Wednesday, February 3, 2010

On the Prowl Review

Four paranormal romance stories by four different authors, four different styles, aspects, and point of views.
My top pick is Patricia Briggs. She was the whole reason, as to why, I picked up the book to begin with. I picked up the book because my local library has not yet purchased Cry Wolf which is the first book in the Alpha Omega series. As a stay at home parent, my family and I make certain sacrifices to keep one of us at home all the time. Thus, no buying books brand new unless its as a gift or a gift card to a store. This gives me the basic beginning of the series. I would have liked getting a bigger slice of the story in this four story book. Though, I am completely satisfied and curious for what is more to come with the third book in the series and the finishing of the Cry Wolf.
My second pick is Karen Chance, Buying Trouble. It was well writeen, the readers could identify with the main characters Claire and Heidar. A nice blend of old school and modern school atomspere. This is part three of the book.
My third pick is Eileen Wilks', Inhuman. I will give a haleijah (sp) for allowing the complete first story to be published. It took me a little while to finish this part of the book which is part two. Well, worth the wait. The ending is spoilers here..go read it yourself.
My last pick Sunny, Mona Lisa Betwinning. It has a good story line with spots of mixed porn. Yes, that's right. I typed it the word p-o-r-n. I did it again. Its the only word that comes to mind for some parts in this story. Don't get me wrong it wasn't full of curse words or specifics that could shock me. I was just glad I didn't leave the book "laying" around where extremely young readers would have accidentally read it. I just thought I would warn other parents, so, they don't hit with questions that might embrass them from their kids or better yet their own parents. I hate giving negative feedback but I felt it was important to be honest about those spots.
Overall, get the book if you wish to have a glimpse into several author's book series. A great way to find one. I have added two more author's to TBR pile even though I need to read what's in it now.