those in the man position of a relationship, read, listen, and think. It's that special person in your life that makes you better.

I offerred gentleness. I offerred love. If I hadn't tasted Malcolm's power only moments before, maybe, I couldn't have done it, but his intent was so pure, so unselfish, that it was like the ardeur had learned a new flavore, I offerred that flavor to them. I offerred them a choice. I gave them cool water and safety.

She should have remembered that people have gieven everything they own, everything they are, to be taken care of, and to have their pain gone. It's the lure of cults: the promise of a good family; it's what people think love is, but love isn't absence of pain, it's a hand to hold while you're going through it.

Anyone ever else wonder this but can't find the answer. Here it is..think on it.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chore Bucks and chore Charts

Okay if you are like me, you try to raise your kids to be responsible and trustworthy, get them ready for what having a job is going to be like by having chores, including an allowance which another term for paycheck.

Though with tough economic times, its hard to always have cash on hand to pay said allowance. So, this is a solution that is awesome. Pretend chore bucks, I have a downloadable file I can email to you if you are interested in trying it in your home. Instead of handing out cash on a weekly you had out the chore bucks. They have the right to keep it to have cash paid later, turn it in for a 2 litter of soda of their choosing, a box of movie candy at the local store, or a redbox movie. If they save it and get cash, then they must have a percentage paid to a savings account, a percentage to charity, and a percentage to their wallets for spending. A rule of thumb is 10% for said doing. I also have started saying you want that name brand item save your chore bucks. Seriously, it has helped curved the I wannas in my house.

I have sparked your interest. email you will receive an email back with a chore chart and chore bucks that will be in jpg form.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lesson Learned

My kids have been told don't feed the puppy table food. This is something pretty regularly repeated like a broken record. Well, apparently the puppy got a hold of some doritos today. Wonder how? Uh hum..

Well, dear puppy puked them back up.

They now know for sure no table food for puppy.

Quick question if the chips make the dog much damage are we doing to our bodies by eatting to many chips?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Puppy..Puppy Puppy

Our house has puppy love. We love our new puppy. She is now up to 2.80 lbs from the time Santa brought her to our house in December 2010.
Our lives now revolved around the puppy. Its so much fun. Check out her picture. How can you not love this little one.
We do!

Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris

This book totally took me by surprise. I wasn't expecting the ending, nor the events that took place throughout the book. The tv series is combining alot of different parts from several different books. If you haven't read the series yet, then you won't know what I am talking. Am I putting the True Blood Series down? Nope, I really do enjoy the show very much. Needless to say, I am looking for to season 4 of the show, and to the next book.
Fae Wars, Vampire take over, true love conflict and much more..

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Incubus Dreams by Laurell K. Hamilton

p. 24 In fact, he mirrored back so exactly what I wanted, what I needed , that it made me wonder if I knew him at all, or if I saw was what he wanted me to see.

He was too perfect. Too perfect what I needed hime to be. that had to be and act right? Nobody was perfectly what you needed them to be, everybody disappointed you in some way, right?"

I think this is how we truly look at relationships because starting young we get disappointed by our parents. It is very sad that we don't understand ourselves like we should.


(Jason speaking)He sighed, "You shut it down on the dance floor. That's not control, not really. It's like you have a gun, and you can lock it in the gun safe, but that doesn't teach you how to shoot it."

(Anita Blake speaking)"I do not **** the people I take care of. It would be like taking advantage of your position."

(Jason speaking) "Anita, what I'm trying to say is that Nathaniel doesn't feel used. He feels useful. He doesn't need a girlfriend, because he thinks he already has one. He doesn't want to date, because he's already living with someone. He doesn't need to look for a place of his own, because he already has one. Micah knows that, Nathaniel knows that, the only person who doesn't know that seems to be be you."

first line I quoted- I just like the line sorry. No words of wisdom here. It can apply so much in our lifes about so many different things.

Second line area I quoted-I have say, I think that all of us to a degree feel this way about others. We do not want to take advantage of them but to a degree we do take advantage or better stated we do not full appreciate those near and dear to us until its too late.

Third line area I quoted-How many of us are blind to the truths that literary sit in front of our faces on a daily basis. Uh? come on...think truly think about this for awhile.

In fact, it seemed easy to make a lot of sense, but inside, it felt hard. Inside it felt like the hardest thing in the world. To just let go, and not pick everything to d eath. To just let go and enjoy whaty ou had. To just let go and not make everybody around you miserable with your own internal dialogue. To just let go and be happy. So Simple. So difficult. So Teffifying.

Wow! Can I say, that this in itself so be the most quoted passage that we as a people need to learn about relationships to a degree. Its better to let it go than pick a fight. How many can't or won't let go of something.

"That's not my message to you, you know I never mind you asking my advice. I actually kind of like it. Who else have you been asking advice from?"

