Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 3 Whiplash recovery

Let's say last night was rough. Between Dh kept waking me up to ask questions and extreme amount of nausea either from the medicine or from not enough food on the belly.

Today is a field trip in the park, I man the first aid station. I decided that I would pull the kids out early after the field trip. This way, I can rest before soccer practice.

Good news, we might have found a scout troup for our youngest. Yeah!!!

Gotta get finished getting ready.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 2 Recovery from Whiplash

Okay, I have more rotation but more haze too. The medicine is definitely helping looseing up muscle but it is also making me feel like I'm in a hugh fog. Sleep..oh my that's one thing I can definitely do without even thinking about it once.

I think I am going to try just the muscle relaxer without pain meds tonight. I am happy that i am getting better but not happy that it has to involve prescription drugs. I would rather use herbal remedies instead. Its easier for your body to breakd down and get rid of.

Now, to finish the robot project expect for the finishing details to which my youngest can do later.

clean up the kitchen a bit.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Whiplash recovery day 1

After the last three days of not beings able to move due to extreme pain from serve whiplash of the neck and back not muscle cramps. I am happy to report that some rotation of movement is being returned from yesterdays treatment of medications and chiropractor adjustment. I have also discovered trying to drive my kids to school and back is irriating the condition. So, I will be walking them to and from school from now. I know my DH isn't happy about that. Yet, I am not going to give myself more pain just to make a 5 minute trip by car when a 15 minute walk would do all of us good.

I am very saddened that I can't train for a 10k or do my outdoor class with my friends. I have a hard time sitting at the computer to do anything for a long period of time. The only benefit to this is catching up on my reading. So, you will be seeing more book reviews than creative stuff in the next month. Sorry, my fellow followers but this is the case. Just bear with me as I recover.

Monday, February 22, 2010

My package from Jo Lynne

I went to the mailbox yesterday. I discovered a surprise for me in the package unit. My friend Jo Lynne Valerie sent me her thank you coffee package. Hmmm..yummy.

Here is a picture of the goodie bag. She even included a bag of valentine chocolate.
yummy, I love it.

Thanks Jo Lynne. My oldest says, thank you for the french vanilla hot cocoa. I have to say the tuarmasui was to die for.

On another note, I have threatened to cancel my anniversry with my Dh this year. If I can't sleep in my bed undisturbed for at least 5 nights. I have also threatened to take a way other privileges of his if he does not get more respectful. After having the flu, and having my head repeated yanked back with great pain by kids in their sleep, I have server neck and back pain. Tonight was the first night that I was actually sleeping peacefully and joyfully with out pain. He brings the kids back into the bed. The first thing they is literarily hit the area of my neck and back that sends me out of the bed in pain again.

Getting into see a new doctor right now is impossible, one I dont' have our new insurance cards, and two theire is a 4-6 waiting period for new patients. If this doesn't clear up, I'm headed to the emergancy. i can't take this any more.

Doctor says serve whiplash of the neck and back with adjustments with a chiropractor for the next three weeks.

Okay, I'm back...

but not well yet. I swear I had the flu. Seriously, I think I did. Now my neck and back are out of wack due to sick kids in my bed for two weeks rolling and pulling my hair in their sleep so hard it yanks my head back at a bad angle.

I have announced that tonight everyone is in their own beds regardless of how anyone feels because no one listend to mommy last night and after about 6 repeated rounds of this and calling out in pain I fell stumbling throug a mine field of sorted laundry but not put away and fell on top of it. Needless to say, my family will be dealing with a ratherly over bossy and grumpy mommy.

Great I sound like a freakin' drill sergarent.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sick Day Declared at my house

Pardon the virtual sneezes, coughs, and used kleenexes you may find laying around at our house. We currently, are sick folks. The older one is getting better. The younger one is on the way back to the doctor. I am going to make my herbal broth later to clear out the green junk currently trying to errect a housing complex in my sinuses. Not much sleep.

Dh was like you can blow off the backyard today. I said what. Not today. Give me the day with herbal broth and a nap. Then we will discuss the cleaning up of the backyard.

Now, to take the oldest to school..and the other to the doctor.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wednesday oh wednesday

Thank goodness its hump day already. Usually I say put the brakes on time to give us more time. Yet, the way this week is going I'm so happy that we are going to have Wednesday today or should I say in the morning. Since technically its still Tuesday I sit a dimly lighted kitchen so I can calm down my kids and get them to bed.

