Friday, April 16, 2010 not in love

After staying up and watching season 2 disc 1 of lost, I'm tired. At least my DH and I spent time together.

He tells me that he is staying home from work today. Ugh, that means every few minutes my day will be inturpted by his hollering he needs something. he made the suggestion that I give my scrapbooking, so he can buy me a smaller notebook. **excuse the next few sentences that might be angery**

YOu want me to what???? Have you totally lost your mind? You don't want me reading, you don't want me scrapbooking, you don't want me cooking healthy, or being me? CONTROL FREAK!! I am not someone to be controlled or allows people to control me into an abusive situation. Been there done that, and well ain't goin' back brother. GO get help for your toe and ocd. THey both are out of control. Don't blame me, blame yourself for refusing to go to the doctor and deal with your problems. Get a reality check and a therapist. I LOVE YOU BUT YOU NEED HELP. I CAN'T HELP YOU UNITL YOU HELP YOURSELF. You weren't this selfish when we got married. I don't understand why you are being this way now. I will repeat myself from an earlier conversation, "I am your angel protecting yourself from you. You know you are self-destructive due to some issues I haven't discussed publicly and won't. I love you and will be here for you dude."

When I get a job, no matter the pay rate, I am getting a new computer my choice whither you like it or not. it will be able to do what I want it to and be the size I want it too. Got it.

Tonight is the second red wings vs coyotoes game. I so pray they win the game tonight. This way they just have to win one more game in the play off match to win. God, I hope they win. Not using the Lord's name in fan, people. I often have simple conversations like that. Deal with it. God is cool with it. He often gets a chuckle off it too. He does have a sense of humor. How do I know? Just look at my life folks!! Its gotta make you ladies and gents laugh.

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jacabur1 said...

In the immortal words of someone somewhere sometime "Remember, this too shall pass". Sounds like my DH when he is in "Controll the WIfe Mode", won't work I too am not a "Stepford Wife"!!! If men wanted the women portrayed in shows and movies and books from years past that are oh so meek and mild and looking to the big strong man to protect them and tell them how to think and act maybe they should just buy a blow up doll and be done with it!!!

I do love my sweetie and also at times get so frustrated when asked are you on that computer on your blog again? Are you reading another book, are you buying more books, are you ready to(Whatever)???

Anyway, hang in there because sounds like you have a plan and once that plan goes into place there will be no stopping you "Sister"!!!

jackie b central texas