Monday, February 8, 2010

Fallen By Lauren Kate book Review

As the steady heart of the rain gently thumped down in the start of night, so, did I completely loose track of tiem and perspection while tracing the worded path of the chapter three through chapter twelve of Fallen. Luce, Daniel, Gabbe, Arraine, Molly, Roland, Penn, Cam, and the teachers. The darkest view is often the most point of enlightment of one's life and of one's destined book to read.

My neck is soar & stiff from hours lost in the pages of Fallen. My eyes fagitued by my yet tired from reading in the dark of my bedroom by way of a book light not candelight. Gotcha! Not! Though that is what I need to soothe the race engine of my mind from the intense devouring of all 11 chapters. The chapters are longer than I'm used to but the book is only 20 chapters long not 20 twenty paces long. Good golly Ms Molly its good!.

After a long night of torrents of rain with its beat to one of my favorite songs, Fallen by Bret Michaels. I woke with a an undeniable thrist to finis hte last 7 chapters of the book. For a brief while I was absorded like water into a sponge to a climaxing finish. I like how Daniel was potraited as angel that has a love. Maybe, its because I had a friend named Daniel a very long time ago.

A question I think many have angels love outside of heaven and their duties whither they are fallen or exhalted. I think the book answers that question.

Now, I have to wit like a student sent to detention for book two in the series until September of this year.

Hey, Lauren Kate, I'd love an early edition copy to consume like a wild fire does to a dry forest.

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Norma Kennedy said...

currently reading this one and am at the end of it....where she just now realized that Daniel indeed is an Angel and is about to war.