Friday, July 1, 2011

My new jelewry

Anyone that has known my family for awhile. And, awhile I'm YEARS, will tell you I don't wear a lot of jewelry but I do have a few requests that I make to get some. The first request was a cross necklace. I am spiritual person by nature. So, my first offical christmas/birthday with my husband his parents gave me this beautiful silver cross with victorian/irish design and purple stone revisible side. I rarely take it off. I don't care if it costume.

I learned a long time ago that your marriage and other relationships are not based on material things but the respect love and a balance between you and the other person.

I gave up a lot to have that including jewelry that was a gift.

Now, that my kids are older, I am looking for some jewelry. Unfortunately, I don't spend a lot of money on it. I don't have a lot to spend on it and I loose it or break it. Seriously, I do. The original text of this message was not saved properly and is lost to the cyber matrix so you are getting the editted version. Do I get a amen from the choir?

So, tonight we are doing some window shopping . We are walking by claires. My Dh notices a sign that says, 10 for $10 sales on specially marked items. Since I need earrings another family member is like me always loosing earrings. My Dh says, that I can get four items off the sale, and they each can get three items off the sale. Yeah? Boo? It's a yeah moment.

The other two get three necklaces, and three earring sets.

Me..see pictures above...blogger won't let move the items around like I want.

Okay first picture is of four ring set one with love carved into it, the second is a three piece earring set a little fancy but hey i'm a girl what can I say, the third is a nine piece earring set for everyday use..yup nothing fancy, and the last image is of a flower ring similar to a ring I had years ago.

Thanks Dh for a nice night out.

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