Friday, April 30, 2010

Results of yesterday field trip

It was fun, it was very cool, it was very dusty, it was very smelly, and it was overall eye openning.

After being treated like a 2nd rate citizen by a few of the moms that are involved in trying to take over the position that the teacher so felt I could handle. I decided that I need to warn the teacher as to what is going on next week. I didn't give away details of the exact plans but I did warn her that her class was going to be inturpted and that her low key celebrations as her request was not being requested by the other parents. I also told her that they were requesting the release of the end of the year party fund for teacher appreciation week for the children's "special" class teachers. It was put to me that this something that is regularly done. I told the teacher since they don't respect my authority or hers that I told them no. The party fund is going on the kids for their end of the year pizza and other treats in teh classroom before heading to a field trip for the remainder of the party. She was totally shocked by what the other parents where up too. She assured me that she had my back. The rest of the parents if they truly wanted to go against her wishes for her birthday and teacher appreciation then they would have to find funding outside the party fund. The party fund is for the kids and it is staying for the kids. They can get it over it. She thanked me for not backing out of being the room parent. When most parents would leave her high and dry but I didn't. She thanked me for checking with her first on all matters including teacher appreciation and her birthday.

It was so nice to know that the teacher has my back. It took the stress of the situation off my shoulders. Now, as for their ploy for power, karma...its a kicker. That's all I have to say about it.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

thursday field trip

I will be away from my computer for a field trip to the zoo withone of my children.

God, help me with the other parents. Its not going to be a fun ride on the bus. The kids I get totally. The parents I don't.

Skin Trade by Laurell K. Hamilton

I laughed. I cried. I have multiple mini vacations into another world. It was like a serious party with alcohol without the awful side effects of one. I almost thought she was going to end the serious at one point in the book (only spoiler you will get). Go read the book.

I give the book A+

Notes to Room Parents and others that judges them

I used to wonder what it was like to be a room parent. I use to wonder why the parents in charge did what they did. After a year of being room parent, taking all considerations in that every one put their input in, I put together a plan of action with the teacher's approval. Everyone liked it until now, when instead of telling me that they no longer liked their own ideas that I used they took over being room parent without asking. No big deal because some involved never really donated time or money to the activities this year. At least they are stepping up to bat per say. What really sucks is that they couldn't be human enough to tell me to my face or go through the teacher to tell me what they truly think. They went through another parent that they felt could deliver a message that wouldn't hurt my feelings or they start nasty little rumors that got back to my Dh and I.

First of all be man or woman to face the person yourself if you want me or a different room paretnt to respect you at all. Psst, I don't now. I did before but now I don't, to me you are a coward.

Don't set the expectations, so, high that other parents in the room can't participate because they are finanically strapped and asking food banks for help; to which you have done.

Where the hell, where you when I asked for help, doing some of the projects to begin with? I know sitting in your corner being all judgemental and sucking your thumb because you didn't get picked to be room parent. Psst, I saw the sign up sheet at the PTSA, guess what your name wasn't on it as any type of volunteer. Hmm..

Let me tell all those that are either judging the room parent or planning on couping the person.

Everything that a room parent does must be pre-approved by the teacher before set in motion. If you don't like what was planned then, go see the teacher. Not the room parent. There are rules and regulations that the room parents are suppose to follow set by the principal. Don't like the rules and regulations go see the principal. You know why, the room parent is only following orders they are not the general.

If you wanted to be in charge then you should have signed up at the beginning to co-room parent and not left the grunt work to one person alone all year long.

Basically, shut up the whining mouth, volunteer more in some way, and remember that those around you don't have all the finanical resources you think they do.

coyotes loose to the red wings 6 to 1

Last night's game was very disappointing for the fans and the players. Yet, the fans did something that no one expected them to do. They gave their team a standing welcome even when they lost. They did not walk out on them. They did not boo or hoo. They did not insult the other team but ignored them when again they rudely decided to throw octopus on the ice again. This is like throwing salt into an open wound. Why be rude? Just be glad that your team won. I understand that it is a tradition. Expect the tradition has a time and place that was not last night. I think everyone who was raised "old school" will tell you that it just was not right.

As for my team, great job this year. You gave this town something to believe in when no one else in the league believe. No else believe that the coyotes had it in them. Thank you for showing not just the town, nor the league but the world that the under actually can win even if its only the hearts and minds of men. Have a great off season, we will see you in fall!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


what from, I don't know. I just know that I am exhaugsted.

I get tried of these anoyonmous comments of advertising. So, I changed the settings for comments. Just a heads up.

I'm tried of my kids arguing. Grant, it it always gets worse before the full moon. Thank goodness, its over after tomorrow night.

I'm exhaugsted from algeries..

What are you exhaugsted from?

Monday, April 26, 2010

de ja vue..

