Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friday Blues

Okay yesterday started out good. It ended on a sour note. I do mean sour.

I got a healthy breakfast made for my kids their favorite. One threw a tanturm and tried to throw her food all over teh counter. Daddy nipped it in the tail. The child ate her breakfast and then some. Kids and pushing limits.

Got some money for my ponytail holders I made for the soccer team. I spilt with my Dh. Though he gave me a hard time about it afterwards. I told me, hay at least I didn't hide it from you and keep the total for myself.

Our other child got stung by a bug at the first practice of soccer season. Its not a scorpin bite because the child would have kept screaming the entire leg was on fire for hours. It didn't happen. My best guess would be a flea or a mosiquito which we have few and far between here in teh desert but the soccer field is grass and it was wet. Mosiquito is the best bet.

I got an email from one of my kids teachers. My kids was being mean through the entire week. Guess what? the kid got in trouble for it with her daddy. I am heart broken by the news because this child has been a repeated victim of bullying in the past. The child knows better. So, I will email the teacher back. I think maybe she is dealing with more stuff she just didn't tell us about last year. :(

I had to leave the online crop early last night due to the email from the teacher concerning other child's behavior.

I did get the book fallen by lauren kate. I got to read in peace for an hour after everyone fell asleep.

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Anonymous said...

Gracious, it was a bad day-- hope the bug bite has calmed down & your young-one feels better. The bully business is "ever thus" and needs to be addressed by all concerned -- especially the teacher -- children can be so mean to each other -- I hope for a positive solution for your young- one.
Like the new look of your blog ;+)