Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday...we're making a list

checkin it twice got add and minus gifts until christmas night.

This is your last chance to get the Toys in the Attic kit at for the month of November 2009. They also added some quick page kits, and cards for you to buy. All proceedes go to the Toys for Tots organization. A totally cool cause to support.

..come and look at this...

today clean off my computer work spot
redo page 2 of my BIG thing I did for songbird avenue
(one of my kids deleted one of my slides, love my kid learning software but stay off mine)
mop with my homemade all purpose cleaner that smells like nutmeg, all spice, cinnamon, and I haven't even baked since the night before Thanksgiving.
Maybe just maybe finish the christmas pictures from last year and make christmas dvds for family.
laundry (hang up, put in drawers, and collect and put in the laundry area)

Brr..did I forget to mention I went on strike yesterday. Oh, yeah the blogs do reflect that. Even my van is spotless, God help any of my children that don't clean up after themselves.

Here's the pub ad inspiration from yesterday..

Saturday, November 28, 2009


its 2:47 am in the morning. I can't sleep. I have cleaned rearranged things for christmas decoration that I couldn't stand that my DH did. I just thought like man agreed then moved it later. He really can't decorate.

I have started laundry and a new pitcher of kool-aide for the kids. I will in a minute go move some outdoor furniture around before trying to return to bed. I have the coffee pot ready to for us to hit the start button.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday...I have turned into a ...

turkey myself from eatting all the good food yesterday.

OKay, thank you to my congraters...

Today cleaning and putting up the christmas trea and other decorations.
Next week paint inside and clean the vechiles it out..

Yes, I finished the big project for songbird avenue. I'm waiting to here back from either Meredith or Jan to see what they think of it. OMG, am I such a tease about this our what. Okay, so, I am being such a tease sorta like a an older silbing that knows what the younger silbing is getting at Christmas but totally misleads the other just to get a good rile out that person.

I am so proud of myself. Not only did I complete my holiday in hands class assignment but I also completed my requirment for songbird avenue. Let's see if I can get my assignments completed for Design by anita this month..I may need an excused absent from her due to company coming into town.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

PC Cast House Of Night Art Contest Winners Announced

wait scroll down to the bottom...hehhee.. look yup that's me!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Here's what I was suppose to upload yesterday for pub ad inspiration

I am so soar from painting our privacy fence this weekend. I can barely move in the shoulders..

I only have 16 more things to create before Wednesday at midnight. Ugh...I can do it..That's approximately 5.5 for two days. I can do it..Oh its big..OH YEAH!! Now, I sound like the freakin' kool aide man..

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday..I haven't died yet..

I'm still alive just very busy.

One housework housework housework..enough said.

Volunteer work yesterday..enough said.

Reading books that I have been waiting for come in..

The biggest inspiration for my my songbird responsibilities. You wanna have to wait until december 1st for them to release my lastedst creations..

I know..i'm so not nice right now..hint big..very big..

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday half day

Not much time and lots to do. Thank goodness for coffee..light hours are short, and nights are long with cold winds blowing..

Holiday in hand Assignments:
Introduction Questions:
Name: Mean mom read side bar for the explaination
Where the celebration will take place: our new house first christmas in it.
Favorite thing about the holidays: Being together with my family, baking sweets & enjoying them together.
Favorite Holiday Food: Depends on who is cooking it. Um if its my inlaws steak by fil and potatoe cassarole by mil, Aunt anything she cooks really healthy, and my dh his grill skills are yummilicous.

Odd: at our house & on the train.
favorite thing about the holiday: being together
favorite good: gingerbread cookies

ydd: at our house, on a train, and seeing a minor league hockey team glass seats.
favorite thing about the holidays: presents, sweets
favorite food: cranberry sauce (totally threw me)

One digital goal down several more to go..

cut bushes back for painting of privacy wall-done
use blower to blow off patios
water yard 3 x's a week

Thanks for the Congrats everyone!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Songbird Avenue

I am offically a ct team for Songbird Avenue!!

Jessica Sprague's Free class

Day One and two are beginning completed as we speak. I will post my families answers when we are done.

Weekly To do List

Mirrors Windows
toilets/tubs scrub
all garabage out to the outside can

completely clean out all vechiles
use steam cleaner

cut bushes back for painting of privacy wall
use blower to blow off patios
water yard 3 x's a week

paint den area
master bedroom my sink and tub handles
submit paper work for paint and paint this weekend

Finish last three assignments from Desigh by Anita
Finish second assignment by Songbird
Redo cards if possible for songbird.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Ad inspiration

Here are your sunday ad inspiration above.

My blog posts may be less but more contest in the next few weeks. I have way to much stuff I need to do before my inlaws get here. So, hang on for the wild ride.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


well, my dh got sick at 3 am this morning. I have been up with him since then. Needless to say I am exhaugsted.

I am in the process of reorganizing, re-doing stuff, and getting ready..

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday..where'd the week go?

Seriously, someone catch the flying pig clock and stop time for a little while please.

Okay, I really should be at the strollerise class right now. Since I have not excerised all weeek thanks to the cold I got. Not happening, today. I have to make out a grocery list, break down a box and sand for the christmas project at the school, and go to the school.

I am so disappointed that no one took advantage of my contest that I sponsored in light of national scrapbook day 2009.

I hope that I can tackle the cleaning up of the blog, plus getting into the final weeks of getting the house ready for my in-laws to come.

Glad a lot of my friends are feeling well. I am so on edge right now. I am waiting the announcement of two peas in a bucket ct digital/hybrid team, and waiting on cast author's to announce their winners on their tatoo design.

Does anyone have fresh white sage or lavender growing in their back yards? Email me if you do.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday...get ready set go

I given you an early inspiration!!

