Monday, February 15, 2010

Have a New Kid by Friday by Kevin Leman Book Review

Okay, when I first requested this book from the library. It made me think back to the story of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too. When Rabbit tried to get a new and improved tigger that wouldn't stop bouncing. They tried to loose tigger but the only person who was lost was Rabbit. Well, the book I have to say that is not the case with this book. The tips and techniques really do work. Pssst, my planner has notes all over the place because of this book. Yup, I took notes just like I was in college. THat's another story for another day.
Seriously, if you want to be empowered as a parent. Less, whining, and yelling after the first to two weeks, yup; this book is for your family. Seriously, it works. My youngest with the worst attitude and treatment of people in the family. Is slowly coming around to the fact that the child has been behaving badly. Slowly, with lots of new testing limits and shock looks on the child's face like she received electro shock in a mental institute when I put to test the techniques. Was let's just say, seriously cool. A light bulg went on in the child's head that was like boy am I in trouble and I better find a new way to get my way. Ooops, that ain't working. Mom is on to me. Dang, I'm so busted. Dang! Dang! DANG!
If you have older children it might take awhile longer than a week to two weeks. Keep putting the techniques to the test. It does improve the behavior of all inlcuding husband's. SHHHhhh, don't tell mine I used these on him too.

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