Thursday, November 5, 2009

Friday Fizzle Dizzle Do's

First off, I am hosting a contest this week in celebration of National Scrapbooking day for Digital. Help me find the posts that have **tmi** too much information in it concerning family as in I'm whining or having a breakdown via my blog. either email the date and day of the post or post it in the comments,so I can edit it. I will create you a personalized watermark for your photos so that you can post them online. I know you can probably create your own, however, I am really trying to clean my blog up and have it for a creative purpose only. so, I will run this contest from now until next Friday. Everyday, I will post stats of who has entered and who has the lead to win this from me.

I found a few so far on my own. I have over 600 posts in the last year of blogging. So, help a girl *clean* herself up to become something better.

Today's to do list:
Strollerise class- excerise with other mom's meaning get my social skills back in order
Clean up/lunch
Volunteer in the room i am room parent of -
Email out letter about teacher appreciation lunch
Soccer practice
Dinner-left overs

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