Seriously, folks between the paranormal books i have been reading and the church service I went to yesterday. I had a major de ja vue moment. Yesterday was about being a control freak. The book series I have been reading is about controling yourself not others. Since, I am reading multiple series they had similar lesson. You can not control those around you but you can control yourself. You can make others the center of your world.

I almost literarily passed out. I just wish more people weren't judgemental about reading paranormal books, many are written by Christains who get "it". The whole concept of the only person you can truly control is yourself.

Let everything else go..

Coyotes win over Detroit Red Wings 5 to 2

I am glad that they won but I'm not impressed by the penalities called for the both teams. I know hockey is rough and tough game. I think both teams are still letting their emotions get the best of them. Now, I only got to see the first period, and third period of the game.

Ed Jovo...hope you are truly okay. Though that should have been a penalty against the Detroit red wings for the hit you took in front of the goalie.

Be blessed, be propersous, be protected and be kind.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


its rest day and the day we all dread for it declares the weekend is almost over. What happen to it?

For me its a day to organize my week's to do list, and other activities for the kids.

food ate:
cereal with skim milk-breakfast
lunch taco del mar baja bowl
dinner sandwiches
half bowl of semi sweet chocolate chips
sunflower seeds

Saturday, April 24, 2010

What the muscles

are so soar from working out and deweeding part of my yard. Want more info...

Today, my Dh is recovering from kind actions gone wrong. He tried to do something nice and buy dinner from the deli last night .Some antipesto salad, egg salad, waldorf salad, and flat bread for dinner. The poor man woke up very sick last night. He need to find out if anyone else was sick. No one else was up during the night sick. He either caught a bug or ate something that didn't agree with him. I have a sneeking suspension he may be allergic to eggs. Every time he eats eggs he gets a stomach ache or it may be the amount that he is eatting. Though last night, he didn't eat much. Love him for trying to be sweet and kind to me.

Today baseball, more de-weeding, laundry, and cleaning up.

I finally made those roller clip bows for my kids. My youngest lost her's at school. The other was a proud wearer of it. The 5th graders wanted to know where her mommy got them. She told them online. Hee hee love it. The fact that they liked what I made, and the fact my oldest was proud to wear it. Makes me happy.

Coyotes loose to the Red Wings 1 to 4

I started watching the game. Though, after the first period, I went to bed. Not that I didn't want to watch the game but I was exhaugsted. The first period just plain ole' d sucked for playing skills for the coyotes. Way to many penalities for bad behavior. Way to many emotions that should not have been on the ice.
I like Shane Doan's opinion of don't get emotional on the ice it keeps you from performing well.
I know everyone is upset that Doan can't play due to a shoulder injury. My advice channel this frustration into better playing skills. Use that negative engery to a positive engery for playing better and scoring more goals.
I have to side with the Red Wings fans that their team over all played much better last night than the coyotes. Disappointed, yes. Angery no. There is a reason the coyotes, wolfes, and other pack like animals have survived for centuries. They work together. Will the coyotes remember their pack menatility in time? I do not know. I know this for sure that they will come back and find the other teams weakness and use it to their benefit just like the Red Wings players did last night. Are these fighting words? Probably, however, I am not picking a fight with anyone. I am just trying to inspire my team and help them.
Everyone be blessed, be prosperous, and be kind to one another.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Get Well Soon

to Bret Michaels. He is recovering from surgery.

It sucks beings sick. Get back up there and rock out dude. I have to agree with you that surgery hurts bad. Been there, done that, no t-shirt for it, and just medical bills waiting for me when I finally got back on my feet.

So, cheers with lots of glasses of water.

Voting for my blog please

I got this email from the blog site that I was interviewed for.

"There's one week left of voting to win one of our fantastic prizes listed on the right sidebar. Eighteen bloggers will win prizes ranging from a Blog Interviewer t-shirt, to a $50 wifi extender, to a $400 blogging information seminar. Right now all you need are 55 votes to catch up and win for the month of April.
But don't worry if you're not winning this month. Next month we'll start the contest and the voting all over again with prizes galore."

Can I get some more votes please?

Note*even if you have voted in the past you can renew your vote every 24 hour period to add to the votes


Okay, so, I received an interesting call yesterday. My ex-DH's caseworker calls concerning the information they need, so, he can get benefits in his time of need. She was very understanding that I was hestitant to give any information without the proper information from her. May she be blessed, and may my ex-DH be blessed by this. So, the information has been typed, printed out, and will be faxed by my current DH some time today. Then he will contact my ex-DH to let him know what is going. Phew, that is done and over with.

This weekend lots of stuff have to. Tonight hockey play off game tv. Baseball game tv. Then getting Dh ready for a major install of hardware and software on Sunday. Get ready for a field, music recital, and scout meeting on Monday. I have to finish getting the bows done. i will take a picture to show you what they look like. Just in time for the recital too. I need to pick up lost season 3, finish reading Skin Trade, and pick up other books.