Okay, so, everyone knows or will know that have had sick kids since Friday and Saturday. One has a double ear infection, the other a cold from H-e-l-l. So, the doctor said to send them back to school today. They had a three day weekend, so, there was no need for a doctor's excuse for attendance.

I pick my kids up to find my oldest in full blown break allergic reaction to something. Well, we have the oldest doped up, and the younger one doped up resting on seperate couches with the television shows. They are too tired to concentrate on homework. It will be an early wake up time for them. This with DH working late at a customer site, again.

Today this is my schedule:
clean the kitchen and mop floors -done
laundry, start and a dump on my mb floor to be sorted later-started
sort through old paperwork, keep and scan or trash
scan picture of DH and me
start designing album for to be sent off for printing before the end of February.
Scan entertainment article and doctor excuses for attendance office
Make Potato Soup for dinner
check for my ct assignments. -done
volunteer at school-done
library run (did I mention this a every days event with lots of stuff in hand)-done

Thank you to all that have commented either on my blog or at two peas in a bucket on she loves me layout.

Thanks for reading.

Calling on Digital Designers...

I'd like to start featuring a question and answer session with you for many of my readers to see. Maybe even a freebie if you'd like. I'd like to do this once or twice a month. Feature your shop whereever it maybe at.

I think it would a good thing to help one another with our businesses.
Are you interested ? Email me at

Monday, February 15, 2010

Recovery from Valentine's day

Well, the house is trashed. We did nothing but be lazy bums this weekend. Two kids sick. One with a double ear infection, and the other a cold. Medicated kids, and tired mom from up and down nights.

This is how valentine's day started. DH got up really early. I heard him leave to go geocaching. I snuck out and set out the digital valentine card, and decorated hair bows for the girls. Then I snuck back off into bed. I dozed off for a little while.

Dh returned. He came in and kissed me on the cheek. He said, I told you not to do anything. I wasn't buying anything for anybody.

I told him it wasn't expensive.

Then he left again to geocaching. I made blueberry muffins with a premade mix. he came home to the smell of it. Then oldest who has the double ear infection, batted those eyelashes and used the sickest of voice that convinced DH that he should take us out to lunch.

That is what he said. I dont' know if it was the oldest, or the guilt of knowign that his wife went out her way to print out a digital card instead of emailing, the homemade muffins, or the fact i was going to try a new meatloaf recipe for Valentine's day that made him feel like he needed to do something.

Needless to say we went out to eat at local resturant. See for the review of the resturant.

Though, I'd rather have a new pair of nike zoom veroom's instead.

I asked him if we still had an ebay account under his name. Yup, so, he agreed to put my decorated ponytail on it once it is made. So, I need to bogue and get on it.

Moon Called by Patrica Briggs Book Review

This is the beginning of the book series of Mercy Thompson which I love. I mean as in down the books like an alcoholic or drug addict downs their choice of poison. Seriously, well written. She also has another series call Alpha and Omega which the first two books of this series and Mercy Thompson answer so many questions of the books in the future.
If you are looking for a character with awesome view of life, faith, and love. This is it. Mercy Thompson reminds of myself sometimes. The independent strong, fragile, and hates being told no or being treated than the lesser being in the room. I almost want to say, that she is an omega being with what happens when Sammuel and Adam fight over her or should i say flirt with her in front of each other. Though I don't have perfectly flat 12 pack abs, and no tatoos. Tatoos are to permentally remind you of something. My Dh told me that if something unspeakable happened to any of us he may get tatoo as a memorial to any of us. Touching I know..give me a kleenex to catch my tears and snout. Now, before you go off on tatoos. Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife got a tatoo in memory about their little girl that died accidentally.
Though, her personality is something I can totally relate too.
Why would I say, something about faith when this is a paranormal book. Mercy Thompson believes in God, and faith. That its not about the imagery but of the faith in one's heart. Most, paranormal books don't address this. Thank You Patricia for doing that.
Definitely would say read this book. Its awesome!
Psst patricia..I'd love a Mercy's Garage t-shirt. Seriously, would love one for free. They rock out. Now, for a new pair of jeans..which is not happening in today's economy even though both of mine are out of comession which is a story for another time.

