Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day No School

First and foremost to all veterans around the world that stood for freedom for using freewill. Thank you!

Sorry I have been absent this week. I got hit with a cold on Sunday. The whole fever, headache, soar throat, etc. Dh has been great about me resting when I can. I finally caved yesterday. I got over the counter cold medicine for some relieve. It has be nice. I just wish there was an herbal remedy instead of medicine that can mess with my stomach.

Has anyone thought about the contest I announced in Saturday's thread. OH, yes. its still going but no one has enter. Boo Hoo..

If you haven't already gone to then you need too. They have some quickpage kits up for sale along with the kit. They really need to raise a little more money for the toys for tots program.

Other than that have a good day..

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