Finish cleaning the house. Finish de-weeding the yard, and clean the back porch off. What else..I know finally get to finish the layout for song bird avenue

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The glaring clock reads 3:30 am....

What? Why am I awake at this time? A silent groan, a rub on DH's head to make sure I am not dreaming. Nope it really is 3:30 am the second time I woke up. Crap, I'm tired but I can't sleep. Finally Dh rolls over and holds me, I eventually dose back off to sleep. I should have gotten up, worked on the hair bows for the kids, finished my second layout for songbird avenue, started some laundry, and watched the rest of Nurse Jackie season 1 uninturpted. Did I no? Why? I am exhaugsted. EVen my DH after over 10 hours of sleep said he was exhaugsted too.

Let me tell you, the bright blue skies of the desert have literred with dark grey clouds, with a temperature drop down into the low 60's bordering on the upper 50's with in a 24 hour period before of close to 90 degree weather with clear skies. Talk about screwing with your sinus in a bad way. Everyone here is sneezing, running nose, and no fever. Yuck, I have sudden changes in the weather.

Today DH and I are suppose to take a lunch breakd from house cleaning and his programming to have a date. Don't go getting your hopes of smachy fancy place because we can not afford it. Try McDonald's, Taco Bell or sonic for our date. Yes, folks that is our choices. Since, everything is affected by the economy, so, is our date. Normally, we would just pack a lunch for the park to safe money but we ran out of lunch meat. Park of breakfast is toast with peanut butter on it. So, we really don't want to repeat of breakfast.

Are you remembering to light a candle for mama k? Did you remember to place your vote for me today at the blog interview? Can't remember the link then here it is below.

Just remember I want to place in the top 15 blogs if possible. You can place a new vote every 24 hours.


Today clean my vechile
cook dinner
start birthday sign for a teacher

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Half Day Wednesday

DH has been home all week working for his company. They have a major install next week. So, it tap, tap, tap, tap ratap tap from his office of continously programming. Then we have a few hours of phone calls from his client, boss, and equipment prep guy in the office.

So, today, the kids get out early, again. Though next year it will be easier to manage because they are moving all half days, and days out of school to Fridays. Yeah!! Planning vacations will be so much easier if we are finanically stable to do so. Maybe, I can find a job with a better school schedule.

So, my DH and I made a difficult decision concerning my ex-DH. We really would like to help them out in their time of need. Though, from investigating it from our end, and talking to two different states Department of Human Resources (one of which is their own states question line) we have come to the conclusion that they are not giving everyone enough information to help them. Though, the saying goes something smells rotten in Denmark. This time I have to go with my head and not my heart. Thus, causing my heart to be tormented.

Wash both vechiles
mop the kitchen floort
clean oven again
start potatoes for burritos
Finish laundry

I'm reading Skin Trade by Laurel K. Hamilton

Maybe I might get the second layout completed for songbird today.

Coyotes lose to the Red Wings 0 to 4

Well the majority of the game let the sports announcer said was like a chess game. A really boring chess game. The penalities for both sides totally where off the board.
I know why everyone was playing safe this game. Both sides last game got players hurt badly. It understood. I finally had to pause the game for a while thanks to dvr function then fast forward, so, I could stay awake.
Though sadden by our lost, sorta glad that each side has two wins. This means the next two games will be heated to some degree.
Be blessed, be properious, and be safe.
To my friends at Paranormal Haven, you are in Shark country that the San Jose Sharks. If the coyotes win four out of the seven games between the red wings then we get to play your sharks. Which will be a very difficult fight.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday..i've been hit by a train wreck

of emotions this past weekend. Between getting the Mama K knews and my ex-DH with family calling its been really hard to be positive or creative. To my creative teams, I am sorry that I have not gotten that new layout done. I kind have to pull and heal myself together before I can get up and start my journey again.

This week DH gets to work from home. How blessed are we? Very blessed. Though this means a lot of my weekly routine gets moved around and messed up. So, I have to either post pone or change the order of things.

This morning feels like rain. This morning I feel horrible from the back lash for trying to runaway from my emotions or stay in control of them.

Make calls to clarify some legal stuff concerning my ex-DH
mail bills

Coyotes win over Detroit 4 to 3

This game had better equal penalities for both sides. Refs did a good job calling good calls for both teams. I said to say that there were two injuries for both sides. Each on a major player for both teams. I pray that both players are not seriously hurt, return to game, and have fun doing it.
Next game I think is this Tuesday night. I hope that both sides continual to play well and have fun doing it.
Both teams be blessed be prosperous and be kind to one another.
No I am not a meth addict. I just have a lot of other things to worry about than trashing other teams or their fans. See mama k post. Life is to short to hold grudes. I just love hockey though.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Candle for Mama K