I opened my mouth, and closed it. "I prayed"

"What I'm getting is that you usually only pray when you're out of other options that you like. It might be nice if you prayed as something other than a lasts resort." She said it so matter-of-factly. Nothing big, you prayed. God can't talk to you, so her left a messag on your machine. Great.

I licked my suddenly dry lips, andsaid, "It doesn't bother you that you just took a message from God for me?"

"Well, it wasn't from him directly. He just sent it."

Okay totally get this passage. Hello, how many of us only pray when we want something or need something for ourselves when we are totally sick of the options in front of us. Though those options are the only true options. Seriously, what if we stopped and truly looked at what we needed to do. Could we say, we had the ability to accept it, do it, and deal with consquences when they came.

"Panic that freezes your body numbs your mind, makes you forget everything that you've learned about how to make your body a weapon, and all that is left is a small screaming voice inside your head that mkaes you a victim. If you can't think and can't move, then your are victim. That is why panic will get you killed."

I refuse to be a victim of anything any more. Serioulsy. Not to my allergies, not to frustration, not to stress, not to being treated like idiot that can't remember what is happening on what day. Seriously, I am not a victim. It freaks people out the way I stay calm through situations. Though, why panic. There is no need.

" was the emotional scars torn open and spilled my heart out into my skin. You fight so hard, so long, to cut someone out of your heart, but isn'ts not always yoru heart taht betrays you."

"What is love? Sometimes it's just letting yourself be wh0 and what you are, and letting the person you're suppose to love be who and what he is, too. Or maybe, what and who they are."

Every person who is in a healthy relationship or even a non-healthy relationship, stop read this pharse. This doesn't mean you get to belittle, put down, or make your partner feel less than you. They are your equal. You want them to be accepting of you then you be accepting of them.

"Sex doesn't make you a couple, Richard, love makes you a couple."

All the southern belle or bellos don't even go off the deep end saying, I'm in endorsing sex before marriage. I'm not. I'm simply letting everyone know that it takes more than sex to make a relationship work. Seriously, its just the rewards of the other steps you take to make it as a couple. So, for any teens reading this, wait on having sex. It's worth the wait.

"Just angry. You get angry whenever you get uncomfortable, and what happened in the kitchen is going to hit a lot of buttons for you."

Okay, everyone that doesn't understand or totally get their partner, don't get angry because you can't physical and mentally figure out what they meant or are doing. Let it go..

Sometimes the partso fo my life that are weirdest to me aren't the part dealing with vampires and werewolves and zombies. Even vampires politics didn't confuse me as much as my own love life.

"Give a truly good person power, and they're still a good person. Give truly bad person power, and their still a bad person. The question is always about the person in between. Thaeon tht isn't evil, or good, but just ordinary. You don't always know what an ordinary person is like on the inside."

In light of recent events of our time, this is a very bold statement of our society as a whole.


"I broke some personal rules tonight, that's all."
"Rules that you thought you would never be broken," Requiem said softly.
I looked at him surprised. "You say that like you know."
"A person likes to think of himse ina certain way, whe nwhen something happens that make that no longer possible, you mourn the old self. The person you thought you were."

Put the brakes on everyone that is in the middle of self-hate and self destruct mode. Why are you in that mode? OH! You broke a few personal rules. Mourn it, get it over it, and move on. This coming from someone who broke a few of her own personal rules.

Demon? If she though Requiem was a demon, she'd never sone one for real. I had, and i know the difference.

I hear this saying in the Bible, I hear it in songs as " personal demons" etc. I have seen my fair share of demons whither it is of a family secret demons of other people's inability to accept who they are I can honestly most people wouldn't know it if it walked up and shoke their hands politely. Basically, what it is saying before casting judgment check out your own sins.

He turned at the bathroom door, and aid, "****, Anita, you are the better man in any relationship. Just because you don't have the right equipment , doesn't change what you are."

Okay, I am inturpting this as it doesn't matter who's on top in the relationship. The better person is the one that thinks of others before themselves and doesn't give a crap what others think about the relationship. Meaning, that if my DH could stay at home with the kids and be sahd of the house he would be. He would gladly let me bring in the income if I could make more than he.

Let go. It sounded so simple. But letting go of anythign was so not my best thing. I wasn't even sure I knew how to do it. How do you let go? How do you openjd your hand and let yourself fall, and trust that other people will catch you? That they'll catch you and not let you hurt them, or yourself. Did I trust Nathaniel and Jason that much? Sort of.

Did I trust anyone that much? Maybe. Okay, not really. I took a deep breath, let it out slow, and I let go. I let go. I lget and trusted. Trusted, even as a small voice inside me whispered, stupid, stupid, stupid.

Okay a reoccuring theme this week in quotes and real for me. The two words, "let go". Hmm, how many people have the same trouble. If that was a knock on the door from heaven, to let us know to let go and let God.

"I'm what you call an addictive personality. Do you know what that means officer?"

"It means if you can't drink, you've got to be addicted to something." I said.

He smiled , and really looked at me for me the first. Not just like I was a cop come to hassle him, but like I was a person.

