Monday, April 5, 2010

Candy Hangover Central

From being continually wakened, since about midnight saturday night, with " has come yet?" Can I go check? To the squells of find white chocolate bunnies, bubble gum eggs, and cracker jacks in their easter basket, to the easter egg hunt in the back yard with more candy surprises inside, to the easter bunny food trail to our front door, to pretend easter egg hunt all day long, to being sucked into the season 1 of Lost, and not enough sleep.

I think we have candy hangovers at our house. I'd say get sugar highs and crashes weren't as bad as alcohol expect when you realized that it is because instead of bottles of binge drinking you wrappers from binge eatting strone through out your house. I think I am going to ban candy until Halloween. Thanks probably why, I have an upset stomach. You think?

We had a wonderful easter. I hope yours was good too!

here's my best friend...she finally updated her blog..give her some love pretty please.


Blake said...

I get "food hangovers" as well! HAHA...their horrible arent they?

jasjawillis said...

You linked to my blog! :) Thanks Sam!

Glad your family had a good Easter! I blogged again, can you believe it?