I'm am going to ask my readers to do something for the next 90 days. I have a friend that I think of as a mom to me. Her brother and her helped me when I had no one. I mean no one to help or guide me. I was totally relying on the spirit. I got back in touch with her after being out of touch due to our move two years ago. I discovered that her life was far worse than mine. Yet, I am thousands of miles away with no way of getting back to be by her side. You see Mama K has a disease that should have killed 25 years ago but it didn't. She lived past what the doctor's told her was her life expiration date. This is what I call, the news that doctor's give that say you have only x amount of time to live. A miracle has occured in her life already. Though she is fighting the last stages of the disease with all her might they say it doesn't look good for her fight.
I ask that the next 90 days you light a candle for her once a day. Let burn for awhile. Say a prayer that either she fights this long and hard or that if it is her time to return to the heavens, then let it be peaceful, tranquil, and that there is no suffering for her.
This afternoon I have been in throws of breaking down over this. I know that everyone must at sometime pass back to the heavens and its a good thing when it does but for those of us left behind it is still hard and heavy hearted for us to accept. Though when it is your time Mama K the heavens will rejoice and the birds with sing with pride and joy for your return. You are my angel already. One that I have numerous times wrapped my arms around to find strength in hard times, and shed tears with in times of joy and sorrow. I wish I could be there holding your hand and supporting you in this. This my way of doing that for Mama K.
I love you Mama K!!!!

Fabric wish list

Remember the fabric a few months ago, I posted because it was beautiful. Look they came out with more spring and summer fabrics. I would love to get some to make skirts for me and dresses for the kids. Is this not the cutest thing ever? Wal-mart Fabric department for the stores that still carry it.

Rock the Moose, what is this?

Found this in a hunting store in a bin. I took a picture of it for my DH. We were window shopping. Whenever we go out, we window shop primarily. So, does anyone know what this is? He'd like to buy it as a decoration for his office but needs to know what this is first. THanks


I've gained enough wait to go up a size in pants. Boy, does that hurt me ego wise. Though, I can remedy that by excerising more, drinking more water, and cracking down on the bad snacks.

My down fall are sweet unhealthy ones. No joke..sweet mouth gallore.

Though, that's to my DH's aunt hair dresser. I have new summer pants that fit. I don't look like a muffin top squeezing into pants to small.

Want to keep up wiht my healthy/spiritual journey..

Phoenix Coyotes Loose to Detroit Red Wings

In a game that was hard core hockey playoff action the coyotes lost in the third period 4 to 7. They didn't mean to loose it just happened. Between the two major injuries received, the extremely rude Detroit Red Wing Fans that threw dead octopus on the ice, penalities that were not called, and over all spirit of the game it happens. Unforunately, we now have to play two to three more games against a team that is considered a legend in the NHL. Though in order to become a legend you must play one first. Well, I have to say, that apparently, they are so stuck in the legend in ego they have forgotten about what it takes spirit and respect to win clean.

I'm sad that my team did not win, however, they made me proud in the way they work together and show respect regardless how far they come.

Go Coyotes, get 'em Sunday on their turf. Be Blessed, Be prosperous, and be protected from Injuries.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Vampire Kisses The Coffin Club

Raven, Alexander, Jameson, Aunt Libby, Becky, and Matt are all back for more unknown adventure for some and known for others.
Raven, Becky, and Matt finish up their sophmore year of highschool. Becky and Matt head off to enjoy their summer. Ravem misses Alexander temidiously, she heads to Hipsterville, TX to find her true love and to find out the Maxwells that have been trying to break up their relationship..
Let's just say, she finds Alexander, Jagger Maxwell, new friends Onyx and Scarlet, crop circles, and club within a club.
I love how Raven grapples with her secrets she is keeping from Alexander, her family, and friends. I love how the author ends the book. Its totally awesome. I can't wait for the book 6 in this series. Hopefully some things will get resolved for Raven and Alexander about their relationship. not in love

After staying up and watching season 2 disc 1 of lost, I'm tired. At least my DH and I spent time together.

He tells me that he is staying home from work today. Ugh, that means every few minutes my day will be inturpted by his hollering he needs something. he made the suggestion that I give my scrapbooking, so he can buy me a smaller notebook. **excuse the next few sentences that might be angery**

YOu want me to what???? Have you totally lost your mind? You don't want me reading, you don't want me scrapbooking, you don't want me cooking healthy, or being me? CONTROL FREAK!! I am not someone to be controlled or allows people to control me into an abusive situation. Been there done that, and well ain't goin' back brother. GO get help for your toe and ocd. THey both are out of control. Don't blame me, blame yourself for refusing to go to the doctor and deal with your problems. Get a reality check and a therapist. I LOVE YOU BUT YOU NEED HELP. I CAN'T HELP YOU UNITL YOU HELP YOURSELF. You weren't this selfish when we got married. I don't understand why you are being this way now. I will repeat myself from an earlier conversation, "I am your angel protecting yourself from you. You know you are self-destructive due to some issues I haven't discussed publicly and won't. I love you and will be here for you dude."