Have a New Kid by Friday by Kevin Leman Book Review

Okay, when I first requested this book from the library. It made me think back to the story of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too. When Rabbit tried to get a new and improved tigger that wouldn't stop bouncing. They tried to loose tigger but the only person who was lost was Rabbit. Well, the book I have to say that is not the case with this book. The tips and techniques really do work. Pssst, my planner has notes all over the place because of this book. Yup, I took notes just like I was in college. THat's another story for another day.
Seriously, if you want to be empowered as a parent. Less, whining, and yelling after the first to two weeks, yup; this book is for your family. Seriously, it works. My youngest with the worst attitude and treatment of people in the family. Is slowly coming around to the fact that the child has been behaving badly. Slowly, with lots of new testing limits and shock looks on the child's face like she received electro shock in a mental institute when I put to test the techniques. Was let's just say, seriously cool. A light bulg went on in the child's head that was like boy am I in trouble and I better find a new way to get my way. Ooops, that ain't working. Mom is on to me. Dang, I'm so busted. Dang! Dang! DANG!
If you have older children it might take awhile longer than a week to two weeks. Keep putting the techniques to the test. It does improve the behavior of all inlcuding husband's. SHHHhhh, don't tell mine I used these on him too.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine Blog Tour Stop 15..last one on the tour

This is a tour of blogs celebrating Valentine's and the fact its meant to help us remember that love brings us all together. Here are all the blogs that are before mine. They have some very neat and lovely things for you to ponder and read. I hope they inspire you to take the time this weekend to show your partner you care.

Jo Lynne Valerie, Author

Scott Noir, Author

Author Lorna Suzuki

Blogger Rebecca Hession

Paranormal Haven

Author Dawn Maria http://

Mariana Blaser

Author Heather Long

The Art of Writing In The Rain

Indie Times - Independent Talent Magazine

Groovy Mystery

Author Leigh Ellwood

My blog is focusing on the love relationship that we have with animals , that we have with us and around us. Have ever noticed just how nice it is to come home to find someone wanting nothing but to snuggle with you with no strings attached. Have you noticed that if your stressed they come over and destress you with in seconds of touching you? How nice it is that they listen? This is what pets do for us. They need and seek love, and acceptance just like we do. They bring the "better" side of us out as well. So, this weekend make sure you take that special animal out for a special bonding time. If they weren't with us, then they would be wild and in a pack. Yet, with in a pack there is a family dynamic that each member does receive love and protection. So, let your love shine down not only on your human partners but your animal ones as well.

So, the other animals around us are the wild. I live in the desert. We often see bobcats, coyotes, rattlesnakes, and bunnies (yes there are bunnies out here). Though, most of the time we just go the other way and think nothing of it. These wild animals in your and our area help balance the scale between rodients, and pesty critters that are often unwanted. If it weren't for them, we would be over run with things we would not like. Yes, I have said that the only good snake is a dead snake but if it were for snakes, then cycle would be off balance. Being off balance is like trying to walk a tight rope without safety net. What happens, you crash to your undoing. So, be thankful for those animals we would often just dismiss as a pain in the neck. No, I'm not advising running out and hugging them that would be way too dangerous. Just when you prayer, say vespers, or chant be thankful for everything including the animals.

Everything has its purpose, place, and reason for being here just like the seasons.

I have had the privilege of working with photos from Jo Lynne's collection of photos of her dog Kodiak. This is one of my favorites. When I first saw it I kept hearing she loves me, she loves me not, she loves me in my head after hearing the story of romance he has with his neighbor's dog and how above all odds. The neighbor's dog, feels at home with kodiak. So, in honor of their love will conquer all I did this layout for Jo Lynne.

I have to thank Songbird Avenue for allowing me to on their creative team. Their current kit heart of haiti is available

I have to thank Jo Lynne from the bottom of my heart for adding me to her blog tour. So, without further a do, I am living her link here as well, again. So, if you missed the start you can catch the love train.

February Yearning, Rapture, and Adore

Here is the last page of my February album. Here is the ad I used for inspiration.

Here is the second to last page in the album, along with the ad I used.

This is the third to last page in my album. The ad after it was my inspiration.
So, this my entire album for the month of February 2010. If I need more pages I just layer a few patterned papers and put the pictures like a year book with a few matching elements to the coresponding pages.
As for impressing others that have ads but haven't used them. Don't feel bad, I have over 100 ads that I published on this blog last year that I didn't use. They are sitting in an ad 2009 folder waiting until either hell freezes over or that I have a dry spell with magazines with no good ads to be used.
It does help that I had previously sketched these ads out in my "daily" planner/inspiration notebook that I use to keep myself together and my micrsoft outlook for stuff.
**sadder note our wedding picture is misplaced and so is the only remaining picture of me as a kid. I am so upset by this is not funny! ****

