Thursday, April 1, 2010


this is my creation for the April 2010 kit from I will release the press release showing the entire kit later. i have so much to do. I wanted to share this with you specifically because it was a rare moment in time that my Dh captured with his cell camera. A double rainbow.

To everyone else, yes I have been a big roll of reading. Jen I am so proud you read the other night. I firmly believe if you don't use your brain you loose it. If you use it to much, you become disconnected, and out of touch. So, there must be a balance. Why such a roll? The library has gotten the series of books, I wanted in and well that's mostly my entertainment currently.

Times are to tight, so, I have been really enjoying the library. Maybe instead of a phone book I could do a directory of authors I like. to find a kit that is somewhat gothic/dark..truly dark in some areas..blacks, reds, etc..that would work or make a rainbow. designers. You got a kit you need a big push...let me play with it. I gotta get this assignment done before the 10th of April.

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ck.twilighter said...

This one is gorgeous!!