When I get a job, no matter the pay rate, I am getting a new computer my choice whither you like it or not. it will be able to do what I want it to and be the size I want it too. Got it.

Tonight is the second red wings vs coyotoes game. I so pray they win the game tonight. This way they just have to win one more game in the play off match to win. God, I hope they win. Not using the Lord's name in fan, people. I often have simple conversations like that. Deal with it. God is cool with it. He often gets a chuckle off it too. He does have a sense of humor. How do I know? Just look at my life folks!! Its gotta make you ladies and gents laugh.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Phoenix coyotes Won the first GAme in the Playoffs

After much smack down in the press for the last eight years and three months. The coyotes showed why they are just that...survivors. We may look weak. We may look like we can't fight to save our lives but we adapt. We learn how our prey works then we strike. Even last night the press keept taking bets live on television that the detriot red wings, would win. it did look like that because they got way with continually punching our captian of the team without getting penalities called on them but yet even with lots of penalities called on us we still pulled off a victory that no one expected. Thank you Morris, Fiddler, and Yandle. A big thanks to Bryskoliv (sp?) and Doan. Thanks coaching team for not giving up on our team whenever once else has!!!You guys rock. I almost woke my kids up with my screams when the game was won without over time!!!
You guys can and will do it this year. You will show NHL and the world just how good of a hockey team you are!! I only wish the economy was better and my family could be there in person to watch you clip the rest of the detroit red wings' wings. GO COYOTES!!!
Blessings and protection to you as a team.
Photo from

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday ..ugh

OMg..its already Wednesday. Where did my brain go? Oh my achin' foot? (just for you Angie). Crap what am I suppose to do today. Okay, so, I am going to list some sites that could use some love. They are either friends of mine or some that I follow or have been left as some to go check in my comments. When you are through, could you please click on the last link to vote for my blog. I'd appreciate it. (I haven't been to this one yet) this is my friend-Hi yeah!

I need to get going between laundry, sorting, scanning then shredding said documents, and kids yoga classes I need to get a move on it. Enjoyhave prosperity every day.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Remember yesterday's list?

Deweed the backyard-1 hour

Delete files off my computer to scan documents-1 hour

scan documents-3 hours still not finished

clean bathrooms- 2hours each bathroom looks like a cleaning service did it at a hotel. Seriously, clean folks.

pick kids up from school-15 minutes wait in car pool line

hit the park after school for some play time-40 minutes

come home-done

dinner-an hour to cook and 30 minutes to clean up from

baths- 40 minute baths

bed-yup...slept okay

I'm so tired. No kidding..everything hurts
10k with cross training
doctor's office for letter for my kids to receive gatorade
clean up kitchen more

Maybe tonight, Dh and I can start the dvd of lost season 2

Monday, April 12, 2010


its so nice to have everyone off doing their "thang". Its quiet and no voluntary this week because they have standardized testing this week. Can I get an AMen for the break? I don't mind voluntarying but sometimes it just seems I spend the entire day at hte school. I am exhaugsted.

Deweed the backyard
Delete files off my computer to scan documents
scan documents
clean bathrooms
pick kids up from school
hit the park after school for some play time
come home dinner

I know boring but delightfully drama free for once.

Sunday, April 11, 2010 it really ...

finish the sentence with your own. I won't take part away from you.

Today it started out great. I insisted that my dh and I talk a little. My dh and I declared that we would try spending more time together. Either through television, movie, or wii games. Though I like the compentition between us when we play the wii. It is fun, loving, and no meanness.

Then on the way to the ball game. BTW..DBAcks stomped the pirates today in the 4th inning. He chasitised me in from of our kids for reading books with a vampire theme. What the ??? I know he doesn't like most paranormal things but he really seemed to enjoy Trublood. Yet, he acts more like a vampire than human sometimes. Yet, I keep my mouth shut when I think he is doing something I don't like. For instance a video game series for the computer or depressing books about the end of the world (yucko, me making a girlie yucko face). He said, "They can't be good for you." Well, can reading about the end of the world be healthy for you either. Instead of reading about it, why not have emergancy kits with food, water, and money prepared instead or better yet invent a new solar paneling that is recycable and moveable to lower our bills a little or how about a way to purify our tap water. Since our water company does not come close to providing drinkable water.

This is why I firmly believe that the only vampires or wereanimals in the world are humans due to our ability to destory another human being by words or physical abuse.

Guess what? They, the books, actually make me feel better about being broke, not being able to find a paying job, of the fact that my DH is total dunce about himself and his inability to admit that I know him better than he knows himself. He thinks and states that I can't understand the fear, panic, and anxiety he has right now being the only bread winner in the house. He thinks he keeps his voice calm, and his deep breaths in the car before entering the house to make control of emotions that I can not sense. He is only lying to himself. When you are truly tuned into your mate, spouse, etc, then you will be able to sense these things without thought or effort.