"Yeah, yeah, my counselor wouldn't like that definition, no siree she would not. But, yeah, that's the truth. Some people are lucky, and kits just they're addicted to drinking, or smoking, or whatever, but for those ofuse are just addicted tobeing addicted, anything'll do.

Okay, this is a really important section for those who have an family member(s) or spouse with this. They have to be addicted to something. Even if they stop the bad stuff they turn to food, sugary drinks, or other things they need to replace the other addiction. I know..I watch a family member(s) struggle with this all the time.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentine Wish

for this awesome program that I just heard about. I attended a church service finally after about three months of being very busy or out of town, or vet visits (Banfield Hospital in Pet smart has sunday appointments).

The program is call H.O.T.S. which is short for Hope on the Streets. A program that reachs out to the homeless and those down on their luck. You say why reach out to those on the streets, it could be you one day. Seriously, with the jobless rate rising, and companies closing, it could be you. So, let's make this program be able to have a wonderful time of giving on Valentine's Day this year.

Let's be a secret giver of their list of needs by mailing it to them via mail. This applies to everyone, if you travel, grab a few of the travel size stuff and send it to them. They can use it. Got a nicely used pack back laying around send it. You got a sleeping bag you have no use for ..send it. Let's be there special rack givers. When you send it your items in to them simply put a note saying you heard it on the net about their program and wanted to give without glory or fame. That you are praying that the receiving more than they know what to do with to continue their ministry to these people.

here is their actual need list:
sleeping bags
large heavy duty tarps
Men's White Socks (cotton)
Men's Gym Shoes
Back Packs
Deodorant (travel size) 50 cents walmart
Shampoo/Cond. (travel size) 50 cents walmart
Lotion (travel size) 50 cents walmart
Tooth Brushes/paste (travel size) 50 cents walmart
Lip Balm/chap stick dollar store 4 for a $1.00
Sun Screen (travel size) $1.00 walmart
Tissues (travel size) $1.00 dollar store
Band Aids
nail clippers
Feminine Hygience: pads/Tampons
heavy dutey comb/picks
hair brushes
Ponytail holders
puzzle books

**I'm adding gift certificates to Dollar Tree, Wal-mart, Safeway or Fry's grocery stores. This way they can continue providing a sack lunch once a week along with these items.**

they have a facebook site either under H.O.T.S. or Anthem Fellowship church if you are interested in giving.
Here is the church website. or

I lost their program with the exact information. I know beautiful swag store is planning on donating their items that don't see to their ministry seceretly as well.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Congrats to Bret and Kristi

Its about time!!! Seriously, I love the Poison music and Bret's independent stuff. Though, I can understand his hestitation in popping the question. You always wonder in the back of your mind, is this person going to change or leave me. I totally get why it took, so, long. It just shows you how special of person Kristi is. Way To Go!!!! Congrats again...
May you both be blessed with many more years of happy blissfulness together.

Roses and Thorns by Bret Michaels

His book got cancelled by the publisher. This really bites and not in a good way. As in I was looking forward to reading his background. I wonder what his opinion is on this matter. He is really good at taking a negative turning it into a postivie.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

From Dead To Worse by Charlaine Harris

Is awesome? Humm why is this underline..go figure. I like how Ms. Harris addresses the fact that recovering from Hurricane katrina is a long process. I like the fact that Sookie and Sam are getting closer as friends. My most favorite part of the book is when Sam and Sookie ask the in depth question, "What price are you willing to pay to have a more than average life?"

Answer Sookie is giving up part of her soul the part that no longer gives her the ability to regert her actions like having to commit murder or defend her home.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Desert Sunrise Monday 1-10-2011

I took this picture Monday morning while dropping and running errands. I thought it was a beautiful sight. Though, stopping the car in mid-traffic would probably have caused an accident. So, when I was stopped at a light, I took a reflective picture with the cell camera.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Job Application and Interview

After two years of actively searching for a job that would fit the schedule of hours I need. Thanks to my friend Robyn. I may have a job interview at one of the local schools tomorrow Friday January 7th, 2011. I am hoping for tomorrow because I have pick the right outfit out, make sure I have the correct shoes to wear, and of course its the weather that my hair hates. Dry and cold. If I dont' have the right shoes, let's just say Dh will be purchasing a pair today to make sure it looks all good.

where did I go?

Hi Erica,

I am still around. I just have a computer that is like finky eatter. I have to go to the library to post anything on this blog anymore. So, I usually load up the draft forum with stuff. Then I drive my happy self over to the library to post my stuff.

You can follow the shop blog as well. That let's me post type but not pictures from home.

Dh is currently trying to find away to get me a new computer. Times are really tight since i haven't found a part time job any where for two years. He doesn't mind. He knows its hard right now. Though, the extra cash would be helpful at times. Those times would be said last two months for us, we have five trips to an emergancy clinic. Can I say, its been a hair pulling frustrating.