Friday, April 23, 2010


Okay, so, I received an interesting call yesterday. My ex-DH's caseworker calls concerning the information they need, so, he can get benefits in his time of need. She was very understanding that I was hestitant to give any information without the proper information from her. May she be blessed, and may my ex-DH be blessed by this. So, the information has been typed, printed out, and will be faxed by my current DH some time today. Then he will contact my ex-DH to let him know what is going. Phew, that is done and over with.

This weekend lots of stuff have to. Tonight hockey play off game tv. Baseball game tv. Then getting Dh ready for a major install of hardware and software on Sunday. Get ready for a field, music recital, and scout meeting on Monday. I have to finish getting the bows done. i will take a picture to show you what they look like. Just in time for the recital too. I need to pick up lost season 3, finish reading Skin Trade, and pick up other books.

Finish cleaning the house. Finish de-weeding the yard, and clean the back porch off. What else..I know finally get to finish the layout for song bird avenue

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