Boy, if any of these could be described as a scent how about a skunk smell that makes you want to run and take a bath in tomato sauce or juice. Maybe, that's why he hates tomatos. They remove that part of the smell of the emotions off of his skin or breath. Okay, made myself laugh a little, at the thought of watching him use tomato juice to rid himself of those emotions had me tickled pink. I love you honey. Get a grip. They are my mini vacation without having to leave my house, without spending a fortune in gas and food at a park, and most of all I already paid for the book through my tax dollars at my local library. I can not express enough of my gratitude towards my libary system that gets a descent selection of books to read.

Enough my day Sunday. How was yours? Did you see I got another book read.

Did you remember to vote for my blog today? The contest for the top 15 blogs is on going. You have until 11:59 pm to place a vote for mine. Lost the link, I will post it tomorrow. Even if you already voted you still can place a new vote every 24 hours.

Micah by Laurell K. Hamilton

Okay the start of this book was great, the part in the cementry was a little weird even for me, though she got me back into the story at the end. Thus, I enjoyed the book until that part. Though it turned out better than what I thought. The ending was great. Now, if I could just health just like the Anita could in the book. Though the healing would never make my stretch marks vanish. I am thinking from soarness from over excerising or running after my kids. It would be nice to heal like that.
I give the book an B due to the weirdness in the middle.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Well, it was an a typical Saturday for us. We were throughly exhaugsted last night. We all went to bed early and rose early. Though we are closing down the hockey season with our team in playoff games for our division this year. Ourbaseball team is totally kicking tail as well. They beat the team last night 9 to 1.

Today my oldest goes to a baseball game my DH. Our youngest gets to hang with me tonight. Our plans, swimming, library, and McDonald's. Maybe a hockey game if it is not blacked out. The last one was blacked out. Totally made me made.

Update on the water company raising rates. The issue has not be yet decided. i will forward the email I sent to two people to read to the company representatives and to the council deciding whither to raise the rates to $300.00 a month.

Okay, my Dh gets brownie or cookie and milk points. Today he bought me my own water bottles. They are one liter bottles, pink and green, and they were $1.50 a piece. They are for me alone to use. No one else. My kiddos have ruined the other water bottles by "biting" the sports top. I hate when they do that. So, since I haven't asked for much lately even though I still feel he is not being wise with money, he did buy me my bottles. I really wated the metal ones that last longer but I two for one fo the metal bottles. Thus, the extra points.

Next week is national standardized tests for our state. The kids have had two weeks of review for the test. I wish the companies producing the tests would actually base it on the cirrulum that the kids learn from instead of what they feel they should be learning. I think it would better refelect where they kids are at or better yet let the teachers design the test.

Flirt by Laurel K. Hamilton

So, Anita, Michah, jean-claude, Nathaniel, Jason, Nicky, and Jacob. Wow! I was't sure when I first got the book from the library that I would get into her series. The cover didn't catch my attention, but it came recommended from a friend. Let's just say, that it was not only tastefully written but imaginatively written as well. Though the ending was a little sad for one of the characters it still was tastefully done.

I give this book an A. I would definitely track down the rest of the series to get the background on how each of the characters came into play.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Gracie the Cat

is a neighbor's cat that often seeks shelter on our roof top at night, and during the day occassionally lets me pet her and water her. She has the most beautiful green eyes. It has been my fear that a coyote had gotten her but it turns out not yet. That cat has more than 9 lives, I swear.

The cat generally shows up when I am by myself for a little one on one converstation of meow and purr but generally lights up my afternoon just to see her. Its nice having her in our backyard because she will eat any critters that show up. Generally, she just wants to have shade and water. Thus, makes her happy. I wish life was as simple as this cat's.

Friday Allergy attacks

Well, I finally figure what part of my problem is..allergy attacks. Working in the back yard didn't help either but I had too.

Today laundry..lots of it and excerise.

Currently reading Flirt by Hamliton, suppose to be working on Songbird stuff, and my mini album assignment and pattern paper.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Its Thursday...

a good day to hit the back yard for some de-weeding. After a few days of feeling funny, having to take 1 1/2-3 hour naps in order to make through the day, it was delightful to make it to 8:45 am with a feeling of needing to lay down.

I felt a weird pull to say this over in my head while, I de-weeded my backyard; "As I pull this weed, so, may my life be the same way. All weeds clogging my path be removed, knowledge and enlightment be put into it's place. My I find the answers I seek. My I be a blessing to all those around me, not a hinderance. My they see the beauty that shines within me not the outside."

I know so strange. I feel better now that I have de-weed my yard and life to a degree. NO, I don't need a freaking mental institution, I just need the love of my family and friends, I will be fine.

Time for a shower for me. Phewie, do I stink.

