Friday, February 12, 2010

February Yearning, Rapture, and Adore

Here is the last page of my February album. Here is the ad I used for inspiration.

Here is the second to last page in the album, along with the ad I used.

This is the third to last page in my album. The ad after it was my inspiration.
So, this my entire album for the month of February 2010. If I need more pages I just layer a few patterned papers and put the pictures like a year book with a few matching elements to the coresponding pages.
As for impressing others that have ads but haven't used them. Don't feel bad, I have over 100 ads that I published on this blog last year that I didn't use. They are sitting in an ad 2009 folder waiting until either hell freezes over or that I have a dry spell with magazines with no good ads to be used.
It does help that I had previously sketched these ads out in my "daily" planner/inspiration notebook that I use to keep myself together and my micrsoft outlook for stuff.
**sadder note our wedding picture is misplaced and so is the only remaining picture of me as a kid. I am so upset by this is not funny! ****


Lynn said...

oooooooooooooo very cool!! love the lo's you got from the ads. wow!

Casey Wright said...

Cool stuff - good luck finding the picture - that is sad!