After a week of having an annoying cold. Thank God I'm not all runny nose and congested chest this time. Ghessh, I couldn't take it not after last year with bronchitis ordeal.

Today clean up because my DH is having a piece of furniture delivered for his office with co-workers. Thus means, showroom perfection. Love the guy, he's a good guy but definitely has ocd issue about somethings. He has omitted openly to everyone. so, that's a start.

I also have a boring ptsa meeting to attend. Since, I missed the last three meetings. I guess I better get my booty there today. Thank god for a laptop. I might just get some designing done while waiting.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day No School

First and foremost to all veterans around the world that stood for freedom for using freewill. Thank you!

Sorry I have been absent this week. I got hit with a cold on Sunday. The whole fever, headache, soar throat, etc. Dh has been great about me resting when I can. I finally caved yesterday. I got over the counter cold medicine for some relieve. It has be nice. I just wish there was an herbal remedy instead of medicine that can mess with my stomach.

Has anyone thought about the contest I announced in Saturday's thread. OH, yes. its still going but no one has enter. Boo Hoo..

If you haven't already gone to then you need too. They have some quickpage kits up for sale along with the kit. They really need to raise a little more money for the toys for tots program.

Other than that have a good day..

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I have a cold..

I told it no
it could not stay with me.

it makes my nose tickle
then achoo

OH My goodness the head
begins to hurt too.

After awhile the nose dries up
like a river but then
the nose bleeds start bubble and

So, i say to my cold
you must go go go
I don't need your unwanted
company stored in my toes.

Monday, November 9, 2009

blog your fairy name

Your fairy is called Feather Goblinfilter
She is a bringer of riches and wealth.
She lives in high places where the clouds meet the earth.
She is only seen on midsummer's eve.
She wears pale blue like the sky. She has gentle green wings like a butterfly.
href=">">Get your free fairy name here!

cool isn't it.

Thanks Rosalyn for the link..

My question is where is my fortune that I am suppose to have because of this fairy?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sunday Ad inspiration/NDSD 2009

Here's your pub ad inspirtaion...

Here are this year's National Digital Scrapbook Day Accomplishments.
Kits used for OMG are Michelle Underwood's Bright Smiles at two peas in a bucket and A new beginning from her blog.

Kits used for Give a Mouse a Cookie are Toys in the attic by for paper and circles; the alpha is Michelle Underwood's A new beginning freebie from her blog.

Kits used for 1 picture 1 day was Betsy tuma's October Freebie at Two peas in a bucket.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Friday Fizzle Dizzle Do's

First off, I am hosting a contest this week in celebration of National Scrapbooking day for Digital. Help me find the posts that have **tmi** too much information in it concerning family as in I'm whining or having a breakdown via my blog. either email the date and day of the post or post it in the comments,so I can edit it. I will create you a personalized watermark for your photos so that you can post them online. I know you can probably create your own, however, I am really trying to clean my blog up and have it for a creative purpose only. so, I will run this contest from now until next Friday. Everyday, I will post stats of who has entered and who has the lead to win this from me.

I found a few so far on my own. I have over 600 posts in the last year of blogging. So, help a girl *clean* herself up to become something better.

Today's to do list:
Strollerise class- excerise with other mom's meaning get my social skills back in order
Clean up/lunch
Volunteer in the room i am room parent of -
Email out letter about teacher appreciation lunch
Soccer practice
Dinner-left overs

thursday tiddy widdy bibby day

Yesterday was a huge success.

I got a run in, the backyard cleaned up and watered, ate lunch with DH no kids, and got all the printed sides of the cereal boxes sanded.

I received ribbon a user at two peas in a bucket for the christmas project. Thank you!! I will show pictures in a little while of the project.

I also cooked, cleaned up, and had everyone in the bed by 8:30. me, a bath with my homemade bath oils. Hot water, bath oils, and a good book. Hmm

clean up some more
make calls
dust and vaccum
maybe even mop

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ISO Deal thread percent off her productions at

My friend and designer Gennifer...on family trees..seriously people.

My friend and designer Crystal at stated that if we get her followers up to 200 she will post a mini freebie kit. Trust her kits that free have been packed full.

My Little Pony Giveaway

New Email Cards

The top card is made from Shimelle Lane's Freebie Kit at 2peas in a bucket site. It is an email card for the week three card class. A little late but I think it was worth the wait. The original design was done by Erica Hernandez. Who designed this month's monthly Freebie digital kit at two peas. It was used to design the week four email card shown below. Both ladies are very talented and always enjoy using their kits.
Update on the computer issue. Last night Dh and I were discussing Santa and my christmas wish list. The fact that I really do need a new computer is very important to my DH. So, he said that closer to christmas he will have to back up all my files and wipe the hard drive a few times. Then he will be selling it to help Santa pay for a new one. Laptop probably it won't be but a desktop instead. He said that he can add extra memory and hard drives to a desk top vs I get what I get with laptop.

So, everyone, FYI the blogs and creativity maybe shut down in December for awhile while we "overhaul" the equipment running it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Song Bird Avenue

here are my layouts for song bird avenue really should head on over there. Purchasing the kit benefits toys for tots foundation..

Thanks Gennifer! I thought that is what was suppose to be but I was not in my right mind when posting this. I was on medicine last night for allergies...totally uncool of me.

Design by Anita..

Its the gallery link below too..

Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Manic countdown begins

Okay, so, you all remember my post from last week. My in laws will be in town the first week of december. Yikes this means massive to do lists for the next month. No joke.

Today is clean house..
bathrooms includes toilets
laundry put it away if possible

they won't be staying with us the entire time. This gives a little more time to get certain things done.

I had wanted to post my picture of me in my halloween hat but that didn't happen. Dh didn't dl them yet.