Vampire Kisses A Dance with a Vampire by Ellen schreiber

Raven, Alexander, billy Boy, henry, and Trevor are up to their necks in dealing with the Maxwell's family. That Alexander supposedly shamed by not turning their daughter into a Vampire. Now that their daughter Luna, and Jagger has come up missing, their little brother Valentine has showed up trying to find them. Yet, he rather be less than violent than his silbings but it still causes much trouble for Raven and Alexander. They try to have a normal relationship even one is mortal and one is immortal.

Definitely a great book. I give an A.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Photo coupon link

My Dh emailed me this but since I digitally scrapbook then...i'm sharing just like the good person should.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Silver Born by Patricia Briggs

Mercy, Adam, Sam, Bran, Zee, Gaberilla, Jessica are all back for another round of adventure. Yes spine shivering, heart racing mind blowing adventure when it comes to the spiritual world. Once, again, without wanting it, Mercy is pulled into the world of the fae along with the rest of her crew and the crew's pack whither fae or werewolfe.

This time an evil fae queen wants something. She is willing to try to destry Mercy. Not only does Mercy have to deal with the fae. There is a bad apple in the pack still causing trouble for Adam. Though, they thought they could break up the pack but they didn't realize the leader of the pack was a lot smarter than they realized, along with his mate Mercy.

I give this an honor roll list if I had one. Patricia Briggs is definitely out done herself this time again. Now, to wait for the new Mercy novel and the omega novel..umph I am back in my dunce corner again. :(

Thank you to everyone that Voted!

so, I got curious to see if anyone had voted for me. I could have broken down in tears for joy. My friends did vote for me. I was so touched and am still touched. If you have seen what I am talking about go to the link below.

Note-you can vote again every 24 hours for my blog interview.

Last night I almost read the entire Silver Born book by Patricia Briggs. Expect my brain literary shut down and refused to work at some point last night. I found myself curled up like a wolfe and blissfully content when one of the wee ones joine me in the bed. I am sure my dreams were filled with the possible ends of the book. My Dh said his dreams were weird. He said we argued, he said I brought a reality television into our lives. I almost wanted to playfully do the ncis head slap thing but he seemed generally shaken by all the different nightmares. He even said, we left each other. We have made a solid promise even if things get bad not to break our vows and get divorce. We are putting our kids formost first. I think he is so stressed right now by work, and the water thing that is happening in our area.

If you pray, then you need to lift up our town in prayer. We will be confronting the water company tomorrow night. They do not provide good service and wish for us to pay $300.00 a month on top of the already expensive monthly rate we pay.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Candy Hangover Central

From being continually wakened, since about midnight saturday night, with " has come yet?" Can I go check? To the squells of find white chocolate bunnies, bubble gum eggs, and cracker jacks in their easter basket, to the easter egg hunt in the back yard with more candy surprises inside, to the easter bunny food trail to our front door, to pretend easter egg hunt all day long, to being sucked into the season 1 of Lost, and not enough sleep.

I think we have candy hangovers at our house. I'd say get sugar highs and crashes weren't as bad as alcohol expect when you realized that it is because instead of bottles of binge drinking you wrappers from binge eatting strone through out your house. I think I am going to ban candy until Halloween. Thanks probably why, I have an upset stomach. You think?

We had a wonderful easter. I hope yours was good too!

here's my best friend...she finally updated her blog..give her some love pretty please.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Loud and Proud for my Coyote Pack...

We're going to the playoffs. First time in 10 years. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWLLL!!!

OMG> pack is so awesome even when they lose.

April 3rd is birthday day

for two major people in my lives. My Dh wound up being my mil birthday present ...heckum back in the day. If I even mention the age, both my dh and mil will probably roll their eyes at me, and go why did you have to mention it publicly. Oh, wait, you never listen etc..So, since it is their birthday today I will respect their wishes this once..

So, here is my message to anyone trying to reach me today that's if you have reached my vip status and know how to reach me other than email...but everyone is a vip in my world I mean royality family member status. Not being mean or hurtful. Just that I do treasure my family time and my limited privacy I have right now..

you have meanmomdigitalproductions. I am currently away from electronic gear and can not reply to any forms of communications as I am "slaving" over a hot stove and oven making my Dh his birthday request. My famous enchildas with lots of cheese, ground turkey, refired beans, and tortillas. Not to mention getting ready for the easter bunny, egg hunting and dying, and the tale of the never ending adventure of dirty laundry...

I'll catch you later my vips, and enjoy your easter candy. As I hope that the bunny brings my candburry cream eggs not just to eat but to save one for my kids teacher as a teacher appreciation gift.

Please be sure to click on over on the link in the post about the interview and contest. I would dearly love to win some prizes and maybe be able to pass them on those in my community.