Thursday, February 11, 2010

February Unconditional and February Rally

Here is the February Unconditional page with matching ad inspiration to do the layout.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February Flame

This is my first page of my February album 2010. I used Jen M. and Besty Tuma's kits to create it. The entire album was inspired by ads.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Fallen By Lauren Kate book Review

As the steady heart of the rain gently thumped down in the start of night, so, did I completely loose track of tiem and perspection while tracing the worded path of the chapter three through chapter twelve of Fallen. Luce, Daniel, Gabbe, Arraine, Molly, Roland, Penn, Cam, and the teachers. The darkest view is often the most point of enlightment of one's life and of one's destined book to read.

My neck is soar & stiff from hours lost in the pages of Fallen. My eyes fagitued by my yet tired from reading in the dark of my bedroom by way of a book light not candelight. Gotcha! Not! Though that is what I need to soothe the race engine of my mind from the intense devouring of all 11 chapters. The chapters are longer than I'm used to but the book is only 20 chapters long not 20 twenty paces long. Good golly Ms Molly its good!.

After a long night of torrents of rain with its beat to one of my favorite songs, Fallen by Bret Michaels. I woke with a an undeniable thrist to finis hte last 7 chapters of the book. For a brief while I was absorded like water into a sponge to a climaxing finish. I like how Daniel was potraited as angel that has a love. Maybe, its because I had a friend named Daniel a very long time ago.

A question I think many have angels love outside of heaven and their duties whither they are fallen or exhalted. I think the book answers that question.

Now, I have to wit like a student sent to detention for book two in the series until September of this year.

Hey, Lauren Kate, I'd love an early edition copy to consume like a wild fire does to a dry forest.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend where did you go?

Seriously, Sunday already?
Geez, people catch that clock with wings and makes sure it can't fly anymore.

Okay last night was really relaxing and quiet, after a day full of activities.
10 am- Soccer game-youngest kid earns first badge like in girl scouts but for soccer totally cool
11 am Scouts field trip-oldest one is gone for three hours and gets a badge at a trade table
11:30-buy youngest a pair of clitches that match a school buddies and soccer mate
11:45-out to eat at youngest's favorite resturant because the youngest doesn't get to do the cool scouts thing yet. Still working on get youngest in scout troop.
12:30-home play wii with youngest work on february layout for Jen M's challenge on two peas
2:40 pm leave to pick up said oldest from field...btw we wait an hour because the field doesn't actual end and leave other location until 3:10 pm
3:10 pm-Dh goes up a mini mountain geocaching while we wait for oldest to arrive
3:30 pm-oldest drops the lunch we sent soda can busts with soda leaking all over ground..quickly find garabage and throw away.
4:00 pm come home more wii and scrapbooking..doing dishes and laundry

ooops lost in the zone..

kids:"Where hungery?"
me: "its just 5:00 pm"
kids: "mom look at the clock you goof"
me: "I guess I do need to cook uh?"

6:30 pm sandwiches and chips ...something simple and easy I'm beat.
6:30-10:30 pm read the book Fallen, my oldest lay beside me blowing through her two books, the youngest fell asleep in the tent/cave that was made on the bed. Woke up to go potty. Refused to get back in bed with pillow and a blanket went to sleep on the floor.
2 am...Dh is still up but headed to bed
5:30 am automatic wake up call for me..I want to sleep..
so here I am an hour later being zany on the blog..

enough said..

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friday Blues

Okay yesterday started out good. It ended on a sour note. I do mean sour.

I got a healthy breakfast made for my kids their favorite. One threw a tanturm and tried to throw her food all over teh counter. Daddy nipped it in the tail. The child ate her breakfast and then some. Kids and pushing limits.

Got some money for my ponytail holders I made for the soccer team. I spilt with my Dh. Though he gave me a hard time about it afterwards. I told me, hay at least I didn't hide it from you and keep the total for myself.

Our other child got stung by a bug at the first practice of soccer season. Its not a scorpin bite because the child would have kept screaming the entire leg was on fire for hours. It didn't happen. My best guess would be a flea or a mosiquito which we have few and far between here in teh desert but the soccer field is grass and it was wet. Mosiquito is the best bet.

I got an email from one of my kids teachers. My kids was being mean through the entire week. Guess what? the kid got in trouble for it with her daddy. I am heart broken by the news because this child has been a repeated victim of bullying in the past. The child knows better. So, I will email the teacher back. I think maybe she is dealing with more stuff she just didn't tell us about last year. :(

I had to leave the online crop early last night due to the email from the teacher concerning other child's behavior.

