Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday..where'd the week go?

Seriously, someone catch the flying pig clock and stop time for a little while please.

Okay, I really should be at the strollerise class right now. Since I have not excerised all weeek thanks to the cold I got. Not happening, today. I have to make out a grocery list, break down a box and sand for the christmas project at the school, and go to the school.

I am so disappointed that no one took advantage of my contest that I sponsored in light of national scrapbook day 2009.

I hope that I can tackle the cleaning up of the blog, plus getting into the final weeks of getting the house ready for my in-laws to come.

Glad a lot of my friends are feeling well. I am so on edge right now. I am waiting the announcement of two peas in a bucket ct digital/hybrid team, and waiting on cast author's to announce their winners on their tatoo design.

Does anyone have fresh white sage or lavender growing in their back yards? Email me if you do.

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Kathleen Summers said...

Oooh, getting the house ready for the in-laws! You'll have to let us know how it all went! :)