Forbidden Nights with a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks

Remember Vanda from earlier in the series, she was in the first book How to Marry a Millionaire Vamp, the second book Vamps in the City, the fifth book All I want for Christmas is a Vampire. Well, its her turn to get hit by cupids arrow. Not only does she get hit with cupids arrow but remember Phil the werewolf working the the security company. OH, yeah did the boy grow up to become such a gentlemen werewolfe. Don't forget the action packed fight against the evil vampires. Hee...heee...again I couldn't put the book down. A definite A + for Kerrelyn Sparks.
I'd love the honor of Mrs. Spark to turn me into a character. I'd love to see how she would describe me or maybe I wouldn't. My DH already thinks of as quirky and weird to an extinct. Though, I'd definitely like to see what someone would describe me as though. I alwasy get a kick out of people's point of view.
Psst, please scroll down to the interview post, click the link and vote for my interview. I just want to end up on the to 15 interviews that all.

Friday, April 2, 2010

I've been Interviewed....

This is the big announcement. Come read my interview and vote for my interview. They are giving aware over $950 in prizes if your interview place in the top 15 interviews. I'd love to place in the top 15 interviews to win prize. If you stop by and read my interview don't forget to vote for me.

If you don't mind spreading the word to vote for my interview I'd really appreciate it. Facebook it, tweet it get the word out.


Mean mom

A Secret Life of a Vamprire by Kerrelyn Sparks

Jack is a previous chacater from earlier in the series that came into help fight against several different leaders of the malconents the evil vampires. This time its his turn to find his turn love.
Jack, Lara, LaToya, Connor, and the rest of the crew work to find the evil Apollo who is not really Apollo but using the Greek God Mythology of God's to trick his victims into believing he and the fellow evil vampires are there to served by his victim. OMG...
You have to read this. I am not and I mean I am not giving spoiler, buy it or rent it from the library. Its awesome.
I again give an A+. REad read read it.
I am on the next book Forbidden night with a Vampire.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Attention all American Water customers

Have you heard what they are purposing to do in some states that they have service? They are purposing to 2x double the already expensive water/sewage service some of the service areas. These areas are already paying $125 a month in the winter, and clost to $180 in the summer. This would cause their customer close to $200 to $4oo a month for water.

Wait there is more..
have you tasted their water...
have you seen their water....
have you felt their water on your skin or seen the affects of it on your dishes, dishwasher, washer or more importantly your hot water heater....
have you smelled their water...

I am an American Water customer. I can say without out a doubt, I'd rather drink pool water or untreated stream water than drink the stuff that they call american tap water.

We are having a community meeting to which I can not attend but will be sending a letter of complaint to, to have read. Yes, it very, brimstone and hell fire letter.

Did you know that when I called the company for an email address for a complaint depart or public relations, this is what I was given...info___(state I live in) or I could fill out a complaint form on the web. Does this look like customer service to you? Automated without any caringfor the customer that pays their bloody salary every day. I don't think so. Take a stand against them on raising costs of service. Call complain, go to the neighbor meetings make your voice heard, and above all contact the media for possible fraudently use of your funds to the company because they definitely are not doing something right with it.

Hay Obama why don't you investigate the utility companies that say that can't make ends meet but have to raise service costs without quality service. You want to save america start by the people who are stealing from the poor to feed their or nasty wealthy pockets already overflowing with milk and honey with our hard earned cash. No this is not sherwood or medival times this is 2010 we shouldn't be forced to choose to go with out food to pay our water bills. Many of their customers are already make that scarfice.

Come on readers protest with me please because this is outrageous!!

I'd like to quote a song, Stand by Poison they make an excellent point

"We all carry the cross and speak what we're taught.Lies and money become the white man's god. We've burned all our bridges one too many times. The time has come now to draw the line"

"You know you've got toStand, stand, stand for what you believe,You know you've got toStand, stand, stand for what you believeOhh, You got to...Stand for what you believe"

"Oooh You got to listen now...Express yourself in the face of change,Repress yourself, you surely seal your fate,You got to look inside, the answer lies in waitResurrect before it's too late"

Psst Thank you Media Crews who have confirmed that their presence will be in full force to document this and air this to everyone in the viewing area next week!!! You are actually do something good for a change!!

***I do not sell any appliances or hotwate heaters. If you got that from this post then you miss inturpted the post. This is a call to take a stand against highway robbery from big business. I will deleting all email and will not reply to email requesting quotes.***


this is my creation for the April 2010 kit from I will release the press release showing the entire kit later. i have so much to do. I wanted to share this with you specifically because it was a rare moment in time that my Dh captured with his cell camera. A double rainbow.

To everyone else, yes I have been a big roll of reading. Jen I am so proud you read the other night. I firmly believe if you don't use your brain you loose it. If you use it to much, you become disconnected, and out of touch. So, there must be a balance. Why such a roll? The library has gotten the series of books, I wanted in and well that's mostly my entertainment currently.

Times are to tight, so, I have been really enjoying the library. Maybe instead of a phone book I could do a directory of authors I like. to find a kit that is somewhat gothic/dark..truly dark in some areas..blacks, reds, etc..that would work or make a rainbow. designers. You got a kit you need a big push...let me play with it. I gotta get this assignment done before the 10th of April.