I did get the book fallen by lauren kate. I got to read in peace for an hour after everyone fell asleep.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Online Crop

Two peas in a bucket is having an online crop tonight
precrop 6 pm cst -7pm
crop 7 pm-11pm cst

Its on their garden girls board on their site.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

On the Prowl Review

Four paranormal romance stories by four different authors, four different styles, aspects, and point of views.
My top pick is Patricia Briggs. She was the whole reason, as to why, I picked up the book to begin with. I picked up the book because my local library has not yet purchased Cry Wolf which is the first book in the Alpha Omega series. As a stay at home parent, my family and I make certain sacrifices to keep one of us at home all the time. Thus, no buying books brand new unless its as a gift or a gift card to a store. This gives me the basic beginning of the series. I would have liked getting a bigger slice of the story in this four story book. Though, I am completely satisfied and curious for what is more to come with the third book in the series and the finishing of the Cry Wolf.
My second pick is Karen Chance, Buying Trouble. It was well writeen, the readers could identify with the main characters Claire and Heidar. A nice blend of old school and modern school atomspere. This is part three of the book.
My third pick is Eileen Wilks', Inhuman. I will give a haleijah (sp) for allowing the complete first story to be published. It took me a little while to finish this part of the book which is part two. Well, worth the wait. The ending is spoilers here..go read it yourself.
My last pick Sunny, Mona Lisa Betwinning. It has a good story line with spots of mixed porn. Yes, that's right. I typed it the word p-o-r-n. I did it again. Its the only word that comes to mind for some parts in this story. Don't get me wrong it wasn't full of curse words or specifics that could shock me. I was just glad I didn't leave the book "laying" around where extremely young readers would have accidentally read it. I just thought I would warn other parents, so, they don't hit with questions that might embrass them from their kids or better yet their own parents. I hate giving negative feedback but I felt it was important to be honest about those spots.
Overall, get the book if you wish to have a glimpse into several author's book series. A great way to find one. I have added two more author's to TBR pile even though I need to read what's in it now.

No School Wednesday

Technically suppose to be a half day but the school district converted to a no school day for teacher workshops. No biggie.

Interesting txt mgs between my oldest and me..
oldest: sends a pig and knock knock wink
me: sends a kiss and you are so funny message
oldest: just having a patie in the house **partie
me: your party in the house, yeah I know
oldest: hagh ahhhhahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahhahahahh
i really mean it
me: keep the music down (note its 6 am in our house some of our neighbors maybe sleeping)
oldest: i don't have any music just kidding, I don't even have a party
me: come get some muffins before your sister eats them all..

next them feet come tearing down the hall into the kitchen and the screaming starts at younger silbing about not eating all the muffins...etc..

creativity and healthy wise I am directly you to my healthy blog for valentine ideas..

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jen Markatis Kits

This is Jen Markatis Simply Beautiful Kit.
I made a Valentine card for my husband for Valentine's Day.
Hopefully, I can get it printed off without him knowing.This is her This Year Kit and Bit of Pretty combined together.
I made this an 8 x 10 picture.
I used a photo of the sky I had taken earlier on in 2009 as my focal point.
I acutally had to do a lot of research for the creed and poem via googling runner's creed and runner's prayer. BTW, they are two seperate things.

Our Uncle, who I use to get to run with was very touched.
He had no idea that I had been working on something.
He even asked what I had been up too.
I said nothing really. I didn't want to ruin the surprise.
Do you like what you see?
Well, you can find her kits at under digital kits.
It was a pleasure working with her kits. They hit the right spot.
I still have one more kit to use from my try out for her ct call.
Its for my February 2010 album.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Febuary 1st Heart for Haiti Release for Sale

So, here is my layout for Heart for Haiti. I used photos I took from my old van, while I was a passenger in the backseat and it was moving. The sunset is so pretty that June evening! I love looking these pictures.Here is my kids soccer team decorated ponytail I made last night in an hour. What do you think? the actual one will have soccer ball ribbon in it. Psst...I have some creative news coming. Though I can't announce it until my friend announces. Oh Jen, you forgot to announce it yesterday.
Remember the contest for the book Series House of Night, that I won back in November 2009. I got my prize package over the weekend from the author. I will take pictures and upload what I got later this week. Totally rockin'. Thanks Pc and Kristen Cast, and their talented assistant Cadem.